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"Get in the Ring" - Consensual sexual brutal MF boxing

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Drizzt78, Dec 9, 2014.

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    Story by Repentant Lurker, reposted with his permission.

    Bob listened attentively as the three sexy girls clarified the details of the agreement.

    'So it's a straight fight to a knockout with no round breaks.' Explained Daniella, a gorgeous latina who was dressed as a referee. At least so far as a black and white striped blouse was stretched over her generous chest. Below that she was wearing just a pair of skimpy black silk knickers, stockings and heels. 'We want to keep Holly looking pretty so no head shots for you. Not unless it's a finisher. To make up for that you can have crotch shots. Feel free to work her pussy over as much as you like. We don't want you getting damaged down there so Holly needs to stay above the belt. She can have head shots if you let your guard down. The winner gets to fuck the looser and then wins me as a prize to do anything they want with for twenty minutes or so. They are encouraged to be brutal.' She said grinning and squeezing her big round beasts.

    'That should include a fuck too. If we need to take a break off camera to get you hard again that's not a problem.' Interjected Cassie, a dusky red head wearing a black leather micro skirt stretched over a fabulous arse with fishnet stockings and knee high boots. She was wearing a translucent hot pink blouse that showed off her own big bouncy breasts encased in a lacy black bra beneath. 'When you're doing the fucking please cum outside. We want good money shots.' She instructed, raising the camera.

    'Talking of money. What about that?' Bob asked.

    'You get $2000 down win or lose. Win and you get an extra $2000 straight up and 25% of the profits from the filming.' Confirmed Cassie. If you get disqualified though you get nothing but $150 bucks for your time and can fare.'

    'So what could get me disqualified?' Asked Bob.

    'We want this to be a hard fight. If you fight passively that's a DQ. If you go all pussy on me and pull your punches just cus I'm a girl. That's a DQ. If you break my face before you've spent at least ten minutes working me over and I'm basically dead on my feet that's a DQ.' Explained Holly, bouncing up and down on her toes. 'The tag-line for this video wants to be 'So and so gets destroyed. So fucking destroy me. I'll certainly be doing all I can to destroy you.' Assured the sensational blonde. Bob looked her over. She was clearly in good shape. Her body was toned but not over muscled. She was seriously hot, she had one of the prettiest faces Bob had ever seen, he was glad he wouldn't have to ruin it. Her breasts were the largest of the trio, big bouncy cantaloupes which poked put the bottom of her loose fitting crop each time the blonde bounced. She was wearing a pair of delightfully skimpy silk shorts which offered a view of the peachy cheeks of her fabulous bottom. Her legs were toned and shapely, not stick thin like a model's but ones you'd be very glad to have wrapped around you in a bedroom workout. She was wearing a cute pair of white sneakers and little ankle socks with kittens on them.

    'So how experienced are you?' Bob asked

    'I've been doing boxercise for three months now and I've had a few one to ones in the ring with Debbie by trainer.' Holly replied, stretching.

    Bob weighed himself up against her. She looked to be about 5'6'' and about 120lbs. He was 6'4'' and 215lbs. He wasn't quite in the shape he was when he had been fighting, certainly not when sweating down for a weigh in, but the extra 10lbs or so he now carried was stretched over a well muscled frame. He still worked out at his gym and was a favorite sparring partner for a lot of the coaches because of his fight craft, despite the dodgy right knee that has curtailed his career. Plus if they wanted to know if a youngster could take a good punch, Bob was your man. His fight career had been promising 9 fights, 9 wins all knock outs. If he hadn't slipped on some ice while jogging he would probably have had a title shot. As it was he buggered his cruciate, it limited his movement enough that he would have been a sitting duck for a nimble opponent. Five years later he had most of his strength back, but didn't really fancy getting back in the game. He enjoyed having a life outside of the gym. He had got a good insurance pay out for his knee and life was comfortable, the coaches threw him some good money for sparring and he was using it to work his way though business school. It was one of the coaches who had recommended him when Cassie came looking for a fighter.

    Unless there was some trick. It was going to be one hell of a one sided fight. 'What's the catch?' He asked.

