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How Resident Evil 1 should have ended

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Ryooo123456, Mar 14, 2013.

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    Hello, sorry about not being on here... ever... but i wrote something with lots of Ryona with Rebecca Chambers and Chris. and i'm going to write Jill Valentine and Barry's Scenario next...

    Hope you all like it!!!

    How Resident Evil should have ended

    The door opens, it's Rebecca Chambers. "Hey Chris, we need to get out of here. There are zombies and monsters here!" She screams impatiently. " I know Rebecca, i'm low on ammo and supplies. We need food if we have to stay the night." Rebecca continues to walk down the hall. Suddenly, a window breaks... Infected dogs pounce through the window. We both fire shot after shot, one dog get it's skull shattered by a stray bullet. "I'm out Chris!" Rebecca yells going for her knife. A dog jumps into her very hard and knocks her off her feet. She stabs the knife into the dogs back as her shoulders hit the ground. Chris takes aim carefully, not to shoot her. Rebecca screams, "Shoot it!" I'm almost ready to pull the hammer and the dog is chomping and drawling over her neck and chest. BANG! BANG! Two shots fired, one in the head and one in the neck, the dog coughs blood onto Rebecca's face, and lays flat on her body. "Are you ok, did you get any blood in your mouth?" as Rebecca wipes the blood from her face, she says "No, I didn't... I'm ok."
    We clean up a little and I reload my weapon. Rebecca is basically a sitting duck. She only has a knife, and i only have three bullets left in my pistol. Hopefully she has more in that pack than I think... "Rebecca, are you going to be ok with that knife?" I asked with worry. "Yes, i have been trained in close combat. I'll be ok as long as there are no more dogs!" She said with a little bit of dark humor. OK... I thought... "Chris, I want you to know, if you think i'm holding you back, or if I'm stuck in a situation, and you can't save me. Please, don't feel guilty and remember, you tried your best."
    Oh my god... i'm really worried now... I fake it and give her a smile. "You know we are both getting out alive, and when we meet up with Jill, Barry, and Wesker, we'll take a chopper out of here together. Don't you worry!" Rebecca smiles as she gathers up some courage to keep going. "Well, lets find Jill and Barry, last I saw, they were together. Barry has lot's of ammo, so we will be fine when we meet up."
    Static comes from my radio, suddenly Jill screams," Chris, we need your help! me and Barry in the basement, there is a science facility and Wesker is acting very suspicious about something! Come as quick as you can!"
    "I know where the basement is, i can take you there." says Rebecca. "Let's go!" We run through the halls of this mansion, not knowing what may be behind the corner. if we manage to dodge any attack they make, we'll be ok until we get there. Crack! Shouldering through doors with no mind of pain or endangerment. I really need to slow down, Rebecca is breathing very hard behind me, " Keep up, we must get through this!" I yell as we run past burnt and decrepit bodies of zombies from possibly hours ago. Adrenaline is pumping and the walls begin to get blurry, i hear a bang and a scream. A zombie i forgot to burn grabs Rebecca leg and trips her. Her cracked against the vinyl floor. "uuggg..." as tears roll from her eyes. I run over and stomp the head of the zombie into the vinyl. "Come, get up!" I scream as i lift her off the ground.Blood... Dripping out of her hair into her face... I grab her hand and we continue into the main room of this place. " Be hide the stairs..." she whimpers as she wipes tears and blood from her face. My arm is possibly shattered from those doors, Rebecca is concussed and we are so close. we have to make it.
    The door under the stairs, is now unlocked. We must hurry. As i open the door, no one is here at first sight. " Jill! Barry! Where are you!" Then I see someones shoe behind these large glass containers. Wesker's body, with a hole through his chest. "no..." What did this! how can there be a bloody hole like that. We then takes Wesker's ammo and wallet for proof of death. We hear movement and gun fire coming the next door in the basement. Reading my gun and her knife, I kick the door open... Four zombies with bullet holes in the chests attack us. A swift kick takes down one and then another. Rebecca, runs up and knifes one in the face, puts her foot in it's chest and yanks the knife out. as she does that, I stomp the grounded zombies and break all their bones. the last zombie crabs Rebecca from behind as one grabs both of my legs causing me to fall toward her. "Rebecca!"
