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I'm currently working on a series of dialogs and am running out of ideas...

The series starts with a divorced woman going to her brother-in-law for help and being coerced into becoming his secret suck slave, in return for his help...

I've added a twist where her nephew, her big sister and her husband's (the man who coerced her) son, hacked his dad's computer, while helping his dad set it up and learned everything and has started blackmailing his aunt to make her suck his cock, like she does his dad's.

So, I've set up this 'suck triangle' where the son and his aunt know everything but his dad still thinks that he's the only one using his sister-in-law and the wife is entirely clueless...

I'm pretty sure that some ideas I get will duplicate something I've already touched on but they might give me a new perspective and any new ideas will be welcome.

I hope to post the series by Christmas.

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I don't do animtools very well and have already established that she doesn't want to get fucked, for fear of getting pregnant, by her brother-in-law or nephew...
I'll think about the wife discovering what's happening and you've given me an idea, whereas she sucks her son off, to spite her husband and sister...
As far as the 'molests the son out of rage', no. I won't go there!

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I've started playing around with Animtools and don't like the transitions but I'll keep plugging away and see what I can come up with...
I'm thinking willing sex with the husband by the wife and reluctant sex with the sister-in-law first, followed by reluctant sex with the nephew and finally the mother reluctantly fucking her son...


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there is a use shade feature for animtools if you don't like seeing positions pop into place

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I think I figured it out.
I'm using some old positions that I downloaded ages ago and still had AnimtoolsV20 in my mods folder so I changed the mods.text to go back to it from V29 and things are running a lot smoother now.


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I submitted this idea some time ago to another member, but it was not completed. So here it is: Model wants to bribe her manager with bj to get trip to Europe, fashion week in Paris or something like that. She hates do do it, but getting this "contract" is the only way to improve her career.

Thanks in advance!
UPDATE: Please do not complete this request, the other user is working on it already.
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A Star Wars one could be cool. One that utilizes the Bond/Dyad between Rey and Kylo for example. Lets them bang even if they're in different locations.

Or just one where you're a random dude that goes through and bangs all the chicks in Star Wars. Padme, her Handmaidens, Ahsoka, Ventriss, Leia, Mon Mothma, Jyn Erso, Qi'ra, Sabine, Hera, Rey, etc.

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