Homemade league of legends splash art nude mod (ongoing)


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Aug 2, 2013
cost me like 6mouth on collecting images.
only used ps for some easy edit, it's nog finish yet but i don't think i will going to update another version till it's finish
Caitlyn, Leona, lissandra, and some few champions have a centered splash art and the others don't.(i though they works with new champion select, but appearently it takes the original splashart)
It's all High quality, enjoy

Use guide:
extract my file
Download Wooxy skin and import my skin
Go to champion select or champion tab, choose a female champion and enjoy

ask my permission if you want to post to other website

I don't get any premissions on the arts... But i do appreciate every artist who draw fantastic art's

if you have found a high quality picture of a champion that i did't edit yet, feel free to post it , i might edit it into the mod


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