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Hayame High: Fresh Meat

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Baku|Haku, Sep 12, 2013.


Who should win? Teacher or Banchou?

Poll closed Sep 17, 2013.
  1. The noble teacher; Mio Sakurai

  2. The rowdy student; Leiko Hisako

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Baku|Haku

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    The thing about Hayame high is that is a high school entiery made out of school gangs, Ubicated on the poorest district of Tokyo, Almost hidden out from the rest of the city. Those who enter know they can learn only something. To fight. Once not long ago a girl named Leiko came and became the indesputed queen of the place. . .

    Leiko rose her wooden sword up as her oponet falled on her knees; Her oponent a girl with a Karate Gi with a black belt, her black hair was tied up in a pony tail, She was barefeeted. Her dark blue eyes were almost about to close. She tried to rise her arms but both of them were all bruised. She looked up at the sword as it decended upon her forehead.
    The girl, who's name was Zoe fell down to the groun on her back, with her fore-head opened. She looked at the sun and moaned in pain.
    She tried to use her back to rise herself again, She couln't since Leiko pushed her agaist the ground with her foot. Leiko wore a black police cap, Black eye shades that hided her brown eyes and a school uniform that not only was made for a male japanese student. But it was torn appart and the jacket was almost like a cape torn appart on the bottom part. She didn't wear any shirt or a bra, Only some bandagues that covered her breast. She had long red hair that almost reached her knees. Her hair was dyed of curse.
    Leiko was also wearing tradicional japanesee sandals, They were heavy and pushed shoe easyly down to the floor. Zoe grunted as she was stomped by Leiko

    "It's so nice to see that you still visit me after the last time I kicked you ass, It's always fun to see you crawl on the floor"

    Zoe's eyes were teary "Don't you dare pity me! I will defeat you!"

    Leiko rised her foot and stomped Zoe's belly. Zoe's eyes widen as she felt how the air scaped her body. She started to coff, Before she could so anything else Leiko stomped on her belly again. Zoe vomited. Since she was on the floor facing up most of it went to her own clother

    "Ugh! Gross and patethic, How come every time I defeat you, YOU find a way to look even more patetic"

    Zoe's eyes closed as she stared to cry. She couln't take more of this humiliation, She had lost several times to Leiko. To the point that Leiko went down and hunted her on her own dojo. Defeating her in front of her student. Then her lackies obligated her students to punch her on the face and tell her how weak she was.

    Zoe's memories werre interrupted when Leiko grabbed her by her Gi with one hand and punched her on the face. Her left cheeck got swolled.

    "Oh, I'm sorry deary I almost forgot how delicate you are" Said Leiko with a wide smile as she slapped Zoe on the right side face. Using the momentum she back handed Zoe 's face. Dropping her to the floor again.

    Zoe screamed out of pain and frustation as she fell to the floor once again. Her body curled into a fetal position to try and withstand the pain. This only gave Leiko the idea to kick her on her belly since she couldn't cover it with her hand due to the fact that she hitted them with her wodden sword until she could no loger rise them.

    Zoe recoiled in pain as she got kicked on the gut five times. At the fourth time her eyes closed once again. All the adrenaline on her system only served to make her heart pound harder when she is kicked one last time and knocked down for good.
    Leiko took Zoe by her pony tail to lift her head. She bended her knee in order to lookone last time at her unconssious face. Zoe's face had swollen on her left side. Her tears were not yer dry and during the last kicks to the stomach she had vomited blood that dripped from her mouth. The wound from her forehead bleeded out so much that the blood was also dripping from her chin. Her face was dirty thanks to being so much time on the ground and so was her GI.
    The blood and dirt of her lasted failure soon made her GI a stange combination of dirt and blood stains.

    "Now....What should I do with you" said Leiko taking of her shades to look closer to Zoe.

    "How about letting her go!" Leiko slowly turned her head around and saw a well dressed woman, see look at her early 20's, she whote red framed glasses. Long black hear that ended on her shoulders .Black sharp eyes .A pink elegant shirt that look as if was made out of cotton. A female jacked, an elegant looking skirt both of them dark purple and a pair of long black pantyhouses that covered her entire legs. However she was wearing black wrestling boots.
    She crossed her arms and pointed at Leiko with an iron ruler. "This insanity ends now!"

