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Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility: Human Sacrifice at the Harvest Festival

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, May 21, 2015.

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    The year was coming to an end, and so was Anissa's training time with the Harvest Goddess. In just three short days, Anissa would be fucked, roasted, garnished with fruits and vegetables, and carved up for the whole of Waffle Island to enjoy. In a little less than a year since the previous Harvest Festival, Anissa had learned everything about sex and the history of the maiden sacrifice and Waffle Island at large. Originally, the maiden sacrifice was to thank the Goddess and ensure Her blessing for a good harvest the following year. Over time, the meaning of the sacrifice started to change. This change brought about a new blessing: the very presence of the Goddess Herself! Before the rainbows were restored and a new Mother Tree planted, the Goddess had remained slightly aloof and difficult to approach. After the restoration of the rainbows and planting of a new Mother Tree seven years ago, the Goddess took a more active role in the lives of Waffle Island's inhabitants. For the past seven years since Her restoration to the island from the clouds, the Harvest Goddess Herself had been running the lottery to choose the next year's maiden. This lottery was a sham. The Goddess basically wrote one name on enough strips of paper to fill a lottery barrel, and everyone knew it. The Goddess played favorites but made it fair enough that no one complained. However, being chosen as the sacrificial maiden was a great honor, and the family of the young woman never wanted for anything afterwards. The winning family also had multiple children to replace their sacrificed daughter. None could ever truly take her place in the parents' hearts, but the children learned of their special older sister and how she gave her life to ensure their future. This year was Anissa's year, and her younger brother Taylor, now nineteen, who always had a sexual fantasy involving cooking and eating Anissa, blew everyone into the square when the Goddess chose Anissa at the last harvest festival. Ever since the Goddess started tutoring the maidens, each young woman moved in with Her and wore never wanted for anything: the maidens wore the finest of clothes and jewelry, had as much sex as they could ever need, and never went hungry. The last chapter of Anissa's life started that morning.
    "Goddess, may I go have sex with Candace and Luna?" Anissa asked, staring out the window at the sun rising over the mountain.
    The Goddess stood and walked over to and wrapped her arms around Anissa, kissing the top of her head. "The harvest festival, the day we have been training for, is fast approaching. I have been working you hard for the past week. You deserve a break. Go have some fun." The Goddess let go of Anissa and pushed her to the door.
    "Thank you, Goddess." Anissa gently placed her painted lips on the Goddess' cheek before running out the door.
    "She will leave big ballet flats to fill next year." The Goddess sighed once She was alone. "Her libido takes the cake. No maiden before nor after her can hope match her love of sex nor her willingness to die for her loved ones." The Goddess busied Herself making Her final preparations to decapitate and oven roast Anissa instead of fire roast her.
    Anissa hurried to the tailor shop to see her last two living best friends. Renee died last year and Kathy the year before. Now, only Anissa, Candace, and Luna remained, and Anissa was to die in three days. Nine hours later, the surviving trio had collapsed onto the bed Candace and Luna shared. They were hot, sweaty, sticky with dried cum completely covering all three (even in their hair), and exhausted. Anissa barely managed to look at the clock on the wall. "I can't believe it's already five." She panted. "I should have been home by now." Candace and Luna barely managed to roll onto their sides, away from Anissa, to give her room to get up. As exhausted as she was, Anissa barely managed to pull herself off the sheets and then crawl to the end of the bed to climb down. Anissa stepped down off the bed only to have her legs give way under her from exhaustion. Anissa grabbed the bed and hauled herself onto her feet. Panting heavily, Anissa pulled herself along the wall to the door. Once outside, Anissa unhitched and barely managed to mount Kathy's former horse. Once on, Anissa rode to the farmland just before the mountain, and her home, if not for much longer. Once away from everyone, Anissa opened her flask and killed the yam cocktail she kept carefully hidden from everyone but the Harvest Goddess. Now with the alcohol restoring some of her vitality, she spurred her horse onto and up the mountain path to the Goddess Spring and the house she shared with the Goddess. Anissa rode the horse around to the barn and fed and watered it before heading inside to lose her shower privileges for the next two days for her tardiness. "Goddess, I'm home." Anissa called into the darkness of the kitchen on her way to the den.
    "You were supposed to be back by now." The Goddess replied, never looking up from her book. The Goddess re-read Her books so much, She knows every title by heart but still read them just to feel the comfort of the book.
    "Forgive me, Goddess. I never meant to stay this long. I won't shower until the morning of the festival." Anissa returned.
    "Do not worry about it, Baby Girl. You will be sacrificed in three days. I can afford to be a little lax with discipline now. I love the cum-encrusted look; however, I want you to shower tonight anyway." The Goddess said, looking up from her book with a warm smile.
