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[PC] Gates: "The Opening" (Rpg maker Mv)

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by dede kusto, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. dede kusto

    dede kusto Guest



    I'm developing a Rpg game called Gates: "The Opening." Yes, I named it "The Opening" because I'm expecting it to be the start of a very long series. The first game will conclude in 9 days and after the 9 days, you will play the ending that you have shaped with your prior choices. So the complete game will be 9 days plus the endings. The story is taking place in a town called "Gates City" in the modern day.

    The protagonist is a 25 years old male character whose name is Sam Adams. He will start working as a literature teacher at the Gates High School right after the intro of the game. You can also work as a part-time waiter in a local medieval themed inn.

    There will be 3 main endings and all the endings will have their unique locations and story lines. Besides to the main endings, there will be quite a bunch of side endings. These endings can happen from day 1 to day 8 and all of them are story related.

    Here is my patreon page that you can get a better idea about the game:
    Dede Kusto is creating Adult RPG Games | Patreon

    I have recently released the games new version (0.05) for my patrons.


    And Version 0.04 is available to the public.

    And these are the links to the public demo:
    Win Version:

    Mac Version:

    Looking forward to your feedback.