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Hayate's Revenge

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by wilhitewarrior, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Okay guys so this one is the sequel to my Ayane Vs Kasumi fic. I know this one is uber-long and I'm sorry. lol. I just couldnt help myself. I wanted to put in some build up due to the story between these people and I ended up writing a short story instead of a Ryona fic. (btw i know the tenchu joke is really bad but I just couldnt help myself. I used to get them mixed up all the time so I had to include it.) The thing with Zack wasnt really meant to be any form of Ryona btw it was just for storytelling purposes.

    As always, comments and (constructive) criticisms appreciated. Anything else you'd like to see me write, feel free to suggest it, I'm always up for new ideas :D It doesn't have to be DOA can be anything, and if I know anything about it, I'll strongly consider it. :)

    Hayate's Revenge

    Hayate didn't want to believe what he was seeing, but he could not debate with his eyes and win. Kasumi lay on the ground, dead. Her snapped neck bones pressing against the flesh, making a bump on the side of her neck, her eyes with a scared look frozen in them.

    Those bastards who led their clan had been responsible for this and he would see to it that they paid for it. But first things first, he thought. He needed to tend to his sister. Then he would find out precisely what had happened to her.

    He carried his sister's body back to her hotel room, laid her out on her bed and closed her eyes.

    “Those responsible for your death, will die. This I vow to you, Kasi.” He promised as he gave her a farewell kiss on the forehead. Now it was time to get some answers and Hayate had a feeling he knew who had them.

    Zack opened his door to head down and gawk at the girls but when the door opened, it was Hayate's fist that came through it, slamming into Zack's nose.

    “OW! That hurt, man! That felt unnecessary!” Zack whined. “What are you even doin' here? I didn't invite you!”

    “I came here for my sister. And I found her.” Hayate answered. “She's dead.”

    “What makes you think I know anything about that?” Zack said without hesitation and rubbing his nose.

    “Because you're not surprised.” Hayate answered, taking Zack by the lapels of his tacky jacket and throwing him across the suite.

    “WHOOOOOA!” Zack shouted as he flew across the room, Hayate stomping on his face.

    “You sold out my sister didn't you?” Hayate said, his foot pressing into Zack's jaw.“Someone came to you and got you to lure her here. I want to know who and I want to know NOW!”

    “I donno anything about that man, I-- AAAAH!” He screamed as Hayate put all his body weight on Zack's face. “Alright, ALRIGHT!! It was that Ayame girl!”

    “Ayame?” Hayate said with confusion. “The sarcastic ninja from Tenchu?”

    “No! No not that one, the purple-haired girl!”

    Ayane. Hayate thought. That was one name he hadn't wanted to hear come up. He knew that Ayane had long resented their sister but killing her? Hayate's heart sank as he thought about his vow to kill those responsible for Kasumi's death.

    “You're lying!”Hayate accused, pressing down harder.

    “Naw, man! It's true, I swear!” Zack shouted. “She came here and wanted me to invite Kasumi here! Said to invite the other girls too so it wouldn't look suspicious to her!”

    Hayate growled, pulling Zack to his feet by his coat. “I don't know what she did for you.If she paid you, or threatened you, or fucked you or what. What I do know is that my sister is dead because YOU sold her out.” Hayate said in an acidic tone, shoving him toward his window. “You're as responsible for her death as the ones that killed her!”

    “Wait a minute, dude-” Zack started but quickly interrupted by Hayate continuing.

    “Now go apologize to her!” He demanded as he tossed Zack out his fifteenth story window. Hayate watched Zack fell and screamed until he hit the concrete below with a loudthud. Only Kokoro of all the girls at the bottom screamed, the others, unfazed, just gave a glance and went back to their relaxation.


    Hayate had no reservations about the men and women who had sent Ayane on her mission. Heading back to his village he bursts into the town hall,the clan leaders all there, inside and debating on their relations with the Hayabusa clan.

    The three clan leaders stood to greet him as he came in the door. “Hayate! Welcome home, old friend. It has been a long time.” The clan leader, Botan, greeted.

    “Do not call me that. You no longer have that right.” Hayate scolded in anger.“You are responsible for the death of Kasumi! You had her killed! And for WHAT?! Your own stubbornness!”

    The other two clan leaders stand, holding their hands up in a peace offering. “I am sorry that your sister had to die, Hayate.” Hana said in a quiet, sincere voice as she approached him slowly. “The fact remains, however, that she did betray us. She let her personal feelings take precedence over the good of our clan.”

    “She was a traitor because YOU made her that way!” Hayate continued, his rage growing more and more as he spoken. He could not believe the audacity of these people, and believe even less that he had not seen it in all these years. “All you'd have had to do was give her leave to go! You refused for the sake of your own reputations! Who truly put their own personal feelings first?! She did not betray you! You betrayed her! I swore on Kasumi's death bed that those responsible would die, and you three are responsible!”

    Hayate's sword left his sheath in a flash. Quickly Botan's own met his, Hana and Daishiro joining in immediately.

    They were very skilled, but they had spent too long giving orders and not enough time in the field. The sounds of swords clanging filled the hall as Hayate fought with those whom he had once called his masters.

