[PC] Horizon of passion [v 0.3][Reworking]


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Oct 4, 2019

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You are just a normal guy, and you have recently survived your father's departure from your family to a new family, realizing that you can not hold him back. You stay with your mother and sister, after a while, everyone decides to make a change, and with a strong desire to move closer to your father. Everyone loads up the car and moves to the suburbs! As you look at your old home vanishing into the horizon you hope for a better life in a new place...

Horizon of passion is a high-quality visual novel for adults, with an interactive, evolving storyline that awaits your ratings.
The game is translated into English and Russian languages.
he game supports Windows | Linux | Mac OS | Android.

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Direct download links: Googel 0.2 [demo] - Google Drive , Mega File folder on MEGA




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