    'There isn't one. Not unless the idea of wellying in on my hot sexy body makes you squeamish. If that's the case you should just fuck off now.' Holly said. 'If however, you don't mind beating me to a pulp, sinking your fists into every soft sexy bit of me, then we haven't got a problem. Look I'm going to fight you back, but unless you go pussy on me, there's only one way this fight is going to go. That's what the punters will pay good money to download. We've already crowd-sourced enough to pay you your upfront fee. If this vid goes to plan then we'll make a killing, there's a niche for this sort of thing but everything out there is fake. We want to make it real.'

    Bob knew what Holly was on about, he was a subscriber to some these sites himself he didn't really know why but watching a buxom beauty take a beating, did something for him. He had always liked himself that the fakeness added to it, made it more playful but now, faced with the prospect of pummelling the gorgeous blonde's lucious curves he was beginning to think that reality was even better. Particularly given the opportunity to enjoy her when he was done.

    'So how hard do you want me to go? I've cracked a professional fighter's ribs before.' He asked.

    'Holly stepped up to him. How many times do I have to say it. Don't go soft on me. Don't pull your punches. Other than avoiding my face, everything's a target. If my body can't take the punishment you dish out then that's my problem. You just keep on punching me till Dani gives you the nod to finish me. If you need to take a little breather then that's fine, but if you lay off because you're scared of hurting me then you can get a cab home. Oh yea, and when it comes to fucking me you'd better not take it easy either, Cassie tells me you've got a nice big cock. I want all of it. If you've done your job properly I won't be in a state to help you with foreplay but Dani gives a great blowjob, or you could just grab me by the hair and stick your cock down my throat. Like Cassie says try and get a good money shot, but don't worry too much if you do cum inside. Dani and Cassie can always fluff you up to get a cum shot for the camera. Shit I'm going on aren't I. It's cus I'm excited I get like this when I'm feeling horny.'

    'So are you actually looking forward to this?'
    Bob asked.

    'Oh my God yeah! This like my number one fantasy.'

    Bob shook his head. 'Having the shit kicked out of you turns you on?'

    'Being beaten to a pulp in a boxing match. I'm quite particular about it, but yea it makes me wet just thinking about it.'

    'You too?' He asked Dani.

    'Hell yea. Holly and I were fucking each other silly last night imagining you going to town on us. You better not hold back on me either.'

    Bob looked at Cassie. 'You know that the reality won't be anything like they imagine?'

    'That's their problem. They're consenting adults. You just concentrate on what your fists are doing. Let them worry about the consequences. Let's talk about the action. We've got fixed camera's on the ring and also on this gym area so if you could confine your activity to these areas please. I'll be moving round with this one to get shots at different angles and close ups but I won't get in your way. Feel free to talk, but stick to the script. Don't mention me or the cameras. Dani will explain the rewards for the fight when she does the intro. Do you have any other questions?'

    'I guess not.' Bob replied shrugging.

    'Excellent. Are the two of you set?'

    'Hell yea.' Confirmed Holly.

    'Am I ever.' Said Daniella.

    'Okay. Get in the ring and I'll get the cameras rolling.'

    Bob watched as the two beauties eagerly climbed into the ring. They really were two of the sexiest women he had ever met. He was glad they didn't want him to mess up their faces; working their fabulous bodies over however was going to be something else. He hopped in after them and placed round the canvas, getting a feel for the tension of the ring. The ropes were quite taught, that was good if the fight was going to last ten minutes Holly would need to spend quite a bit of time up against them.

    'Okay, everything's set up. Dani you do the intro then, Bob you take off your T-shirt then Holly you strip off yours. Bob if you could compliment Holly on her assets and say something about what you'd like to do to them that would be good. Are we all ready? Then action!' She raising the hand-held camera.'

    Daniella stepped forward holding a fake microphone. 'Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to fight night. Tonight's contest is between the lovely Holly Jacobs and the awesome Frank Fistem' She called using the Bob's prearranged pseudonym.

    'This is fight to the finish. Winning will be by KO only! Miss Jacobs will keep her fists above the belt, but her pussy's too hot to be left untroubled so Mr Fistem can fist her as much as his heart contents. The winner gets a trio of prizes, $2000 in cash, the chance to fuck the looser anyway they like and then the once in a lifetime opportunity to do anything they like to my hot sexy body.' She shouted running her hands sensuously over her curves before stalking over to Bob. 'Okay Frank, let's see what weaponry you've got under there.' She demanded, tracing a finger down his chest.'

