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Internal Interrogation [Futa on Female, English Voices, Animated] Tech Demo Available

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by HentaiWriter, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Dec 1, 2014
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    Hey, I’m happy to announce our second small game, "Internal Interrogation"!
    You can read all about it at this post on Tumblr, or you can get all the same information in this post!
    Additionally, there's a tech demo link near the bottom of the post!

    This game is part of our "Small H-Games" Patreon, which you can check out by googling "hentaiwriter patreon small hentai games", where we have games up for just $5;
    right now we've got two tiers up there, the completed "Magic Matchup" game, and now there's this game, "Internal Interrogation"!

    So, besides all that, what's this game about, you ask? First, let's check out who's working on it, plus some of the features;
    This game is a collaboration between;
    • ViperV (Touch-up Animation/Character Design)
    • ViperV’s Animators (Main Animation)
    • ASANTE (Programming)
    • HentaiWriter (Writing & Game Design)
    • ReddArt (Backgrounds)
    • Diana Lockhart (Voice Actress for all female voices)
    And now, some of the game’s features;
    • Fully animated, interactive, voiced sex scenes with four women
    • Multiple NPCs to converse with and get clues from
    • Gameplay that combines mystery, action, and puzzle formats
    • Multiple endings
    • Priced really cheap; only $5!
    • Original soundtrack composed just for the game
    • Art and animation by ViperV of Divine Arms
    • Voicework for all characters, by Diana Lockhart
    Speaking of the women you can get involved with, here's two of them;

    The woman on the left is the Grey Mage, Rosetta!
    You'll need to figure out where her true alliances lie; being a Grey Mage, she wields the power of both Black and White magicks. Officially, she's locked up in prison because she's "demonically possessed", which was what "caused her to try to eviscerate every magic user she came across", but... is that really the truth?

    Is she getting blamed for a crime she didn't commit? Or are her real misdeeds much, much more severe than what's on the record?

    The woman on the right is the Butler Knight, Charlotte!
    She claims she's in prison because of corrupt nobles that she served, and, having disobeyed them, she was legally and rightfully sent to prison. But is that really the FULL story? Is there something more going on than what she lets on?

    You'll need to get her to trust you so that she can feel okay with revealing her past to you... or so that she can easily manipulate you into being her patsy.

    (These aren't all the women in the game, of course!)

    You’re the female, futa warden in a prison that revolves around your ability to exorcise demons from women with your magical dick, through (what else), sex. At the opening of the game, you’ve actually had someone knock you unconscious, and in the interim, three women have been stuck in your jail that CLEARLY don’t need exorcism; this is a clear violation of their rights AND an obvious attempt to try and get SOMETHING past the jail system… and you’re set on finding out who or what is attempting to make a fool out of you and your position at the jail.

    The only women who know the truth behind the situation though, are the women themselves; so, you’ll have to interrogate them about the situation. However, to actually question the placement of the women in the jail would be treason against the legal system that landed them there (and therefore the royalty); therefore, you’ll need to ACT like you’re “exorcising” them by fucking them, but all the while you’ll actually be listening to their story, asking them questions, and trying to find out who’s got the truth behind the situation.

    Here's two links for a tech demo showing a few features;

    SWF Version
    EXE Version

    Note, it doesn't have expression changes, audio, and a majority of the other features that'll be in the full game, since again, this is just a tech demo!

    To allow the women to speak clearly while you’re fucking them, you’ve enveloped them in a “pleasure buffer” spell; you’ll need to keep your magic focused while listening to the story, lest you mess up, and let the buffer slip a bit, causing them to segue from monologuing to moaning. (This is represented by the hearts on the UI example; they’ll be scrolling from right to left and you’ll have to click anywhere to keep the rhythm of sex going. They'll also be synchronized to music playing during the scene, plus the sex animation itself.)

    However, at any time, you can instantly and completely drop the buffer (by clicking on her face), causing all the built up pleasure to hit them at once, bringing them to a powerful orgasm. Now, why would you want to do this, you ask?

    Because at points during the story, you’ll want to interrupt them when you hear something suspicious; the effect of them feeling this burst of pleasure will stun them temporarily, allowing you, the Warden, to gain a few seconds of time to pick from a few possible questions to ask the woman, to clarify her statement, or challenge it, and so on; doing this correctly and at the appropriate times will be the only way you’ll discover the truth behind everything going on.

    And speaking of seconds, time isn’t on your side (you can see how much time you have left in each day on the right; don’t worry, it’ll be a generous amount). In three days, all three women will be moved to the “Mega-Jail” in the center of the Five Kingdoms, which your Kingdom is a part of, of course, meaning your chances to find out who’s backstabbed you and spit all over your profession will effectively be gone.

    Not to mention, the guards will be randomly coming through each of the prison floors to inspect things; you’ll need to watch out for them and ask the woman you’re interrogating to stop her story for a bit, to keep up the air that you’re “just exorcising them”. (This can be done by clicking the “!” bulb on the left when it’s flashing yellow, and before it flashes red.) If the guards catch you, a heavy lecturing and a harsh time penalty will be your reward, so you’ll have to be cautious of them as you crack this mystery.
    As a final note:

    I know people will think ViperV’s time will be taken from Divine Arms and delay it, or my time will be taken from Future Fragments and delay that.

    However, that's not the case at all. ViperV is only doing touch-up animations on this and the character designs, and 3rd party animators are handling the animations for this game while ViperV continues to work on Divine Arms. He's only coming in and "directing" how the animations should go to said animators (per my instructions, so again that's on me writing all that up), and only doing the touchups when he's got time.

    For myself, being the writer/game designer/level designer for the games I'm working on, I'm able to switch between games pretty effectively without any delay in work; I've already got months in advance worth of work done for Future Fragments, so this game isn't delaying FF at all as I'm the only team member from that game working on this.

    These may be small games, and they may not have the density of content that say, Divine Arms or Future Fragments has, but we try to make up for it with fun/odd gimmicks, or with interesting storylines, or with something that might only work in a short game.
    We wouldn't sell these games if we didn't think the experience was worth the $5 [​IMG]

    So finally, if you’d like to check out the Patreon and pre-purchase"Internal Interrogation" (or get a copy of "Magic Matchup"), then just google "hentaiwriter patreon small hentai games" [​IMG]
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