    Leaping into the air toward Botan, Hayate flew through the air in a flying swallow maneuver, quickly decapitating the first of the three clan leaders.Immediately following that, Hayate leaps off of the wall, sending him flying high up toward the rafters and vanishing.

    “Where ishe?” Botan asked, more speaking to himself than anything, but Hayate quickly answered his question as he fell from the ceiling, his sword slicing straight through Botan's body. As the clan leader peeled in two he turned his attention to the final surviving one, Hana.

    “You're a fool, Hayate! You are now the traitor and now you shall be the one to die!” She shouted, her voice quivering. Hayate did not respond. The consequences of his actions meant little to him at this point. Only his revenge. He charged her quickly, swinging his blade at her faster than she was able to keep up. She parried the first two but the blade quickly swiped across her belly, then diagonally across her body. She screamed in pain and finally his sword pierced straight through her right shoulder. She groaned but it was quickly cut short as he pulled the blade diagonally down and to the left, slicing her body clean in two.

    As the final of the corrupt leaders fell apart and to the floor, he began to leave, soon sensing a familiar presence approaching. He again readied his sword, hoping to not have to fight this one but being prepared just in case.

    “Ryu.” Hayate greeted calmly as Ryu stepped in, surveying the area and what Hayate had done.

    “Explain.” Ryu demanded.

    “Kasumi is dead.” Hayate obliged. It was all the explanation Ryu needed. His eyes widened for a moment, then his head dipped as sadness filled his heart. Ryu did not know, but he was not surprised. He knew of Kasumi's rogue status and also knew that these people who lay dead before him had declared her so.

    “I am sorry.” Ryu consoled. “You have your vengeance then.” Ryu started to turn to go. He would have done the same, of that there was little doubt. And he was not of Hayate's clan so the affair was none of his concern.

    “No, not yet.” Hayate corrected. Ryu heard unmistakable, deep regret in his voice at those words, causing him to turn back around. “There is one other. The one who actually performed the deed.”

    “Who?” Ryu asked but feared he did not want to hear the answer.


    That was what he had been afraid to hear. He had long considered Ayane a friend and she had given him assistance on many different occasions. Hayate was also a friend, however. There was no even ground to be had here.

    “I know she is your friend, Ryu. So the question I must now ask is this: Will you stand in my way, old friend?”

    The two ninjas stared one another down for what seemed like an eternity. Each holding his sword in his hand while Ryu weighed seemingly unlimited circumstances. Ryu owed Ayane his life more than once. However, he could not deny the evil of what she had done. Kasumi had been an innocent. Killed by old bitterness and leaders who were nothing morethan bureaucrats. He could not begin to imagine the inner struggle Hayate was feeling. Forced to kill one beloved sister for the murder of another. He began to wonder if perhaps he should take Hayate's place, but no, he decided. This was Hayate's ordeal. The vengeance must be taken by him.

    “No.” Ryu finally answered, both men releasing their grips on their weapons,each knowing full well they were both men of their word. “I will not. But nor can I become involved. I must wash my hands of this. All I can do is wish you luck, old friend.”

    Hayate gave Ryu a nod and respectful smile and the two parted ways. Hayate hated what he now had to do and hated himself for doing it, but he had made a vow to his dead sister. Hayate's honor was more valuable to him than his life, and as much as he hated to admit it to himself, she deserved death for what she had done. These thoughts were of little comfort as he went on his way to kill his baby sister.


    Ayane sat at the river in her bikini, her feet wading in the water and humming to herself. It was not long until she sensed the presence there with her. She turned to meet him, half expecting to find an attacker,instead finding her brother.

    “Hayate!” She greeted with a happy smile. Her smile quickly disappeared,however, when she saw the lack of one on his face. Instead what she saw was sadness and regret. “What's the matter, Hayate?” She asked.

    “Why did you do it, Ayane?” Hayate questioned, wishing he could embrace his sister instead of doing what he now had to. “Why?”

    Ayane didn't need to ask what he meant. Nor would she play dumb. Sadness filled her own eyes as she realized why he had come. “It was the task I was given.” She answered with her voice low, almost a whisper.

    “It was more than that. You enjoyed it. You made her kneel. You were more than happy to kill her.”

    “She was treated like a queen while I was forced to wallow in the mud and fend for myself!” She answered from her heart, her anger again revealing itself as he had seen many times before. “She treated me like dirt! She forgot me!”

    “There must be some part of you that knows better, Ayane.” Hayate said softly.“Some part that knows she was not responsible for your difficult childhood. She loved you. She would never have wished harm upon you and certainly would not have killed you had you been the one to lose the fight.”

    “You are probably right,” Ayane concedes. Her brain knew these things but her anger still remained. “Sometimes, even when the mind sees the logic, the heart refuses to listen, and often the heart is more in control than the mind.”

    “Never, ever in my life would I have wanted this to happen, Ayane.” Hayate said with sorrow. “I want you to know that I love you as I loved her.”

    “But... you are here to kill me, then.” Ayane said, turning her back to him.Her heart raced at that thought. Ayane was good, but Hayate had always been better. If he wanted to kill her, there was little chance she would live.