    Bob pulled off his T-shirt, revealing his well muscled chest. 'Ooh nice guns.' Daniella declared, handing him his gloves. 'Let's see their targets.' She said walking over to Holly who eagerly slipped her top off revealing her fabulous breasts. Bob couldn't help but gasp. They were amazing, at least a G cup but as ripe and firm looking as a pair half their size. Daniella gripped them. 'I know what you're thinking but I can assure you these are all natural. Ready and waiting to be pulverised for your viewing pleasure, assuming Mr Fistem lives up to his name that is.' She helped Holly on with her gloves. 'OK if both our competitors are ready I want a nice filthy fight.' She bumped their gloves and stepped back to let the fight ensue.

    Bob and Holly circled each other, Holly released a few quick jabs which Bob parried easily. 'Come on big boy, let's see what you've got.' Holly taunted. He released a sharp jab to her midriff. 'Ooof. Is that all, you hit like a girl.' She said, swinging at his head. Bob ducked and countered, firing off another more powerful shot to her belly. 'Aw fuck, that's more like it.' Groaned Holly, doubling up and staggering. Bob waited for her to regain her footing before following up. He released a couple of quick jabs that slammed into her ripe spongey tits and then followed them up with an uppercut to her left breast that lifted her off her feet. Holly staggered backwards clutching her wounded puppies. 'You don't play nice.' She moaned and then charged back towards him.

    Bob had been wondering what it would actually feel like to slam his fists into his gorgeous target, whether actually hurting her would feel as good as he might fantasise. The reality was that it was great, there was no doubt her enthusiastic reaction helped, but the feeling as his fists slammed into her fabulous body was just sensational. He knew now there would be no holding back, that he was going to keep on battering the buxom beauty until she was utterly and completely defeated. He grinned and met her charge by stepping sideways and sending a low looping hook to drive into her beautiful belly. 'Ooow Fuck!' Holly cried as she doubled over. Bob danced sideways as she staggered across the ring, winded. Holly reached the ropes and hung on them for a while before she hauled herself upright, turning back round to face her opponent. She rubbed her sore belly tummy and pouted. 'Ok. So you can punch after all.' She acknowledged and stepped tentatively towards him.

    Bob, stepped back, drawing her into the centre of the ring and then let fly with a flurry of jabs and crosses targeting her beautiful bosom. Holly's big bouncy tits were smacked this way and that as he drove her back towards the ropes. He loved the way they felt as his fits sunk into the firm meaty pillows. He loved the way they jiggled when he smacked them around. When Holly hit the ropes he just kept on punching raining blow after blow on her succulent chest.

    'Aaahhh! Ow! Oh my fucking tits.' Cried Holly 'You're a breast man aren't you.' Holly groaned as he pummeld her. Bob grinned, impressed at her resilience, that she was still able to joke despite her punishment. It hardened his resolve and he pummeld her harder, treating her tits like a pair of speed bags. The gorgeous globes bounced, rippled and jiggled as he pounded them relentlessly. 'Ooh. Ow. Fuck! Hit me somewhere else please!' Holly begged. Bob was aware of Cassie, lying on her back filming between Holly's legs, getting a great shot of her besieged bosom. The redhead was winking at him and shaking her head. Bob grinned and redoubled his efforts, pounding the blonde's funbag's even harder. 'Oh fuck you bastard!' Holly moaned as he thumped her tits over and over again, targeting her lovely stiff nipples smashing his fists into the pretty pink nubbins which grew redder and redder with each blow.

    Bob finally relented when Cassie squirmed out from under her to get a different shot. He stepped in close and slammed a shot into her belly, whispering 'Still worried about me going soft on you?' Into her ear. Holly fell into him, clinching him round his back.

    'You're making me wet.' She moaned softly.

