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Mmmmh, lurker am I?

So, hello! Posted once here and then vanished for reasons. I've been making artsy animations for years but never shared any of it because shameshameshame, or rather trauma; I got beat up as a kid for a drawing I made, religious family and all, so yeah... it's weird "coming out", so to speak hehe.

Anyway, fast foward some fifteen odd years, I have a bunch of content stashed away and a lot of ideas for things I want to make, and it just feels wrong that I put all this time into rigging 3D models, animating, doing camera work, lighting, writting lore & dialogue, rendering clips... and then never publish any of that work which I'm proud of just for the stigmas or whatever.

But the thing is, emmmm... just where to post all of these videos? I don't want to go to a straight up porno site where you get flooded with popups and viruses and put on a watchlist and all that. I need a safe space, maan!

Okay, I joke about the watchlist thing, but still: what is a good place for starters? My stuff is mooooooostly softcore, I mean it's pretty mild for internet standards... a lot of things are implied -- as in erotic, not __necessarily__ explicit. Can any of you help me, maybe?

Alright, that's enough from me. Here's some stills from a WIP I began yesterday... made the model in VRoid, then imported to Blender and re-rigged it; made some "adjustments" to the body <; then gave her a simplistic outfit and setup the hair, rump and breasts to be fully dynamic, now I have to add colliders to avoid clipping ): awww, one step at a time.


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Welcome back. Our resource (upload/download) section (link-> Resource Section ) is a good place to upload your stuff. I strongly suggest that you use a file compression program (such as 7zip) to compress them when uploading.

Very respectfully,
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Cheers Moogie and welcome,

as for the upload suggestion request. For a file hoster that does not provide streaming services if you aim for that, I would suggest some of the lesser used:

Here you do not need an account to be able to upload. You get a couple of links once upload is completed, it includes a delete link if you want to remove your upload. I use this hoster on occasion for many years and its pretty solid.

Speed is decent. Not sure how long the files will stay online guess max. 60 days inactive and they will be deleted. If you create an account there it might stay, I do not have one so can't tell.

You can upload as guest but files will be deleted after 14 days (inactive download time). This hoster was fast usually, but in the past few month they got highly varied speeds sometimes for me very slow. Not sure why maybe just a temporary thing, still a hoster to recommend for smaller files. With an account your files stay and will not be deleted.

Both services do not strictly allow "porn" content to my knowing but since you said its softcore you should be alright. Besides as fleet suggests to use 7zip I do as well. Also because you can setup a password for the archive if you please. And 7zip is fully free to use.

Thanks that you decide to share you content its a big step to do so and for that alone I'd like to give my respect. Zoey looks promising.

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