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Her penis size range increase

Discussion in 'Help' started by awesome677, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. awesome677

    awesome677 Guest

    Noob here. Okay, so I know ModGuy had a her penis slider range increase mod, but it seems to have been lost, as it isn't on sby's archive of stuff. I've searched for it (to no avail), if someone has this or is willing to make a new one, that'd just be perfect.

    Also, on a somewhat related note, does anyone know if there's a mod to give her balls to go with her penis? I haven't tried searching too hard for that but my search has been... well, fruitless. If there is I'd greatly appreciate someone linking it here; or if not, if someone could create one. It would go well with the previous one.

    Thanks to everyone in advance.

    Moderator edit: this file is called hpsri.swf. It is available in sby's thread, under the heading --- Other Downloads: --- Modguy's loader mods archive2.
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  2. DistantNinja

    DistantNinja Guest

    Hi, I still can't find that swf file, is there anyway you can post a direct download link to it? I'd be very grateful if you could.