    Daniella stepped up to them, calling for them to break and pulled them apart. She made Holly step away from the ropes and checked she could stand. She wobbled a little but held her ground. 'Fight!' Daniella instructed and stepped away to let the onslaught continue. Holly raised her gloves woozily and beckoned Bob to come on to her. He grinned and stepped back, returning the gesture. Holly staggered forward. Bob stood his ground smiling. The beautiful blonde threw a couple of tired jabs, which he slapped away effortlessly. She swung a lazy hook which he read easily stepping back to avoid it and then stepped in with a forceful lunge to her belly. He connected with the soft swell of her belly lifting her off of her feet to collapse to the floor. She lay there totally winded unable to move. Daniella started counting down. Holly looked up imploringly, willing her body to regain the ability to breathe. Eventually, as Daniella reached a seven count, she managed to draw breath. With a superhuman effort, she pushed herself up onto her knees and then somehow staggered to her feet before the sexy ref counted her out. Daniella made a show of checking that she could make eye contact before stepping back and drawing her arms together.

    Holly stepped woozily towards her opponent 'D'you wanna go on a date when we're done?' She asked wafting an aimless cross vaguely in his direction.

    'Are you serious?' Bob replied, slamming his fist into her chest.

    'Why not?' Said Holly waving her arms to keep her balance, 'We share a common interest.'

    Bob moved in with a couple of light punches to her belly. 'True. What sort of food do you like?' He asked, following up with an uppercut to her breast.

    'Mexican. It's hot like me.' Holly replied trying another languid hook.

    Bob caught it and stepped in with a cross to the tit he had just bludgeoned, squashing it against her chest as he drove her backwards. 'Love it! That's two common interests.' He said landing a couple more blows on her tits.

    'You certainly know how to show a girl a good time. Oooof!' Holly gasped as Bob slammed another punch into her gut. He pushed her back and drove his fist in again.

    'D'you like dancing?' Bob asked admiring the punch drunk expression on her face as she wobbled in front of him.

    'Mmm anything so long as it's close and dirty.' She said lifting her arm in N innefectual attempt at a jab.

    'I know a great little Salsa club.' Bob told her. Stepping in to do a one-two on her tits. 'Really nice and seedy. I reckon it could be right down your alley.' He said planting another piledriver into her guts and stepping back as she crumpled to the floor.

    Holly lay there inert, her whole body was in spasm, she felt her vision darkening as she desparately tried to breathe.

    'Cut!' Called Cassie. 'Don't start counting down yet Dani. There's no way she'll be up by ten. Give her a minute to get her breath and then count her in. 'This is great Bob. I love the way you worked her tits over. Don't forget you can go below the belt. We could do with a couple of crotch shots. Hey Holly, you with us yet babe?' There was a groan from the floor. 'That's the stuff, Dani will start her count in a moment. See if you can get up by the eight count. You're doing great girl but I know that hot body of yours can take more. Just tap your fingers when you're ready. Cassie took up a position and waited a few more seconds till Holly gave the gesture. She gave Daniella a wave and the dark haired beauty walked forward, making the count. Holly did a great job of flopping around sexily on the mat as she tried to get to her feet. 'Dinner and a dance. Sounds good.' She said weakly and stumbled forward.

    'The club's open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday' Bob informed her pushing her back with a few light jabs before following in with a low cross. 'Oooh. Tuesdays are no good. I've got Spanish lessons.' Holly groaned as the blow crashed into her muff. Bob went back to targeting her tits and drove her back to the ropes. 'Cómo estás señorita?' He asked, pummelling her breasts.

    'Muy bien gracias' Holly replied painfully.

    'Then I clearly need to work a little harder.' Bob declared and let fire with a volley of blows culminating in a vicious punch to her croth.

    'Ooh fuck.' Holly cried. 'You're really going to destroy me aren't you.'

    Bob responded by unleashing a couple of crashing blows to her tits. 'You're just so delightfully destructable.' He told her. 'I just love the way your body feels when my fists connect with it.' He punched her belly and then stood back to admire her. Holly was sagging on the ropes, her knees were wobbling but she was still just about supporting her own weight. 'Come on, let's dance a little. Show me some of your moves.' He encouraged and stepped back to give her some room.

