I'll pay $300 in Bitcoin for this mod

Draggon Shan

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May 18, 2016
If someone could make this mod, I'll pay you $300 in Bitcoin.

DVa throatfucked (sound by nexus763) - FurReaper

Changes to this:

-- Side view like SDT of course.
-- The man has his foot on the sofa instead of the knee so it doesn't block the view.
-- Allow for full penetration of her throat, with bulge of course.
-- Two hand options:
-- Hands cuffed behind her back
-- Using a vibrator on her own pussy

An extra $100 if you can add:

-- Background with several men watching with their dicks in their hands, or jacking off.
-- Make it a blowbang by allowing for the men to switch off, one by one, using her.

The girl doesn't really matter at this point, I'm interested in the new action mechanics. Let me know what girl you would like to use and I can approve it.

Contact me at [email protected] or post here if interested.



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Sep 11, 2012
seems more like a request for assembling the mods, but whatever if he wants to throw bitcoin at people for the convenience of hunting stuff down and packing it together nicely. i don't think the sdt community has really done commissioning


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Jul 10, 2017
Personally I think the concept of commissioning imports for SDT is a good idea, but Bitcoin... not so much. I commission quite a bit of art, and I've never seen anyone accept bitcoin (plus $300 for this seems excessive).


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Apr 16, 2012
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