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Nov 23, 2009
Well poop, spaced on Ryonani's 8th and Undertow's 2nd anniversary.

I've been doing a lot more artistic work out in the public eye so I've been spending less and less time at a computer lately. I don't really even play video games much at all anymore. Also moved away from game dev work to focus on applications development. My friends, I think I turned into an old, basic bitch and I'm sorry.

I know I mentioned moving the forum to IP Board a few months back, but unless there's some substantial user feedback on this, site development will be on-hold indefinitely. It was a 'nice to have' and I'm not currently seeing a large return on investment for the community at this time, although it will be option if there's enough demand for it. If you have suggestions or experience with site development, feel free to contact me on Discord.

Hope all is well in your world. Glad to see things are still active in our little slice of the innanets. Stay frisky.



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Dec 13, 2009
Hey D. I'm sad I didn't see this post early. I still want to thank you for your efforts. I feel like this is the only place on the net where this type of discussion happens. I feel like we've all grown quite old. I still remember finding this small community and finding people like me. It's really odd, I'm thinking that the ryona genre just got more popular over the years and new studios are popping up but our community remains so small.

I haven't made anything ryona-related in a while since I'm working on other things. I think there is an audience for ryona artwork, which, I'd love to do, but I don't think I want to be attaching myself to that in the event someone puts two and two together.

I remember thinking one day, hey, maybe the site will go down and everyone would move on.
It would be like a bittersweet memory, that I wouldn't be able to tell anyone lol.
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