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heres a old chun li story i wrote ... enjoy

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by cloak, Oct 2, 2012.

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    the perfect place on earth … at least for me, the food, the arts, the ladies,
    the sights … well maybe not the music, but two out of three is pretty good. Now
    imagine yourself on a sunny afternoon, the kind of day where the weather is
    perfect, not too cold, not too hot, then situate yourself on a street café,
    maybe a cigarette, a nice freshly baked croissant on your right hand, a good
    cup of coffee on your left; sitting lazily on your cushioned wooden chair,
    marveling on the architecture, watch the pretty ladies pass by; What I tell
    you?, perfect place on earth.

    Rather here I am sitting on a cheap, old wooden stool; both hands tied behind
    my back, rather painfully I might add. Pungent smell of sweat and blood filled
    my nostrils; my right eye throbbing in pain, hell, my whole body is in pain.
    And the worst of it all was, A twin of ugly steroidal and huge monkey face men
    on perfectly good Armani suits (which really a terrible eyesore; practically
    wasted such nice suits) are the only thing that decorates my sight.

    “Ready to talk yet Ass face?”

    The huge gentleman on my right ask, his spit flying all over my face.

    “Talk about what?”

    I answered trying my damn best not to smile.


    “Bastard got a tongue on you eh?” the huge man said.

    One thing for sure he sure can hit, (I am suspecting he is a Meta)
    he has loosen a molar, and unfortunately for me, I did smiled.

    “This bitch seems to enjoy this” he said turning to his quieter twin.

    BAM! BAM! BAM!

    Mister noisy monkey face started to pound on me, each blow was like a jack
    hammer, each blow threatening to throw me out of my stool, each blow
    rearranging my –ahem- handsomely good looks …and just when I thought it
    couldn’t get any worse, she finally came.

    Try as I might I can’t help but smile, for in front of me, a being of beauty
    stood. It’s as if all the terrible beating I had endured was worth it.

    With a wave of her hand the huge gorilla before me stood back, like a dog he
    quietly tucked his tail between his legs and backed off.

    “That’s right monkey breathe back off.” A low growl escaped his lips, his body
    tensed I knew he wanted to pound me, but her authority is greater than my
    taunts. But to his credit, my taunt did get me a slap in the face.


    “You got some mouth for beaten up asshole.” My beautiful interrogator said.

    “For you sweetheart, anything you want to know.” I answered.

    I know I shouldn’t but I cant help it, she looked so damn sexy on those tan
    pantyhose, and to make matters worse, I unintentionally sized her up, starting
    from her white boots, up her long muscular sexy legs, then her round sexy hips
    (I am sure her butt is just so spank - a - licious), I can’t help but grin like
    a Cherie cat; then up her tiny chiseled waist, her sexy round breasts, then a
    cute, delicate Asian, well, to be quite exact Chinese face; my cock started to
    get hard just thinking of what I could do to her.

    Yup, you guessed right, in front of me is the infamous Interpol super agent
    Chun Li.

    And for my troublesome eyes, I got rewarded with a kick to the chest. And if
    you think the Gorilla twins are strong, her kick was way out of their league.

    “Who are you and what is your mission?” Chun Li said dangerously close to my

    I coughed out blood as she leaned close to my face, but I was careful not to
    get my blood on her face or her clothes, sure don’t want another kick. But the
    time was right so I decided its time to give her some answers.

    “My name is Tee, or Tom, or Jerry, hell, it could be anything you want.” I
    noticed her body clench as she saw my face went serious.

    “I am a part of a secret four man mission team secretly created by a secret
    government group which is now …” I stopped then leaned in my head then

    “… secretly gone.” I said with a smile.

    The twin gorillas started to chuckle at my words, which only brought a smile to
    my face. Ms. Chun Li however was dead serious her muscles tensed up even more,
    if that’s possible.

    “By now agent J, my wheel chaired paralyzed brainy friend, has already
    paralyzed all communications systems, security cameras are running smoothly
    creating an illusion that all is good in your secret interrogation hole.” I
    continued on, not minding the small laughs and giggles that decorate the
    background air caused by my twin tormentors.