    Holly took a faltering step forward, every part of her seemed to object. Her tits were now just big balls of pain, her belly ached beyond reason and her poor bruised pussy felt like it was on fire. It was everything She had ever fantasised about and more. She was so horny she was practically dripping. She raised her chin, straightened up and took two more stumbling steps forward. 'I'm gonna kick your ass.' She said swinging her fist limply.

    Bob grinned. 'Yea that's it baby. Show me more moves like that.'

    Holly gritted her teeth, took another step forward and reached out with a feeble jab.

    'Oh yea that's it. What about a little one-two.' Bob encouraged, stepping forward to land a couple of blows on her tits before stepping back and beckoning her on. Holly pushed her gloves out lamely. 'Ok time to tango.' Bob announced stepping in to take Holly into a loose hold with one arm round her back. He drove his other fist into her midriff. 'Can you feel the music?' He asked, drawing her towards him and uppercutting one of her breasts. Holly just groaned and started to list over. Bob stepped round, switching his grip catching her fall with the arm he had just belted her with. He stepped them both forward and then slammed three quick punches into her belly, he was humming a tango march. He wrapped his holding arm under hers to keep her upright and continued to drag her forward while landing heavy blows on her breasts before stepping back and pushing her into the corner where Holly slumped back into the cushion. Still humming, Bob hooked both her arms over the ropes so that they held her up. He stepped back and bowed. 'You dance beautifully my dear.' He said.

    Holly groaned and lolled on the ropes, she lifted her head to meet Bob's gaze. 'It takes two.' She groaned and smiled weakly.

    Bob smiled back. She looked absolutely beautiful, her body was a picture of indefagitability. Her breasts were black and blue and swollen to about a third more than their usual, impressive size. Little trickles of milky blood ran from her rosy nipples. Her belly looked wonderfully patternated with a particularly livid bruise around her navel. The way she was slumped, her feet had slipped out from under her and her legs had spread giving a clear view of a translucent wet patch on her shorts which clung to her swollen pussy lips. The expression on her face was an intoxicating mix of pain, desire, determination and arousal. Bob felt a tug on his heart strings. He also felt the belt of his shorts being pushed up from below. Bob thought of all the things he wanted to tell her, about how beautiful she was, about how he was so impressed with her spirit, about how he simletaneously wanted to scoop her up into his arms and hold her, to protect her and keep her safe while also feeling an overwhelming urge to give in to his desire to inflict more punishment on her beautiful body. To really weigh into her, to satisfy the need to meet out her destruction. He looked into her eyes and sensed that she knew all of this, that the words would be wasted, that they would cheapen the moment. He settled simply for 'Are you ready?'

    Holly hung there, her whole body aching, with pain seeming to radiate from everywhere, yet she felt unsated, she could feel the moisture between her thighs, could feel her body telling her she needed more. She lifted her head again and hauled herself up as high as she could on the ropes. 'Make me suffer.' She replied.

    Bob nodded and danced forward with three quick steps, bending his left arm, drawing his fist back till it was level with his side and then unloading with a massive blow, timed perfectly with his run that slammed into her left breast. He felt her gorgeous globe flatten out beneath his fist, felt his glove sinking into the pliant flesh of her tit, till it connected with her ribs with a satisfying crack. He hopped back, following up with a huge looping hook that smashed into the side of her right breast mashing it into the one he had just struck. He gave both breasts the speed bag treatment again, slamming his fists into them again and again and again, attacking them from every angle so quickly that their movement became blurred. He stepped back and then drove his fist down into her pussy before sending another uppercut into her tits. He smashed his right glove into her navel and followed up with an equally powerful blow to her side from his left. He rabbit punched her lovely, softly toned belly, working down from just below her ribs, through her midriff, in from the sides and then hammered her lower belly, just above her belt, where her shorts had slipped down to reveal her sandy blonde muff. Then he stepped back, popped a couple of jabs to her tits before dropping down on one knee and unleashing a massive uppercut that crashed into the moist cleft of her pussy. It landed with a crunch, lifting her up almost throwing her back out of the ring. Bob stood and hopped back and admired the destruction of his beautiful opponent.

    During the onslaught Holly had moved fro crying, to groaning, to grunting, to whimpering to finally emmiting a blood curdling scream as the huge blow connected with her croth. She had landed back in the ring free of the ropes and had nothing to support her. She coughed, a trickle of blood escaped her lips. 'You broke my cunt.' She whimpered and her legs started to give way.