    “Yes.” Hayate confirmed, having no more words than that.

    Without another word, the two siblings turned to one another. They each went into their respective fighting stances, preparing for a battle neither side wanted.

    Ayane quickly circled around her opponent and tried to throw a palmstrike at his face. Hayate caught her wrist, spun her around in a circle and his knee came up to meet her gut. Ayane doubled over, groaned and clutched her belly until Hayate's fist connected with her forehead. Ayane cried out as her legs flew into the air as her head went toward the ground. Speeding her descent, Hayate slammed his elbow into her chest and the ground shook as she connected hard with it with an“OOF!”

    Getting back to her feet quickly, Ayane charged again, throwing a kick at Hayate which he blocked rather easily before punching her in the stomach. Ayane let out a moan as one hand went down to her belly. Hayate grabbed her her by her neck and threw her against the cliffside. He was quickly on her again, his fist slamming into her stomach once again, and then after that. She screamed out in pain as the next pain slammed into her hip, sending her tumbling to the side, but Hayte was not finished. He stopped her stumble with a punch to her chest and another to her gut. She could not find the breath in her to scream anymore. She only gasped and doubled over. The next thing she knew,Hayate's fist connected with her face in an uppercut, driving her waist back to stand up straight again and finally delivered a spinning kick across her cheek, sending her toppling to the ground.

    Hayate allowed it as Ayane got back to her feet, stumbling a bit as she did. She was definitely losing and she hadn't managed to land a hit. Finally she did when she leaped and delivered a spinning kick to Hayate's side.He groaned but grabbed her around the waist on her way back down and let himself fall with him atop her. The impact of the ground coupled with Hayate's body weight cause her shoulder to dislocate and two discs in her spine to crack. She screamed in pain and rolled on the ground, holding her shoulder and moaning softly.

    She screamed again as she popped her shoulder back in, but it was too late. Hayate landed an elbow drop on her stomach and, knocking the wind out of her. She gasped desperately for breath, rolling left and right in the dirt, trying to get her breath but it didn't matter. She could barely breathe now, let alone fight and she knew it.

    Hayate rolled her over onto her belly as she finally started to get back some wind,but not enough. Sitting down upon her back to hold her there, he stroked her face gently with his fingers.

    “I am truly sorry, my sister.” Hayate apologized. Terror climbed high into Ayane's heart, her now experiencing the fear that Kasumi must have felt just before Ayane had killed her.

    “Hayate... Please... I'm scared. Don't kill me.” the beautiful young kunoichi's voice shook as Hayate's hands wrapped around her chin. “Please, have mercy. I beg you.”

    “Your death will be quick and merciful, Ayane. That is all I can grant.” Hayate said sadly.

    His sister whimpered in fear and kicked her legs in panic as he began to bend her neck backward. She felt the strain building as her neck reached its limit. Ayane's moans and whimpers grew louder until they finally climaxed with a loud “UUNGH!” As her neck snapped in two with aloud pop. The pain had been quite intense, but also brief. She laid on the ground, her vision blurring and let out three soft moans until her life faded from her and she lay still.


    After carrying his youngest sister back to the village to have the two buried together, Hayate returned to his old home. Laying Ayane's body beside Kasumi's in his bedroom, he closed her eyes forever and turned away from them, dropping to his knees.

    His heart was in shambles. the ones he loved most were dead, one of them by his own hand. He had no idea that such all-consuming sorrow was possible. Looking up toward Heaven, he addressed his beloved sister. “I swore to kill all those responsible for your death, Kasumi. But it is not over yet. One remains.” He said as he drew his sword from its sheath.

    “All that happened to you. All the pain, all the suffering, all the heartache... Even your death. It was all because of me. I hope in death, I might find your forgiveness.”

    Turning his sword toward his chest, Hayate closed his eyes and prepared, but as he began to thrust, a hand took the sword and pulled it away.

    “Were she still with us, I believe she would throw something at you, Hayate.”Ryu scolded as he threw the sword aside. “If you take your own life then you shame everything that your sister sacrificed so much, and ultimately her own life for. She did it all for you because she cared for you. She wanted you to live. Now you would throw all that away?”

    “I...”Hayate began, but he had no argument.

    “Your clan is now leaderless. The only one left fit to take their place is you.They led your clan to shame and dishonor. Now it is your responsibility to clean up the mess they made. You bring dishonor upon yourself if you run from that responsibility now. You have had difficult times, but the true challenge is not in dying, but in living. Now you must learn to live with your pain. As is said, 'the night is darkest just before the dawn.' The night is ending. Now I believe you will bring the dawn.” Ryu finished as he dropped Hayate's sword at his feet and walked out the door, trusting him to make the right decision.

    “Thank you, Ryu.” Hayate said as he took his sword, replacing it into its sheath. “I can only hope that you are right.”
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    Hot, but dramatic as well.
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    That was nice, Hayate is a nice guy even when taking vengeance he can't help but be a nice guy. The idea of Ayane rolling around in her bikini... also nice. Lol I enjoyed that, emotional would be more emotional for me if I knew more about DOA.
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    Poor Ayane. I liked the finish and how she died. XD Great story.