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How do we swap or replace gear skins in Guild Wars 2?

Discussion in 'Tools & Guides' started by ginkyo, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. ginkyo

    ginkyo Guest

    I just started playing Guild Wars 2 eversince it became free to play, and wow honestly, this game really sucks when it comes to fashion. It really does take the cake for the one of the crappiest designs but fortunately not all of the gears in the game sucks. Prior to giving GW2 a try I was playing FFXIV and still do but I thought to give GW2 a try because of what people I met in FFXIV have said about it. When you compare GW2 to FFXIV, the amount of gears and designs they have are worlds apart. In quality and quantity. The colors in the outfit aren't complementary and they just odd looking, kind of remind of WoW. At this point, if the gears don't look good I kind of want to leave because aesthetics means a lot to me.

    So I beseech those who knows how to mod, please, give me a 1,2,3 on how to swap or replace armor skins. Like in Dragon Nest, all you need to do is extract that respective gear you want to replace it with and change the name of that gear with the name of the gear the you're currently wearing. Pack it, and put it into the directory of the game. Done. Are methods similar to this for GW2? I'd really appreciate it-hopefully this is for my client only and other people can't see it.