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Invulnerable Victims: Blaze the Cat

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Funderful, Apr 15, 2015.

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    Apr 15, 2015
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    You enter my city via the streets, a land where clothing is prohibited just as much as bodily harm, because I hate breaking my new toys. I stand watch atop the rooftops, with not a single soul in the abandoned and infinite metropolis. I seek wandering women, with no regard to age, whose soft bodies act as my punching bags until your consciousness fails you, as I beat you with strength and brutality unrivaled.

    I set my sights on you, Blaze, your soft, small features and smooth lavender fur and snowy-white belly and crotch making me shudder in anticipation. Your ponytail bounces along with your 14-year-old budding breasts as you walk the roads of my unpopulated playground, and I lick my lips as your cat ears flick slightly at various sounds, your tail swaying to your casual gait. Little do you know what is about to befall you as I empower myself with my own lust. My body lusts for the abuse of your own, my cantaloupe-sized breasts and slim waist, my thick thighs and slender fingers, all tingling with the need to beat you into absolute submission.

    Without warning, I fly in like a rocket, closing the space between us immediately, and punch your soft cheek hard, lifting your feet off of the ground as you follow the momentum, the shockwave of the first blow creating a resounding crack that shatters nearby windows. Before you can fly backward, I grab your tail as I land, slinging you around and smashing your face into the ground. Kicks you between the legs to grind your upper body along the road, carving a trench with your face and chest. Leaps and stomps down on your back to force you to stop, fissuring the street. Steps off of you, picks you up by the scruff of your neck, grabs your pelvis, and kneels. Thrusts my knee up hard just as I slam you down with my arms, bulging your middle back as my knee is forced into your heated gut. Repeats this attack 5 more times, then rolls you off of my knee. Picks you up by your head and punches your face as I let you go, launching you clean through several stores along the street and tumbling across the road. Launches myself after you and slams my heels into your back, stomping on you to halt your movement, cracking the road beneath you in fissures. Hops off of you and grabs your tail, slinging you around and throwing you down the road face-first, only to appear in your path and punch your face hard, shattering windows around us and sending you into a rapid series of back-flips through the air. Spins and kicks your cheek to knock you out of the air to launch you back the way you came, rushing forward to chase you as you spin like a tossed football, decking your face and kneeing your stomach several times in mid-flight, and punching you once more with a sharp squeak from you, sending you high into the sky, rising above the buildings. Leaps after you and rises to meet you again, latching my legs around your head and spinning forward, smashing your back into the roof. Punches your soft belly hard to force a yelp from you, then gets up, grabs your heel, and throws you in front of me, off of the roof of the tallest skyscraper in the city.

    Digs my heel in a flying jump-kick into your gut, sending you off of the roof, hopping off after you and slamming my fist into your face to launch you straight down, sending you spiraling down into the mall, crashing through the glass ceiling, and cratering you in the marble floors. Lands on your head hard with my heels, smashing your face into the hard stone, before dragging you up though the tile and smashing the glass for the jewel stand in the jewelry shop with your face, leaving you dangled across the metal rimming. Grabs you by the back of your head and turns around, slamming your front into the wall, then grabs your tail and starts flailing you around the store, smashing glass displays with your battered body and finally tossing your backside into the ceiling. Punts and uppercuts you into the nearest wall like a soccer ball, letting you ricochet off of it with every heavy blow to your face, back, and belly. Grabs your face suddenly and silences your cries by slamming your belly across my knee, and smashing my fists into your back to drive you across my bare leg harder, my knee bulging out of your back. Grabs you by the ponytail and drags you through the wreckage, still seeing you writhe in the glass and whimper; still awake and ready for more. Slings you like a shot-put by your hair, slinging you through a nearby window, only to be kicked in your pelvis once more, rocketing you through the wall of the adjacent structure, before I grab your face in a surge of speed, and smash your head into the opposite wall. Through your dazed vision, you can see that your head has become trapped and stuck looking at the ceiling in the next room, your neck being the only part of your body holding you up though the hole in the wall. Then, after a mere moment of reprieve, you feel my shin slam into your crotch, and my fist sinking into your pelvis, a combination of kicks and punches thrashing your lower body around like a rag-doll's, rapidly and ferociously striking in every direction. As I listen to you squealing and squeaking with every hard fist that sinks into your gut and each punch that lands on your lotus or womb, I lick my lips, and punt your back so hard that it carves your body through the wall horizontally and smashes your front-side into the ceiling. Just as you begin to fall, I jump and spike you down into the floor hard, splitting the building in two as you crash through several floors below. As soon as I land, I grab you tail and flail you into the debris of the collapsing building, before tossing you out into the road once more, and punching your face to send you into a large bank's main lobby.

