Happy Thanksgiving


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Nov 23, 2009
For those of you in the states, Happy Thanksgiving.

We just passed what would have been Ryonani's sixth year.

There are a handful of you who've been here from the first few shaky months of that launch and I want to say I'm glad we bumped into each other here and that you've chosen to stick around.

If you're new here, I hope this place is a safe haven for you like it has been for me since day one.

The last couple years of my life have been fairly stressful, but a lot of good things have come my way for it. I'm hoping with this last move, which I know has inconvenienced a lot of members from all our old communities, I can take a step back from admin work and just be part of the community again, maybe get back into modding/dev work a little bit time willing.

I know the holidays can be a rough patch for some, especially if you've never really been able to get in tune with all the obnoxious holiday cheer. Whelp...

You're in for a month of shitty Christmas music.
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