Help with PACTool and DAE


Vivacious Visitor
I am trying to "pbw_10_hel_0013.pac" helmet texture to point to another texture file. I need to do this with several pac files. I am able to extract the DAE file and edit it with a text editor to make it point to the correct dds file. It works fine in other 3D programs. Then I import it into the PAC file and get errors when I try to open it in "3D Object Converter", it also does not point to the right texture.

Basically what I edit is the line



I've been trying for ages to figure it out but failed miserably. I am not a 3D artist or artist at all so maybe I am missing the obvious. What I am trying to do is basically make the Shark outfit helmet visible but the helmet texture is shared by other parts, so I need to point it to another dds file to stop from other parts being visible.

Some of the skinning I've done so far: