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IFA Introduction

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Ares, Feb 25, 2011.

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    The Institute of Fightress Affairs
    Dossier of Disclosure


    Throughout the world exist organizations which were created to be the strong arm of governments. The US Navy Seals, the SAS, Israeli Special forces are just a couple examples of specially trained units that are capable of great military feats.

    What most people aren't aware of is the secret war that has been raging for decades.

    There exist numerous truly secret organizations - with them are the real heroines. Much of the public know these heroines, but few know of their true occupation - only their day job. Their alter ego.

    These organizations are employed by various companies, multi-national corporations, and rich individuals who are willing to pay money to see their will imposed. Some of the organizations have a commitment taking contracts for the greater good... others for evil.

    The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are just such an organization.

    A squad of brave women sworn to do good.

    We at The Institute of Fightress Affairs will keep you, our clients, apprized of developments, battles, and any important and relevant information regarding the activities of said fightresses. Furthermore, it should be noted that the IFA keeps track of a great many of these organizations and many freelancers, and will also be keeping you abreast of their activities as the need arises.

    Following is some basic information regarding important DCC figures:


    Kelli Finglass. Former DCC fightress and current head of the DCC organization from top to bottom. Kelli has made sure that only the best ladies are chosen to join the near mythical squad. Since all of the cheerleaders are sent on dangerous missions the fatality rate is quite high - as a result auditions are held every year and so the roster is frequently changing.


    Judy Trammell. Like Kelli, Judy was also a fightress for the DCC, and has since become their trainer - she is responsible for their being in shape and the health of their fighting technique. Her talent is exhibited with every mission a cheerleader completes that ends in victory.

    While neither Kelli nor Judy have been out on mission for some time, they are not afraid to fight if their facility is attacked or whenever the situation calls for it.


    Brooke Sorenson. She is a five year veteran of the program and is one of the DCC's greatest warriors. Having evaded death and capture on numerous occasions, and having completed over 124 distinct missions, she is well respected by her superiors and her squad.


    Tobie Kay. Tobie is another five year veteran. Her ability to sniff out an ambush is legendary, and rumor has it she has some of the fastest kicks in the DCC. Occasionally her and Brooke have had disagreements on the direction of the squad, but fortunately they work well together just the same.

    Now that you have a basic familiarity with the DCC, we expect that you will thoroughly read our future reports regarding their activities. It is critical that we at the IFA keep a close watch of not just the DCC, but all fightresses who carry a celebrity alter ego.
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