    “My other friend the Dog is simply waiting east from here ready to smash in for
    my escape.” As I continued on the twins noticed Chun Li’s expression and
    started to quiet up.

    And finally my disturbed corpse of a friend is coming over to where we are
    right about …” By now all three fighters where looking about the small room
    body and stance ready for combat.

    “… NOW!” I shouted and to my surprise nothing happened.

    A loud laughter erupted form the noisier gorilla, and a small chuckle escaped
    his twin’s lips. Chun Li let a small sigh as I saw her muscles relaxed.

    A puzzled looked decorated my face as I sat there beaten up and bleeding.

    “HAH you really got me there, you asshole! Hell, I think I am starting to like
    you, you’re a funny guy, I have to remember that when I am beating you up.” The
    noisy Giant said.

    Chun Li smiled a bit and held her radio up to her lips.

    “Blue eagle to Security One, just checking, is everything ok?” She said.


    The smile on her face vanished as she saw my face lit up with a smile. The
    radio she was holding fell to the ground. Her eyes wide with disbelief.

    “Oh, I did forget to tell you my mission didn’t I? How rude of me, actually
    it’s very simple. I am here for you sweetheart.” I stood up from my nearly
    broken chair.

    “These shackles you place on me I picked them.” I said while raising my hand to
    show them.

    Just before Chun Li charged me with a strike two gurgling noise stopped her
    dead in her tracks. The twin fighter on her sides gurgled for air as twin
    blades erupted from their throats. Each man fought on for their lives as they
    clawed on the protruding blade sticking out of their necks.

    “What took you so long?” I said with a frown to the man behind the police

    “…traffic?” with a tilt of his head to the side the man clad in all black
    replied back to me with no emotion what so ever.

    Chun Li looked around in horror and confusion, her body automatically stance up
    to a defensive one.

    “We’re here to beat you, torture you then bring you to our client broken and
    crushed. Believe it or not we get an extra bonus if you’re alive.”

    Chun Li is a confident woman, I can see it in her stance the way she held her
    breathe, the small movements of her legs; However fear was completely evident
    as well, and with those fear in her eyes, I felt surge of pride, our reputation
    has preceded us, true it’s not easy bringing down super powered meta humans.
    But our success rate is high and on some level Chun Li knew that this is going
    to be her last fight.

    “Oh, don’t mind Freak over there.” As the corpse - man rested his body on the

    “This dance is all mine.”

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    “Ugn.” I grunted as I barely parried her kick.

    Her speed was inhuman; whatever reports, tests, or intelligence I had on her can go out the window. She is definitely a Meta, a mutant, or simply superhuman, period.
    The strength of her punches borders those of a lightweight champion, while her kicks are that of horses, and since escaping my bonds, I am seriously regretting my decision on taking her on in mortal combat.

    “YAAAA!!!” I screamed as I delivered my own punches, which to my humiliation she simply swatted off with her slim toned arms. We had been dancing for over 5 minutes now and I can honestly say that I am not happy with the results, I mean; honestly she is kicking my ass all over the place.
    I tried my best to fight back, but with my already tired body from the interrogation, combined with her inhuman skill and strength, her attacks are slicing through my defenses like a hot knife on butter.

    As she rushed on with a palm strike I slumped on the wall, she then lashed 5 different kicks straight to my torso; right then I can honestly say I am screwed.

    I am winded, too weak to move, block or strike back; she jumped a meter away from me then tensed her body, readying herself for her famous lightning leg kick.

    Chun Li’s eyes were intense; she eyed me like a tiger stalking a prey; and I watched on like a deer in front of an oncoming truck; I honestly tried to look away but her whole body movement was like poetry I simply can not look away. As I steadied myself for her up coming finishing move, I tensed up all my muscles anticipating the pain I am about to endure.

    As a reflex my eyes closed themselves as her kicks were to hit my face and body. I thought I was dead, for I have not felt anything, just a simple wave of air kissing me on my cheeks and chest. As a good five seconds had passed I slowly opened my eyes then to my surprise, Freak, my very disturbed teammate jumped in front of me.

