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Is there a complete guide to modding SB?

Discussion in 'Adult Mods (Archive)' started by wolf113, May 26, 2013.

  1. wolf113

    wolf113 Potential Patron

    May 25, 2013
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    I'm really new to this site, and this is the only site I've seen that has mods for Scarlet Blade. I have previous knowledge on modding (take a look here Sorceress Triana!!!! - Dragon Nest Modification Community (BETA) i took the npc hair and put it into the archer. i had to match the skeletal joints to the hair so the animation works. so yes i have experience). Knowing now that SB can be modded I have noticed that the file structure is very different (yes yes I can hear a lot of the members saying DUHHHHHHHHH!!! :rolleyes:)

    i found this site that taught me everything about modding DN
    Silent's armor and weapon modification guide - Dragon Nest Modification Community (BETA)

    My question here is is there a detailed guide explaining how to mod SB? In my initial analysis, many of the modders just recolor the DDS. Unlike DN where you can change the Mesh and sekeltal joinds using MAYA. Is it possible here or is it just recoloring the dds? Please no flamers, to p