Help with MoreClothingV8 - regskintones & hardbod/abs


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I'm trying to get the two hardbod variants included in MoreClothingV8 to work with the "+regskintones" command, and I can't figure out where I'm going wrong. Is there something wrong with my attempt to implement the command, or are those mods inherently incompatible with it? As far as I can tell all that's needed for the command is to put it at the end of the clothing article's line in the settings file (copy/pasted the two lines in question below), but that doesn't seem to be doing it. Help please? (Btw if I missed another thread or obvious answer to this, feel free to hit me with a link and a virtual Gibbs smack.)


HardBod.swf=Hard Bod:Body>Body2+regskintones


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+regskintones registers the mod to perform skin tone changes using the 4 kinds of skins. light, pale, tan, dark. essentially makes the mod change to frame 0,1,2, or 3. i don't expect a lot of mods to need this

the mod itself has to be made with the 4 frames of skintone, the included one does not have these frames. i added this option for a specific modder that actually did include these frames in their body mods. typically a body mod would change frames by being loaded onto the character, but when added to moreclothing it would lose those ties. so this option was added so moreclothing performs the same skin frame change that the vanilla layers would.


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Ah, so someone would have to make 3 more versions of the mod with one for each skin tone? Gotcha. But now I'm wondering if there might be a way to use AutoHueReg as a workaround... Whatever I find I'll leave here so others can learn from it.
Thanks for the clarification, sby! Keep up the awesome work! :D


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Alright, I found out that the H/S/L/C sliders under "Her Skin" work with the mod. Seems like the best way to do this is to use those sliders to recreate the other skin tones. Approximate values for the sliders below (key word being "approximate").
Pale: 0-50-100-100
Tan: 0-200-116-83
Dark: 0-302-53-108

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