    Bob stepped to the side and whipped a wicked left hook into her cheek that sent her spinning into the middle of the ring where she teetered for a moment before toppling forward onto the mat, breaking the fall with her tits.

    Danille skipped forward and started her count. Bob could see Cassie tracking round Holly's inert prone body. The redheadwas busy withdrawing a sticky looking hand from within her skirt. The dark haired ref finished her count with a flourish slipping a boot under Holly's tummy and flipping her over onto her back as she called 'You'rrre Out!'
    Holly rolled over limply and lay there with her big bruised breasts pointing proundly to the sky. Her head lolled over and her tonge slipped our sexily. Bob's last blow had clearly knocked her for six. Daniella strode over to Bob and raised one of his tired arms before dropping to her knees and pulling his shorts down. She gratuitously ran a tongue up his rigid fat prick. 'I can suck you some more but I don't think you need much help getting ready from me.' She commented, her sexy accent curling round the words.

    Bob politely pushed her away and strode over to the unconsioud blonde in the middle of the ring. Her battered body looked absolutely beautiful. Bob looked down at her stroking his hard on. 'She's all yours.' Said Dani, pressing her tits into his back. 'Do you want to fuck her while she's out cold or should I try throwing a bucket of water over her.'

    Bob didn't reply. He pulled off his gloves and knelt down by Holly letting his eyes rove over her sensational body. He ran his hand up one of her long shapely legs, traced it over her damp shorts and over her smooth belly. He stroked her midriff tenderly and moved his hand up to cup her beautiful breast. He squeezed them gently, loving the way they felt. He smiled to himself and straddled the insensate blonde, resting his rigid pole between her gorgeous globes. He pressed them together and slid his cock up through their meaty embrace. He squeezed them more firmly, loving the feel of them around his prick.

    Holly emitted a soft groan. Bob leaned forward and brushed her tousled hair from her lovely face, he stroked her slightly swollen cheek tenderly.

    The blonde moaned and turned her head to face him. A little trickle of blood ran from her lower lip, split by the follow through of Bob's last blow. He licked his thumb and tenderly wiped it a way, delicately tracing the outline of her parted mouth. 'Give her some water.' He instructed Dani. The sexy ref jogged over to the corner and quickly returned with a bottle. She knelt down by the blonde and carefully raised her head a little and poured a little drop between her lips. Holly coughed at first but then managed to swallow. She took a few sips and then turned her head away. Bob leaned back and pressed her tits round his cock again. Holly moaned and turned to face him again. 'You beat me.' She groaned weakly.

    Bob nodded in reply. 'Yea beautiful, I beat you bad and I loved it. Your body was made for my fists.' He said, squeezing her tits round his cock.

    Holly smiled painfully. 'It's nice to be appreciated' she said wincing.

    Bob grinned and rocked back and forth, sliding his prick up and down the sensual valley of her breasts.

    'Ow shit I think you broke my ribs.' Holly said grimacing.

    'Yea I felt them go near the end there, I just needed to really give your fabulous tits some treatment.' Bob replied, not shifting his position, and really sinking his fingers into her meaty chest.

    'Uuunngh. Oh you were so brutal with me. I think you really hurt me down below.

    'Shall we find out how much?' Bob asked.

    'Soon, first help me out of these gloves.' Holly asked raising her hands. Bob unlaced the gloves and tossed them to the side. Holly stretched out her fingers as much as the strapping would allow and then movers her hands to her breasts pressing them together. She moaned. 'You really went to town on my poor titties, they're so sore.' She said squeezing them more firmly. 'Mmmm they feel good against your cock though.' Bob rocked back and forth, loving the feel of her pillowy chest pressed up against his prick. The pained expression on her face only made it more pleasant. He reached down and grabbing her hair and lifted her head up before shoving his cock forward into her mouth.