    The sight was awesome, Inspector Li’s legs were nearly a blur she must have been delivering hundred kicks a minute, but as amazing as Chun Li is, Freak on the other hand didn’t even made the slightest effort to block her kicks, each blow landed with a sickening crunch, each kick was definitely breaking some bones, snap after snap after crunch after crunch echoed in the room as Chun Li tried her best to make the man in black fall to the ground and die. However not even a groan or a muffled cry escaped his lips, rather a soft chuckle did. At this act, Inspector Li‘s anger rose, she then pressed on, her attacks striking harder and faster.

    I nearly gaped at the scene and shuddered at the thought of those kicks landing on my body, I merely move a few feet away from them and picked up an electric cattle prod lying on the floor.

    After a good two minutes of the Asian beauty’s vicious assault, she finally tired down with a powerful side thrust kick to Freak’s neck and a clear sound of it breaking a smooth back flip followed; putting a good meter distance from the two combatant.

    Chun Li was gorgeous, her huge breasts were heaving heavily as she tried to catch her breathe, her whole body was covered in a sheet of sweat; but nothing made her look sexier when she saw Freak stood there with his body all broken up, automatically fixing itself, snapping bones back together.

    “no …” a soft defeated whisper escaped her lips as she realized she had wasted her energy on something that simply regenerates itself.

    For the 2nd time today I saw fear well up in her eyes, as she tried to run to the door.
    Luckily for me I already anticipated her action; I had successfully intercepted the Chinese street fighter and stabbed her toned belly with my newly acquired cattle prod.

    “ ARGH.” She screamed as she fell to the floor. I enjoyed her scream so naturally I did it again, and again, and again, and again …

    I lost count to the shock that I was giving her for I have been enjoying myself too much, I basically hit her belly, then she would fetal up to protect her stomach; then I would shock her spine, and she would arch her back in response, it was really interesting, like watching a fish out of water, simply dancing with the jolts.

    But to her credit she only “mews” out soft grunts of pain, and is clearly far from broken. After a while of the shock treatment I grew a bit bored, so to spice things up I took her bunned hair and pulled her face close to mine.

    “I think you enjoyed beating me up too much, well paybacks a bitch!”

    I smashed her face into my knee, breaking her nose in two different places.

    A gurgled a cry escaped her as her face started to bloody up.

    “After I am done you’ll be a broken mess.” I hissed as I slammed her face straight down to the floor.

    As she laid belly down on the ground, I pressed my knee on her back and started to rip her clothes off, she vainly tried to fight back but the shocks she had still rendered her too weak. After a good minute I finally got her undressed, I merely left her with her white sports bra, boots and her sexy thong. I can’t help but lick my lips at the sight before me, her long brown hair was loosed from her white buns, and she had a very fit body, her abs were like cut rocks, her legs long and muscular, and her tits, big, firm yet soft.

    “Fuck you.” She gasped as her eyes brimmed with fear and humiliation. I saw her muscles tensed up as she tried to stand up and fight me, but her muscles didn’t permit her, the shocks she took were too much even for her world class physique.

    Ignoring her taunt, I let loose a barrage of blows to her rock hard abs, each blow was rewarded with a grunt of pain, occasionally I would hit her face, slap her even.

    Between each grunt were nice threats. “Kill you … you bastard.” She would bravely say. So I naturally intensified my punches.

    But all I get from her were more curses and empty threats, it was clear I was getting nowhere with this type of beating, so I improvised.

    “Fuck you, you fucking bastard.” She croaked weakly

    “Now that’s a good idea.” I grinned as I walked over to her white boots.

    Her eyes widened as she seem to understand what I was about to do. Lifting her long legs up (so that her hands cant cover her cunt) and slowly parting her legs; giving me a perfect view of her vagina, my dick tensed up at the anticipation of crushing the mighty Chun Li.

    “What … wait … don’t …” Chun Li tried pleading as she saw my boot moving in a backward motion.

    “EEEEEAAAAAAAIIIIEEEE!” her scream was music to my ears, I loved the sound so I did it again, and again, and again, and again … I was having the time of my life.

    Each blow was an inhuman howl of pain from my beautiful street fighter; after the third blow Inspector Li started to cry.

    On the fifth kick she started to beg.

