Issue with stale downloads from Resource Manager


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Ryonani Teamster
Nov 23, 2009
Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know a few users have reported that updated resources are serving the second most recent version of a file when downloading through the Resource Manager. This was due to a caching change I made a few weeks ago around February 20th to save bandwidth. I was away from home for a couple of weeks when people starting reporting the issue so I'm just looking into this now.

If you updated a resource and have it hosted on Undertow and not an external provider, your newest version did get uploaded to our file system, it's just not being served when people download it. There was supposed to be some metadata that tells our CDN to check if there's a newer version and update the cache but it's not working as expected. I'll work on fixing it tonight and will post an update soon. Thanks for your patience!
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