    Leiko realised Zoe's hair. The karate girl felled down on her face. She putted her hands on her hip and looked at the woman
    "Huh?, And who are you supposed to be?"

    The woman took her ruller as if she was holding a sword and swinged it. "My name is Mio Sakurai, That's Sakurai Sensei for you. Starting today I'm going to dicipline all the students from this school"

    Leiko rose an eyebrown upon glancing at the new commer...

    End of Introduction.


    So this is a series of fics I'm doing based on several things. One of them is my obsecion with yanki/banchou girls. The other is some RP character I did with Kevinator and Rahzael. Chapter one hopfully comming soon.
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  2. Baku|Haku

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    Leiko blinked in disbelief, Who was this woman? What did she want? She was surprised by the number of people who are stupid enough to challengue her that came to the school everyday. She dispached of them quickly. But she didn't enjoyed so much sice most of them were whimps. She knew that Zoe was looking for revengue for the Tousand times that she has beaten her up and humiliated her.
    This however was the thing that brightened her day, She loved Zoe's tears and her predictable attacks.
    However this woman pissed her off, Let alone the fact that some naive woman thinks she can tame Hayame High all by herself. The fact that she tough she had a shoot agaist Leiko was just laughable.
    Leiko stood up straigh and crosses her arms while still lookin at Mio-Sensei, This ough to be a joke.
    "Heeeh, Listen bitch you better.....Ugh!"
    Leiko's taunting was interrupted by a kick to the stomach. Leiko doubled fowards. Her eyes widen as the high heel of Mio-Sensei entered deeper into her gut. Leiko opened her mouth wide and saliva dripped from it. For making things worse for her the teachers heel had provoqued a flesh woud.
    Mio retired her foot from Leiko's stomach and she kneeled down to the ground grabbin her stomach. "That's no way of adresseing your new teacher Miss. Now stand up and indtrouce yourself again"
    Leiko grinded her teeth as she stood up. She looked at Mio-Sensei as she stood up with one arm on her stomach. "Hi, My name is Lieko. And I kick bitches for a livi......Aaah!"
    Once again Mio kicked Leiko on the stomach. This time Leiko managues to catch her feet. Mio's eyes widen. "You are quick aren't you?" Leiko launches a punch towards Mio's face. Due to the fact that the teacher is being grabbed she can't evade. So she takes the hit. However Leiko is not done. She grabs Mio's foot firmly with her left hand. She spreads her legs appart to make sure she won't fall down. Leiko smashes her right elbow into Mio's knee. The teacher screams as her leg is elbowed three times more. Before Mio could recover Lieko realised her foot only to turn her waist around and back hand Mio right on her chin.
    Mio reeled backwards holding her mouth. She couln't go far back since she had been hurt on her knee. She falled on her other knee trying to get up. "Dammit"
    Leiko gave a wide simle "What happened to misses good manners?". Leiko was at a clear advantague since she had inujured her leg. No longer will the quick legs of her opponent would trouble her.
    Confident on herself the Banchou girl sprited quickly towards Mio and attemped to punch her on the chin once again. However Mio was able to put all her weight in one leg and evade the puch. Leiko threw two more punches to the right witch Mio was able to predict and move slightly to the right and evade the punches. Then Leiko kneeled down and with a quick move she slided her knee to be able to swep her leg. Mio couln't evade and she felled to the ground. The teacher falled on her back and looked at Leiko that was comming towards her with an axe kick aimed to her head. Mio managued to put her hand up front blocking the axe kick. Using her waist she managued to kneel and rise Leiko's kick.
    Leiko realised to late that her foot had been catched. Leiko's eyes widen. But it was too late Leiko was pulled down to the floor and held on to it. She then grabbed her foot with both of her arms and holded Leiko's leg down with her own legs. Then she pulled it up.
    Leiko tried to crawl away but it was no use she was well held on this wrestling move. "Uuh..." Leiko closed her eyes to hold the pain in. She won't scream. She won't give that bitch that sattisfaction. Leiko used both of her arms trying to get away.
    Mio stood up while still holding Leiko's leg. The banchou girl was forced to be flipped over. Mio sitted on Leiko's back and kept pulling her leg. Leiko gritted her teeth and panted. She grabbed the ground trying to withstand the pain. "Let....Me....Gooo!" Mio smiled "Say please..." Leiko turned around. She couldn't reprise since the pain was to much to withstand. Leiko opened her mouth wide and screamed "Please let me go!!!" At the sound of this Mio realised Leiko's leg.