    Walks into the bank and looks you over, shuddering with pleasure as I see you whimper and twitch limply as you lie with the debris of the wall. Picks you up by your neck and slaps you around several times to get your attention, then shoves you to the hard steel door leading into the vault. Increases my speed so my motions become a blur as I slam my first punch into your cheek, another immediately following by thudding into your head from the other direction, thrashing your head around before I knee you in the gut and backhand you nearly at the same time. Several punches and kicks find themselves along your sides, belly and face, working their way up, before a single punch takes you off of your stiffened legs and straight into the floor off to the side. Picks you back up, forces you back against the outline of your body in the door, and begins the routine again, beginning once more with that first, satisfyingly ferocious strike across your soft face. After the third round of brutal beatings into the door-frame, the metal finally gives way and your body limply tumbles across the floor. I pick up a gold bar and break it across your face, followed by another shortly thereafter. I pick you up by the scruff of your neck once more and force my fist into your gut so hard that your back bulges comically, your tongue lolling out in a sharp cough, and your eyes locking in the back of your head. Punches you in your soft, white kitty belly half a dozen more times with increasing power after that, then grabs your face with both hands and knees you in your face, then in your pelvis, letting you rise into the air once more. I blur again, and launch myself heels-first into your neck in a flying dropkick, the momentum sending you bursting through the reinforced walls and into a parked car in the street, totaling it as you hit it from the side.

    I snap my fingers, and a sports car screeches down the road with no driver, at full speed, and crashed directly into you, slicing the other car in half and splaying you across the hood. As the sports car carries you, I land on the hood and grab your head, smashing your face into the hood several times before leaping off once more just as the car crashes into the tree with you at the very center of impact, an explosion of sensation bursting through you as your indestructible body takes a heavy hit. Just as you scream, I land behind the car and punch the back of it to force the metal car clean through the tree, sending you tumbling once more through the park's grass, until you finally stop with you facing the sky. I walk over to you and stomp my heel into the side of your head, materializing a high-caliber rifle in my hand. Grinds my heel into your head as I point the rifle at your womb and pull the trigger, the impact rippling your body and forcing your legs upward before they flop down again. Smiles wide as I hear you squeal from beneath my heel and fires again and again, your lower body bouncing off of the hard ground with every bullet exploding on your unprotected body. Steps off of your head after a bit, stomping down on your budding breasts, your battered belly, and your pelvis, digging my heel into you and against your womb. Turns and sees your body twitching, unable to even curl up with how weak you have become. Grabs your tail once more and slams a fist into your gut once more, feeling the rush of breath escaping your lungs on my face before I uppercut you in a grand finale, letting a series of heavy punches across your front launch you clean through nearly one hundred buildings across the city, rising in altitude until you find yourself at the top of the largest skyscraper in the abandoned and destroyed city, your limp body being rag-dolled around helplessly with every blow. Then, I appear in front of you, in mid-axe-kick, thrusting my leg down with so much force that you are sent shrieking down through the entire complex, splitting it in two and bouncing out of the outline of your body in the large parking garage below the structure. Just as you gasp for air as you rise several feet, your eyes wide and your mouth agape, I increase my gravitational effect and momentum past the planet's normal limits, falling at nearly twice the speed of sound into your gut knees first, with so much force that everything in a mile long radius is vaporized, leaving only a massive crater with your body at the center, your pain-receptors overloaded to the point that all you see is darkness, and you finally fall into a deep sleep.

    I do not grant you death, but I allow you to rest, taking a few moments to slap you once more across your pretty face, and clean my slickened thighs, preparing for the next victim.
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