help installing new clothes for moreclothingV6_9


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Dec 16, 2011
So I'm trying to add some new clothes to the morecolothingV6_9 mod, and I've followed the guide down to the letter, but when I load the mod I get the following errors:

I don't know what I'm doing wrong as I've made entries in the settings folder and added the relevant tags, like so:

NoseHook.swf=Nose Hook:HairCostume>CostumeHeadwear
MaidDress.swf=Maid Dress:CostumeOverTop>Body:CostumeCollar>Body:CostumeArmwear>Body
Latex Outfit - Short Sleeve_edit3.swf=Latex2:CostumeTop
Latex Outfit - Short Sleeve_edit.swf=Latex3:CostumeTop

And the settings folder itself is in the right place, as are the actual files for the clothes themselves. But its failing to load them for some reason...


edgelord 3000

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Jan 16, 2018
The red lines tells you which costumeparts doesn't exist for that costume, and the white lines tells you which costumeparts you haven't used. Just replace the red ones with the white ones.

For instance, my entry for the maid dress looks like this:
MaidDress.swf=Maid Costume:CostumeTop>Body:CostumeBottoms>Body
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