    "See miss Leiko, Was that so hard to do?" said Mio with a wide smile. She putted her hand on her hips. She picked up her ruler and hitted her palm with it. "I hope you have learned your lesson, Now i'm up for my students" Leiko hitted the ground and stoop up slowly. "You don't get it, Don't you dumb bitch....The teacher on this school are just punching bags..." Mio crossed her arms "Well,That is not very nice is it. Hmp!"
    "Are you serious?" said Leiko holding the wound on her stomach. It was still bleeding. She grabbed her wodden sword that was near Zoe's unconssious body, She grabbed it as if it was a mere stick with no technique whatsoever. Leiko screamed at the top of her lungs as she charged at Mio.
    The time that took Leiko to go grab the sword Mio-Sensei used it to stand on a karate stance. This made Leiko cocky once again since she always beaten the Karate girl with dirty tricks.

    Leiko used an horizontal slash trying to get Mio. Mio kneeled down and elbowed Leiko on the stomach. "Uff!" Leiko's wound got worse. She tried an horizontal slash aiming to hit the teacher's head. She evaded it leaning to the side and standing up again. Mio grabbed Leiko's shoulder and uses them for impulse as she kneeled her gut again. Leiko's eyes closed and finally her mouth gave away a loud scream "Aaaaah!"

    Mio didn't ended her assault there. She kneeled Leiko on the gut three times more. Each time Leiko's scream became weaker. Mio's leg was full of Leiko's blood. To Mio's surprise Leiko's glasses and cap were still on. Leiko falled into her knees gasping for air. Mio slowly tilted her head towards her and whispered "Lesson one...Don't depend on a weapon" as she said this she took off Leiko's shades and cap and threw them away. "Lession two, Don't get cocky specially with a teacher" As she said this Leiko's vision was getting blurry.

    Mio kneeled Leiko on the head. She hitted her square on her nose. Leiko's nose bleeded out as if it was a river. Letting all of her own blood stain her shirtless chest. Leiko was about to fall down to the floor once again. But Mio managued to catch her by grabbing her by her hair and pulling Leiko up "Uuh....Uuhh...." For the first time on her life, Leiko feeled fear. Her pupils delatated and her blood was mixed with sweat.

    Mio slammed Leiko's face agaist the ground. The blood from her nose came out even harder so it did the one from her wound on her stomach. The cold feel on blood on her body was the only thing that calmed Leiko down as she brathe heavily trying to regain her compsture. "Lesson three...." Mio grabbed the lowerest part of Leiko's hair. She then stomped her left shoulder with her high heeled shoes.
    "AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaah! Uuh...Uh..Aaaah!" Leiko's shoulder had been pierced. "Never fall asleep on class" Mio took her heel out of Leiko's shoulder and wiped it off on her jacket. She walked towards the school door given the fact that she had just defeated the queen on the school.
    The pain didn't let Leiko pass out. She screamed with her right hand grabbing her shoulder and her left hand grabbing her stomach. She tried to get up but her wound were to much for her and she ended up tripping on a puddle of her own blood.

    Mio Sakurai, had defeated the queen of the school. She was walking towards the school floor with a wide smile on her face "Heeey!" She stopped and turned around. Leiko had managued to stand up in one knee. She took off her coat and sandals. "We are not....Uggh...Done yet!" Leiko walked towards Mio. She was tripping as she did this. "I..Won't lose...Not to you...."
    Mio smiled. She ranned towards Leiko and jumped. She has reagained her speed. She jumped and with her knee she hitted Leiko's neck. Leiko's mouth was wide open as the last piece of air that she had went out of her lungs.
    Leiko's eyes rolled into her head. Her head and limbs when numb as her conciense drifted away. Leiko's body flew a few feet and landed on her back.

    Leiko's body was the first of many. At least that what Mio-Sensei tough to herself as the self procalimed toughest girl on the school had fallen like a ragdoll. She glanced at Zoe's body one last time before she entered the building. "Don't worry little one....The new school year has only just begun...."

    End of Chapter
    Thanks a lot to those who voted, I tough that Leiko was going to be the victor of this. But this was one pleasent surprise. Like or comment if you would like to see more stuff from Hayame High.