    Holly Was initially taken by surprise but then eagerly lapped at the thick cock-head as it was forced into her mouth. She loved the was Bob was just using her body for his pleasure oblivious of the pain and discomfort it caused her. The way he was leaning forward and pulling her up was contorting her broken ribs, causing the splintered ends to rub against each other, sending lancing pain through her entire torso. She pushed herself up on her arms trying to swallow him deeper squeezed her breasts harder and did all that she could to maximise his pleasure. If all that she was, was a fuck toy, she was determined to be a good one.

    Bob was seriously impressed that Holly was actually propping herself up to suck him deeper, he could feel her ribs scrunching beneath him, and couldn't imagine how much it must hurt. He decided it was time to give her some real pain to cope with. He sat back and moved down her body to grab her shorts and pull them down over her hips. Holly bit her lip and lifted her hips to assist him, tears rolled down her eyes. Bob pulled the shorts all the way down her lucious legs and off over her sneakers. He raised the damp silk to his nose and sniffed the pungent aroma of her juices, drawing it in deeply. Then without warning, he gripped her by the ankles lifted her legs up and spread them.

    Holly screamed uncontrollably as Bob forced her legs apart, pushing them backwards until, her already splintered pubic bone snapped. Before the fight, she had anticipated her tits taking a pounding, accepted the likelihood of broken ribs, she had considered internal bleeding due to abdominal injury, she had even known that she might be killed by a final knockout punch. The pain she felt now was simply beyond her imagination; yet as Bob rammed his cock into her sodden cunt, it felt better than she could have ever have dreamed of. He plunged in so deep, so much further than would normally have been possible that it felt amazing. Each time he hammered in to her she howled in agony, yet willed him to drive back in to her harder each time.

    Bob fucked the sensational blonde mercilessly. He hadn't expected her pelvis to break, but didn't let it impede his desire to bang the beautiful sex pot as hard as he possibly could. He released one leg which fell back down at a somewhat unnatural angle and leaned forward pushing the other leg even further and gripped a tit with his free hand, twisting and squeezing it. He pounded and pounded the beautiful broken body of his defeated opponent not knowing which was causing him more arousal, her pain or his pleasure?'

    Holly was wracked with pain. Every time Bob thrust into her, her broken body exploded with agony. However, it also fed her more pleasure than she had ever felt before. He was thrusting so deep, it felt like he was practically fucking her insides. Despite the agony she was bucking up to meet him driving him deeper, desparate to take more of him. She looked up into his eyes, reading the steely need for destruction in his gaze and loved him for it.

    Bob felt Holly responding beneath him and replied by redoubling his efforts. He rammed in harder and faster, driving himself in even deeper. Her body felt so good, it was like she had opened up for him and was giving herself to him entirely. He locked hid eyes on her and drove in relentlessly focused only on pounding her as hard as he possibly could.

    Holly started to cum. Despite all the agony, her body shuddered with ecstacy. Every time he drove in it felt better and better. Her anguished cries had shifted in pitch and she was clinging to him, wrapping herself around him anything to just take a little more of him.

    Bob felt the fabulous blonde shaking beneath him, felt her orgasmic juices flowing out over his balls. He felt his own need for release building and pushed himself up higher and pumped her rapidly before sighing as he started to cum. Just in the nick of time, he remembered Cassie's request and pulled out, spraying his seed all over the battered blonde's belly and breasts. Exhausted by his efforts and panting for breath he crawled round and lay down beside her.

    Holly lay shivering in the aftermath of her orgasm. She was dimly aware that her body had been damaged to an extent that May well be beyond repair but she was only vaguely concerned. The experience had been everything and more that she had ever imagined in her darkest fantasies. She looked over at her hansome opponent and smiled.

    Bob lay there regaining his energy. He turned to look at the beautiful blonde and grinned back. 'So if you're busy Tuesday's how about Friday?' He asked.

    'Sound's good, maybe skip the dancing though.' Holly replied, looking at the leg that was flopping uselessly over her right shoulder.

    Bob rolled over and gently a squeezed a breast. 'Its a date.' He replied and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

    Holly moaned pleasantly and kissed him back. 'Mmm I can't wait. A nice hot Mexican. Talking of which...' She said lookeming up at the sexy Latina referee. 'Haven't you got a prize to play with.'

    Bob grinned.
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    Well, that was pretty brutal. Since we know what happened to Holly, what happens to Dani, the ref? Just curious.