    "Thank you, Goddess." Anissa smiled back before hurrying to the outdoor shower.
    The shower was near the foot of the mountain overlooking the ocean, the most frequented (and romantic) spot on the mountain, and made of glass. The maidens were completely exposed to the eyes of onlookers, which only prompted Anissa to give a peep show. Anissa saw Chase and Maya fucking like bunnies in heat as the harvest moon peeked out of the ocean. Anissa smiled to herself knowing they could never resist watching her shower. Once she was certain they were finished, Anissa stealthed her way over to her friends and tapped them on the shoulders before running into the shower and starting the water. Once the perpetually horny husband and wife got their bearings, they noticed they were not alone and looked at the shower to see Anissa smiling seductively as she played with her long brown locks under the stream. Anissa grabbed the waterproof vibrators off the glass shelf and buried both in their respective holes, one in the ass and the other up the pussy.
    Maya dragged Chase to the immodest shower. "I might have known it was you, Anissa." Maya half-smiled. "You were always the first to pole dance in the bar."
    "Those were some fun times. What I enjoyed most was seeing you fuck Selena on the bar." Anissa reminisced with her friends as she removed the vibrators to go old school. "I always thought you would end up in a lesbian marriage with her. What happened?"
    "I took too long to ask and Selena was not willing to wait on me. She moved away three years ago while you were studying farming abroad." Maya answers. "Honestly, I'm kinda glad she did. The following year might have had a double sacrifice."
    "I know I am." Chase leaned in and kissed Maya's lips as he caressed her ass.
    "You shudda come home sooner to give us a longer show." Maya said, breaking the kiss. "Chase and I need to head home."
    "I guess I'll see you the day of the festival, then" Anissa said, blowing her friends a kiss through the glass.
    "Can't wait to stuff that sexy ass you hide back there one last time, Anissa." Chase replied flirtatiously.
    "Can't wait to have you stuff my ass." Anissa said seductively.
    "Just remember Chase, I get to eat her colon after she's cooked. Be careful what you stuff her with." Maya issued the ultimatum.
    "Fine." Chase huffed. "I'll fill Anissa's asshole with blanks." They were then just barely in earshot. The rest of their conversation was lost to Anissa.
    Anissa finished showering and hurried back up to the house. "Goddess, the day of the festival cannot get here fast enough."
    "You said it, Anissa." The Goddess returned cheerfully. "The only downside to killing you is how large your proverbial shoe size is. You are the ultimate sacrificial maiden. Your love of sex and desire to feed your family your body is far greater than any maiden who came before you or who will come after you."
    "You honor me, Goddess." Anissa said as she walked to the window to watch the moon rise, as was her custom before bed on nights when the moon shined. The Goddess sat in Her chair smiling as She watched Anissa watch the moon rise. After five minutes, Anissa broke the silence. "Goddess, can you tell me what will happen the day of the festival?"
    Smiling, the Goddess patted Her lap, and Anissa hurried over to oblige. The Goddess wrapped Her left arm around Anissa's body and played with her hair with the right. "You will wander the party naked from the start, servicing the townsfolk. I have decided to truss you up like a turkey and then decapitate and oven roast you instead of spit roast you. I want that smiling face of yours to grace the table independent of your body. As part of the cooking show, I will fuck you on the banquet table before preparing you for the oven."
    "That sounds wonderful, Goddess." Anissa said, staring lovingly into the face of her soon-to-be Chef. "I was hoping You would make me a beautiful turkey girl."
    "I cannot think of a better way to cook a beautiful sacrifice such as yourself." The Goddess replied smiling. The conversation lulled, and the Goddess continued stroking Anissa's hair until she fell asleep in the Goddess' lap.
    Anissa woke the next morning still in the Goddess' lap, not realizing it was almost daybreak. "Goddess, how long have I been asleep?"
    "You slept here the whole night." The Goddess answered.
    "Forgive me, Goddess. I was just so comfortable and relaxed that I fell asleep." Anissa apologized.
    "Do not apologize, Child. I wanted you to sleep with Me, not just last night, but tonight. The festival is tomorrow." The Goddess returned.
    "I can sleep in Your lap tonight, too?" Anissa asked surprised with the offer.
    The Goddess lifted Anissa's head to look her in the eye. "I never let maidens sleep by themselves at the end." The Goddess whispered lovingly. "We have a big day ahead of Us preparing for the festival tomorrow."
    "Do You want me clothed to help set up?" Anissa asked.
    "The maidens always help naked." The Goddess answered.
    "I love working naked in cool weather." Anissa said wearing a flirtatious grin.
    "I know you do, Child. We need to be at Brownie Ranch in a thirty minutes." The Goddess replied.