    The zombie lunges his head and jaws toward her supple neck. Her arms go up and defend with all she's got. I jump into the air as I realize I'm too late. The jagged broken teeth of the zombie, scratch her neck and then it bites down. Her eyes open wide, as a blood curdling scream come from down in her stomach. "AAAAGGGHHHHggggggg!" My eyes water as i run to grab it's head off of her body. It's mouth slurps and crunches through her scalene muscle in her left shoulder. Skin rips and blood fly and drips down it's mouth as it brings it's head back to swallow and go for another lunge. I know she's in shock now. as i through her away from the zombie and break it's neck and stomp it's spine into pieces.
    "Rebecca! Oh my god! noo..." I cried out in anger and sadness. "Chris, help me..." She says soft . "In my bag there are pain killers, let me take them and continue,I'll have your back until the very end." She continues with hope and full of pain. She chews and Swallows a mouth full of pills and puts a bandage with a leaf on it over her neck, which is still bleeding a lot.
    A moment of silence goes by as the radio goes off. It's Barry. "Jill is dead." Barry says over the radio with anguish. "No..." I say... I had real deep feeling for her... I must say bye... "Barry.. Rebecca, a survivor i met up with just has been bitten, she promises to not leave my side until we get through this, what room are you in." Rebecca is getting even more pale than her already white skin. "I am about four rooms down from the basement lab." Barry replies. I look into Rebecca's eyes and she sees my emotional loss as I see her fear and lack of hope. "We'll be there ASAP."
    I open the door, ready for anything as I already see Barry standing over Jill's body. "Barry, what happened..." That huge monster that killed Wesker also took the life of Jill the same way... Stabbed it's hand into her stomach raised her up into the air and through her lifeless body into the wall." I yell at Barry, "Where is the monster!" He made the hole in the wall over there and ran very fast down a hallway as i unloaded my magnum into it's body. It's like it's bullet proof." Jill's lifeless body twitches on the ground as blood still drips from her colorless lips. I take her ammo, and badge... I need to end this and get out of here.
    "Barry, get out of here. A chopper is coming, i'm going to blow this place. There is a Smoke grenade to get it's attention up stairs. Just please... please be careful...." I say as I look into the broken basement walls. Rebecca inter-ups, "Why are you doing this. Chris you are ok, you can still make it out, I'll go and do it. just tell..." I interrupt her,"Rebecca, it is my mission to now end this mess. We need Barry to leave and get help. Without Jill, i have nothing. This will be our last mission."
    "You're crazy Chris, why!" Barry yells as I hand him Jill, Rebecca, Wesker, and my badges. "We won't be needing these anymore... Let's go Rebecca..."
    We run back into the lab and find a self-destruct button. We have ten minutes. We establish a plan and look for the clues on the wall the monster made. The sound of foot steps and breathing... the thoughts i'm blocking from my head... the power i feel, knowing i'm going to die. RAAAWWRRR!!!! Rebecca backs up as the monster looks past me and sees weak prey. i run full speed and stab my knife into it's chest and pull my self up and shoot his face, my bullets just bounce off. As he's running he grabs my leg and rushes toward Rebecca, who is now shooting him with Jill's gun. Her dodge puts her into a wall and she turns around but, too slow. The monster grabs her by her head, lifts her toward the ceiling. With every shot to the face Rebecca is making, he is stalling his execution. The Blood flowing through my veins grows cold as his jagged hand goes into Rebecca's stomach. She groans and screams and she continues to shoot his face. The blood drains down his arm as he raises her even further up. she goes limp. The gun falls from her hand "Nooo!" I scream as I run towards the monster. Her eyes are losing color, blood and spit shoot from her mouth onto the arm of this disfigured person... This monster...
    Only a few moments remain on the timer... and I need to stop this monster from leaving. The monster throws Rebecca's lifeless corps at me, with a roll and swipe I manage to it's foot off. It grabs me and puts me into the air... i look over at Rebecca's body... lifeless... bleeding with a hole going through her stomach... she was an innocent woman... I didn't know her story. The knife took off it's foot. It can be cut... My right arm, shattered and broken... and free... stabs into the monsters neck... it's arms go down... i slam into the floor. The monster in now on one knee... i uppercut the knife with all of my might and cut it's head off... stumbling around I know we are about to go... I run to Rebecca and pet her hair and say thanks as I run back to Jill... the last turn and there she is... laying there... " Jill I'm Sorr.........." the mansion explodes.

    That's all, for now.. again i'm going to write Jill's scenario.