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Gears Of War 4

Discussion in 'Games' started by Boundy22, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Boundy22

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    Jan 7, 2012
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    Gears of War 4 will release 11 October 2016 on Xbox One and PC/Win10 , It is Developed by The Coalition and Published by Microsoft , It is a Third Person Shooter game Similar to the style of Resident Evil 4/5/6

    - Playable Female Character (Until now )


    She is Playable in the main Campaign either through a Splitscreen Co-Op or Online Co-Op , She is also playable in Horde mode and i guess she is playable in multiplayer too


    She is Kait's Mother , She is Playable in Multiplayer mode
    The game was leaked in some places early , I didnt browse that much in videos but I found out about this interesting vore ryona



    They are Creatures that eats and swallow the player whole by catching them by their tentacles , Swallow and devour them through their mouths and finally keep them inside their bulgy stomach , If the player you take control is the one eaten then the moment it grabs you then the camera switches into first person and see its tentacles approaching you then you get to dive into its mouth and stomach in First Person view and gets eaten , Consumed and swallowed whole , While you are trapped in its stomach then you see your surrounding like normal but with a reddish filter indicating that you are eaten inside a reddish flesh stomach and the camera walks whenever the monster walks and the monster has got a very big bulge due to swallowing the player , If one of your partners is the one eaten and engulfed then you got to see her being eaten and swallowed whole in third person view through your eyes , I am yet to see a gameover while the player is inside the monster's stomach so i don't know what will happen in that case and i am yet also to see a close up shot of a partner getting eaten so that i can rate the animation , And Just like Resident Evil 6 there is a critical health mode for the player that the character will be in a critical health and will crawl and either a partner will heal her or the monster will catch her , the vore scene happens only in that critical mode

    Here is a video for lovely kait getting eaten and swallowed whole in first person , It is from a Split Screen Co-Op game from the PC version , She is the screen on the bottom , it nearly starts at 6:47

    I hope that if anyone knows more ryona in this game then i would be glad if the user posts it so that we all enjoy the ryona of this game
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  2. Rag40

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    Feb 22, 2013
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    I haven't played the full game yet, but I did see that livestream that they had of Horde Mode about a month or so ago. The Snatcher was one of the bosses that they needed to face. From what I saw, when you or someone else gets devoured, the other members of the squad will have a limited amount of time to shoot the belly and if they do enough damage it will burst open and release the player. If the victim is not saved in time the Snatcher will eventually release the remains on the floor, but their body will be in pieces. It wasn't all that great, unfortunately. I guess if you are into the whole vore thing, it may be right up your alley, though.

    I do want to see all the different executions that can be done. Also, sound is a big part of ryona for me, so I want to hear how the voice actresses do. Also, as a fan of female vs female stuff, is every enemy in this game pretty much a beastly dude? That will suck, but I guess that's been par for the course for Gears games.

    Also, it kind of stinks that you can't choose to play as Kait in a single player campaign. I would rather make JD the AI bot, lol. I know you can choose her in a co-op campaign, but I am not going to go around and make another player suffer as I try to figure out the ryona in the game, lol.

    Anyway, regardless of all my bitching, I am still looking forward to playing this game. Won't be able to get to it until Friday, though.