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Apr 24, 2023
I discover your place one month ago i think, while i was remembering those nice memories from this amazing fun that sdt can offer and tryied to find some news of it throw the spiders land.
And, magic appear, you were there long time before this idea cross my mind again.

So yes, a good place to discover, thk you all. i'm not a modder or a master of script, was just good at drawing and fan of those well designed little flash game.. Then life and all is turn, u turn, deadend, hope and happiness... anyway you know that part. :)

thk you for all of what you've done, "slutcraft" is a verrry good one too and i 'll follow as i can, what some of you have the power to create!

by the way i'm from france that's why my message could look a bit like the tip or notice of a brand new coffee machine.


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May 14, 2023
i'm from Greece, and i discovered this place like many years ago, absolutely loved sdt :)

all the impressive mods, the dialogues, etc, it's amazing, even reminded me of Kajio's Glory Hole RPG (hopefully with her return we're gonna see Glory Hole RPG 2)

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