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Invulnerable Victims: Tera Elin

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Funderful, Apr 21, 2015.

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    Apr 15, 2015
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    [Performed by an Umbran Witch from Bayonetta upon an anonymous Elin from Tera]
    Disclaimer: Does not include descriptions of bodily injury.

    I take a single step toward you, immediately taking the form of a serval and dashing toward you, my claws singing toward your puffy face and blasts you off your feet, your dress disintegrating as you are launched backward into the train tunnel, bouncing you off of the concrete walls. Catches you as you bounce with a foot to the face, my momentum smashing you back into the wall were I let off 5 magical magnum rounds the force of the explosions squishing your body into the rock before I finish my combo on your face, a giant wicked punch crushing you into the wall as I roll off of you, only for another to plow through the wall behind you and knock you onto the boarding platform. You hear the squeal of the train coming as you bounce on the tiles, only for my falcon form to slam into you, followed my fists as a blitz of bullets plants you into the ground, the explosive rounds keeping you stationary until I stomp and bounce you to eye-level, stepping into a flurry of body-compressing punches, the heat of discharging guns and the crushing rush of wicked weaves coming from behind you all surmounting your tiny form at once. Dodges past your rocketing body, triggering my witch-time. The world explodes around you from every angle, crushing you with so much heat and pressure that you don't notice Gamorra's jaws closing in until they crunch around you. The draconic infernal tears into you, slinging his head around and smashing you into the support pillars as it munches and crunches your plush body before spiting you out and blasting you with a massive fireball that scorches the station. Dodges into the blast, finding you in the midst of the flames and lines up another layer of shots over your body, watching you light up when I discontinue witch-time. Leaps into the air and kicks you just as I switch weapon sets, a spiked club of a set of three latching onto you as I kick you in front of the speeding, oncoming train. Dashes into the train while you're smeared all over the front end. Kicking my way through the windshield, the second chain traps your wrist as you are thrust into the oncoming tunnel, only for momentum to send you flying back toward me. Jumps and roundhouse-kicks you while in the air, slamming you out and into the wall the three chains dragging you after the train through the wall. Spins and yanks you out of the wall after miles of subway, slinging you into the train where Cerberus triggers, the giant hell-beast bulging the train out with its size as it ports in to feast on you, its three heads stretching you out as each fights for a piece of your tiny body. The beast rips at you until he manages to burst from the train, tumbling off of the tracks and into the city as the train exits the tunnel. Cerberus howls and disappears as I lift the train itself off of the tracks and smash you with it, the resultant explosion demolishing the tracks themselves and everything surrounding the station. As the dust settles, I see your body unconscious in the remaining crater, your hands twitching as you lie on your back. Smirks, turning my hand equipment into heavy gauntlets. Laughing maniacally, the area is suddenly filled with the sounds of striking lightening as I sit on your face and pound at your belly with immense strength, forcing you back awake and listening to the air leaving your lungs and forcing sharp squeaks from you, my blinding speed smashing into your tummy over and over, each deafening blow crushing you deeper and deeper into the rubble. Finishes by summoning the massive Takemikazuchi, the hammer's head itself being bigger than you and charging the weapon's dark magic to its full capacity while you lay there. Smashes you with the hammer, blasting you to the core of the planet in one city-leveling blow, the entire landscape for countless miles becoming a sinkhole.
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