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I had to explain in PM how to draw "proper" RGB clothes (ie. like konashion's ones, with lines the same colour as the fill, but darker), so I copy it here.
This requires that you already know how to draw an SWF mod. You can learn this with Synonymous' SWF costume mod tutorial.

  1. Draw the lines on one layer, make them 50% pure black (stroke size should be 2 to 3).
  2. Convert the lines into fills (Modify>Shape>Convert lines to fills). Doing this makes zooming smoother.
  3. Copy all and paste it "in place" (Ctrl+Shift+V) in another layer, placed under the lines one.
  4. Use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill the inside of this shape.
  5. Select all, then change the colour to 100% pure black.
  6. Make a symbol of this selection (F8), you can name it like you want or even leave the default name, it doesn't matter.
  7. Type "rgbFill" or "rgbFill2" (depending on what slider you need, case is important) as "instance name" in the Properties tab (right side of the screen).
It is possible to make the RGB fill layer 50% transparent, so you'll be able to see the lines layer. To do so, Shift-click in the "Show/Hide" column of the Layers tab.

This is the basic method to make plain colour RGB clothes or hair, but you can add shades or colour gradients to improve the relief:
Shade & Gradient 0.25.jpg
If you want to add shades, you have to add another layer (or work in the Lines layer, but it can get messy) with gradients going from 100% alpha to 20-40% pure black.
You can also use the same technique to make colour gradients, that will make better looking reliefs, especially for darker colours and allow gradients of different colours. For this you need to transform the alpha-to-black gradient into a symbol and change its instance name to "rgbFill2" for example, if "rgbFill" is already used for the fill colour.
If you add a colour gradient to your RGB mod, I advise to add the lines to this rgbFill. You'll have in the same RGB symbol the 50% pure black lines together with the alpha-to-black gradient.

For RGB adjustable hair mods, I use to assign "rgbFill" to the fill (main hair colour) and "rgbFill2" to the shade and the lines, then add 50% pure black lines on top of these RGB layers (note that for hair mods the "shade" usually has no gradients, it's just a plain colour darker than the main one, this is how most anime hair are drawn). If the hair also have light reflection, it will be a 30% pure white layer on top of the others.
See How to use any RGB sliders for any layer, even hair to learn how to edit the code to make hair mods RGB adjustable.

I won't explain how to draw gradients here, because it can become quite difficult as Animate/Flash Pro allows only linear and circular gradients and body shapes can get very complex (eg. feet). Usually getting the gradients right require quite a long time, and explaining the different techniques would require a whole thread entirely dedicated to it.

Good luck.
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