    Anissa took the Goddess' hand and They were at Brownie Ranch in less than one minute. "That beats walking." Anissa commented for the thousandth time.
    "Yes, it does, Baby Girl." The Goddess kissed the top of Anissa's head.
    The whole day was flurry of activity from dawn to dusk. When Anissa finally got home, she was even more exhausted that night than she was the last. "Goddess, I would like to shower and go on to bed."
    "I think you should. Tomorrow will be a long day for you, even with your death." The Goddess replied.
    Anissa hurried down to shower and was back in less than fifteen minutes. The Goddess pat Her lap, and Anissa climbed up. The Goddess started stroking Anissa's hair, and she was out immediately.
    Anissa woke the next morning to a full-tongue kiss. She returned full force, enjoying the Goddess' taste, both Her lips and tongue. Anissa broke the kiss. "Good morning, Goddess. Five o'clock cannot get here fast enough!"
    "I know the feeling, Little One. I always feel like this before the harvest festival." The Goddess replied.
    "I want to get to the field just to hurry to start the show." Anissa smiled at the Goddess.
    "So do I, Child." The Goddess returned.
    The Goddess nodded smiling. Anissa threw her arms around the Goddess and They were instantly in the Brownie Ranch field. Anissa wandered around for ten hours, fraternizing with and fucking her guests until the time came for the show to begin. The Goddess walked over to Anissa, gently carrying and placing her on the banquet table. The Goddess then vaulted onto and mercilessly fucked Anissa for the next hour before starting to prepare her. First, the Goddess soaked Anissa in a pot of spiced, warm water for half an hour. Next, the Goddess laid Anissa on the table and used the same water to wet bread crumbs before shoving them into Anissa's ass and pussy. Third, the Goddess pulled a cleaver out of the block on the table and started to roll Anissa over.
    "Goddess, I want to stare into Your eyes as You kill me." Anissa whispered smiling.
    The Goddess smiled back and pulled a carving knife from the block. The Goddess made slow, steady, methodical cuts into Anissa's throat with her smiling all the while. The townsfolk watched in silent reverence to Anissa's courage at watching her Executioner work. The deeper the Goddess went, the more blood spewed out from the wound. Finally, the Goddess reached Anissa's neck vertebrae. The Goddess had to grab the top of Anissa's head to hold her still while sawing through her neck. If Anissa could have breathed properly, she would have screamed from the pain. The Goddess reached Anissa's spinal cord and started sawing through it. Once halfway through, the Goddess leaned down and started making out with Anissa, inhaling in time with her exhaling. The Goddess severed Anissa's spinal chord, and she breathed her last into the Goddess's mouth, and She promptly inhaled Anissa's last breath. With one last smooth motion, the Goddess completely severed the back of Anissa's neck vertebrae. The Goddess grabbed Anissa's hair and raised her head high as a sports start might raise a championship trophy or winning medal. After showing off the trophy, the Goddess mounted Anissa's head, still wearing the same macabre smile she wore during her last moments, and placed the mounting box in the dead center of the banquet table, facing the crowd. The Goddess lovingly placed the roasting pan into the oven to cook for two hours. While Anissa was roasting, the townsfolk went back to merrymaking. The Goddess pulled Anissa out of the oven by nine o'clock and placed her on the table beside her head as the side dishes were being set out. Once the table was set, the Goddess prepared to carve and serve Anissa. "You may begin." The Goddess said. After the feast, the townsfolk began cleaning up and returning the field to normal. "This year's festival was a roaring success. Now, I shall choose next year's sacrifice."
    "So, which of Your favorite young women are you choosing for next year?" Mayor Gill asked. three years ago, he ran against and defeated his father Hamilton, who truthfully wanted to retire but ran because he felt it his duty as mayor to run anyway.
    "The next two maidens are not My first choice." The Goddess answered, truthfully for once when it came to the sacrificial maidens. "These two lovely young women are Kathy, Renee, and Anissa's first choices: Candace and Luna. Candace, being the older, shall be sacrificed next year; however, I want Luna, too, to move in with Me this year."
    "Well, that's a first." Gill replied, looking at his pregnant wife Phoebe, the daughter of Simon and Barbara.
    Phoebe's eyes flashed cold and dangerous, and she slapped Gill. "Watch what you say!" Phoebe whispered harshly. "She may decide to kill you for your insolence!"
    "All right." Gill muttered back. "I'll apologize." Gill turned back the Goddess. "I should have been more careful about what I said. Forgive me, Goddess."
    "You need not concern yourself." The Goddess brushed aside Gill's apology.
    With that, the party broke up, and Candace and Luna went back with the Harvest Goddess to begin their training.