    “STOP …Oh for the love of God … please stop …”

    But I was having too much fun so I let loose some more. On my seventh kick, I heard a snap coming from her cunt; I think I broke a bone some where in there …

    “EEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIEEEEEEEE” her scream was tremendous, like anopera singer she would have easily broken a glass with that scream.

    “Mercy! Please! Mercy! I am sorry; please, no more, no more ….” I was honestly disappointed, I thought she wouldn’t beg, at least not till the part I move on to her tits … After my twelfth blow she has been babbling things in Chinese, begging me to stop, tears, snot, and drool escaped her lips as she pleaded me to stop.

    I did stopped, and assessed the damage her cunt has sustained; however as soon as I let her legs down her hands covered her cunt and her legs closed up preventing me to witness my work; and naturally that pissed me off. I asked for a metal baton, (which Freak too eagerly threw at me) and started swinging to both her knee caps, breaking both knees in two strikes.

    Again another inhuman scream, as she tried to roll on the floor, quite obvious that she doesn’t know what to do to escape my onslaught. Then just as I was about to break her shoulders, Ms. Li actually did something intriguing; she closed her hands over her chest then clasped her fingers, as if praying; then she begged me, she begged earnestly.

    “Please, no more, I am sorry, I surrender, please …” she cried.

    I can’t help but smile from her ordeal, so with a short nod, I swung the baton over the top of her shoulders shattering her shoulders. Chun Li stared to twitch on her back as her brain tried to analyze the pain on her body, after a good minute she stopped twitching and started to stare on to nothingness as drool escaped her open lips.

    The radio on Freaks shoulder started to come to life, as a mechanical voice started to give instructions for our escape route.

    “Bag the target and get out in 10 minutes over and out.”

    “You here that sweet cheeks; ten minutes; more than enough time for one last torture.” I said as I pick a chair up.
    Chun Li was out of it I think she didn’t even heard a word I was saying, but what I am about to do will surely get her undivided attention. Tilting her torso sideways, so that her sweet breasts would be parallel to the rough cold floor; I let loose her tits from her sports bra, taking the breast that is closer to the floor, I placed the top of the stool using the round wood (the one you sit on) and pressed her left boob hard; squishing her left tit between the cold floor and my wooden stool; like giving inspector lee a mammogram, only mine is meant to crush her breast into paste.

    “You know I did this very same technique on both the Black Widow and the Huntress, I wonder how long will you last.” I smiled as I remember the pitiful screams of those crimefighters.

    As I pressed on with all my weight, Chun Li didn’t disappoint me, her screams were renewed, and spit actually flew from her mouth as she tried to cry, scream and beg all at the same time. I pressed harder and harder actually trying to see if I could squeeze her breast flat; at my actions Ms. Li stuttered incoherent words as her mind failed to process anything but the pain. With my free hand I stared to smash the metal baton onto her free breast, I swung as hard as I could, each blow left red marks into her majestic breast. I hit her boob over and over. As more hits rained on the boob, the red welts turned into blue, then purple, the black. At my tenth strike the skin ruptured and blood splattered all over the place.

    Seeing that Chun Li was not screaming anymore, rather her mouth was just open for a long silent scream; I finally let the stool go, her right breast was smashed open while her left breast was completely purple, as if ready to rupture at any moment.

    After seeing the great Inspector Li broken on the floor I decided its time to go, besides my last ten minutes is nearly up. So as a parting gift I swung the metal baton one last time smashing it straight into her unprotected pussy.

    Chun Li’s eyes simply widen up then she mercifully passed out.

    With that Freak walked over the broken fighter and like a pig he started to tie her up. As soon as we finished I reached for the door knob and went on to collect our bounty for this bitch.

    Well chap two is up and its end reviews are appreaciated,

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    That was some brutal breast torture at the end! Probably too extreme for my tastes, but I admire your enthusiasm and I can tell you put a lot of thought into these visuals. My favourite part was the cattle prod torture, even though I'm not the biggest electro ryona guy:

    Great visual!

    Fix some formatting issues (I'm not sure you meant to double space the first part of your story) and work on editing out some minor grammatical and spelling mistakes. Other than that, keep writing!
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    Thanks wrote this one maybe fiveor six years ago, didnt really get to proof read it much ...