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Harley Quinn vs Mileena (deathmatch)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by meinteil, Aug 28, 2014.

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    Nov 3, 2012
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    (Harley's wearing her outfit from arkham city, Mileena is wearing her default costume from MK9 and they are fighting on a rooftop in Gotham. P.S. this is not a continuation from my last story and i intend to make this fight brutal)

    Harley and Mileena stand on the rooftop staring eachother down with sheer hatred for eachother then Harley breaks the silence saying "your move bitch" as she tightens the grip she has on a steal baseball bat. Mileena responds "if you insist" Mileena suddenly teliports into the air right above Harley's head and kicking her in the face. Harley stumble backwards with a bloody nose and a split lip. Mileena lands on her feet only to get Harley's bat slaming in her ribs causing Mileena to to quickly say "damn it" under her breath, suddenly one of Mileena's sai appears in her hand. Mileena using all of her strength stabed the sai in Harley's shoulder then fallowed that up by kicking Harley away from her to gain some distance. Harlefurious and in pain yells (YOU STUPID BITCH!) as she tries to pull the sai from her shoulder, the sai suddenly disapears from her shoulder "what the hell?" was all Harley could say. Harley came back to her senses and immediatly pulled out a pistol shooting 3 rounds before it jamed, Mileena dodged one of them and took two in the shoulder "SHIT!" Mileena screamed holding her shoulder. Both girls had alredy taken a good amount of damage and they both knew only one of them would survive this fight, Harlrley charged at Mileena only to have this half tarkatan freak jump on her while wraping her legs around Harleys waist. Mileena pulled down her mask and sunk her teath into the flesh of Harley's shoulder and ripping out a chunk of her shoulder.

    Harley screamed in pain as Mileena jumped of of her, Harley began to feel woozy from loss of blood, she stood there nearly helples holding her shoulder as she stmbled around a bit then she started to kind of sway back forth as the loud powerfull voice of Shao Kahn could be herd herd yelling in a commanding mannor "FINISH HER!!" Mileena responded by saying "with plesure" Mileena then threw one of her sais in Harley's knee, Harley screams in immense pain as the blade punctures threw her kneecap. Harley started crawling away away with tears in her eyes. But the poor blond wouldn't be spared by Mileena, as she tried crawling away Mileena walked up behind her and grabed Harley by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Harley began to beg for her life saying "please dont do this.. i'll do anything for you if you spare me" Mileena sensualy placed her hand on Harley's neck, then suddenly gripped it tight and ripped Harley's head off, Harley's headless body fell to the ground twitching for a few seconds then it went completly still, Mileena held up Harley's severed head by the hair, Harley's face permenantly frozen in a look of pure terror, Shao Kahns voice could be herd again saying "Mileena wins, FATALITY!"

    (Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed, so far I think this is the best story i have written its deffinatly the funnest one ive written by myself (mainly beacuse i'm a huge MK fanboy) and i felt more free to do what i wanted with this one. And on another note I do requests for Deathmatches and ill write a deathmatch on here with any two decent looking chicks. And i'll do celebrities, youtubers, fictional charecters almost anybody just no furries and i only write deathmatches. So if you are interested in that You can comment on anything i post or pm me and i'm going to start an email just for requests so i'll have that in the next story.