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I can't sign up- automated or spam-like behavior

Discussion in 'Guest Room' started by Recruit, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Recruit

    Recruit Guest

    Hi im currently trying to sign up, but for some reason i get this message, do i give you my e-mail? Not really sure how i can contact for assistance besides this forum..... I have to keep doing an infinite chain of captchas to prove im not a robot.....

    Please correct the following errors:
    1. Your registration has been rejected as it resembles automated or spam-like behavior. Please contact the administrator for further information or assistance.
  2. fleet

    fleet Club Regular Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 16, 2012
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    We've seen this problem before. When someone else had the identical problem, our site administrator (detritus) posted this:

    "You're on the DNSBL list so our registration system automatically blocks you based on that.

    "But detritus!" you ask, "Why am I on this list?"

    We don't have access to that info. You have to go to their site and request to be removed: DNSBL Information - Spam Database and Blacklist Check

    We can't assist with that or turn off the DNSBL check."