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Jan 16, 2018
So, I have greatly enjoyed SyntaxTerror's excellent RGB hairs. Despite that, I have almost ripped my own hair out trying to quickly find good hair colors to use. I tried making character codes that set only the right color, but that didn't turn out like I wanted. So I figured why not make a dialog that lets me choose between a selection of them?

There's no actual dialogue in this file. When the dialogue is loaded, the menu with the categories of hair colors (my own subjective grouping of them) shows up. You then choose your category and try out the different hair colors. When you've found your favorite, go back to the top menu and click on the Close button. This removes all the buttons, leaving you free to load another dialog without the buttons getting in your way.

I've grabbed the hair colors of SDT's default characters and whatever hair mods I had lying around. If you feel like there's a specific color missing, feel free to request them with a link to a hair mod with that color or even better, a character code with the right RGB values.

There's two versions, one for collar and one for headwear, since those are the ones you use to set the hair color with. Pick the one that works with the version you downloaded of the hair mod. The dialogue requires dialogueactions.

Just to be clear, there's NO POINT in using this dialogue file if you're not using a RGB adjustable hair mod. Unless you really struggle to select a color for the collar or headwear...


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