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Game Idea: fight manager

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by silverkiller, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. silverkiller

    silverkiller Guest

    the first post of a pathological forum lurker! yay!
    first, i'm sorry for my english, so bare with me

    back on topic

    i have an idea for developing a game, but my programming skill is pretty low (i know Cobol, Clipper -learned it at school- and some old visual basic), so i put my idea here, and if someone like it, i'll lend an hand on every way i can

    the game is a ryona/hentai game (i'm ok with any fetishes except scat&piss, so... ), of the management kind (no direct action)
    the player is a manager of a fight club and he must gain money and experience (to unlock new stuff and to advance) by making paying people watch his match
    the player can decide every things (based on what he have unlocked) of the match, that can or not actract people
    on beginning the player must chose wich city to place his ring and gym
    (city 1 - normal fight, city 2 - erotic fight, city 3 - fight vs animal and monster, and so on) based on wich city is chosen, the player can unlock several event depending how is it's experience
    for example city 1 (normal fight) - box -> wrestling -> cage -> royal rumble ->MMA etc
    when all city has been cleared, the player can start a new game in a city where everythings goes (maybe he can unlock a clone machine that create crappy fighter to send in a deathmathc vs the player uberfighter)
    every week, the mood of ppl of the city change (on random), so the player need to make match close to what people want
    for example this could be made with a text message that put a random choice in 3-4 slot (ex: man - woman - cage - maid (or butler in case of man) )

    the player can select who fight who, from his rooster of hired fighter (that get stat change when they win or lose)
    want a normal box match? choose 2 heavy weight man, a catfight where the loser will be raped by the public? 2 girls! people want a loli vs a heavy weight? he can have it!
    the player need to chose:
    the ring (normal ring, cage, muddy ring, ring with holes and horny man under it... :yarr: etc)
    the rules (what kind of fight and what happen to the loser and prize for winner)
    the dress code (one piece swimsuit, bikini, box outfit, maid outfit...naked... whatever lol) (maybe using a "simple" paperdoll instead of searching an image for each?)

    at the end of the match (we just put an image and a fight description)
    player get exp, money (-cost and eventual)
    fighter get stats

    tell me what do you think! (and if someone is interested)
  2. Unrelated

    Unrelated Ryonani Teamster

    Mar 22, 2010
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    I've been thinking of the possibility of something like this, as at it's core its not too different from Super Wrestle Angels (or either PS2 Wrestle Angels title).

    Of course, I'm busy with too many other ideas at the moment.
  3. silverkiller

    silverkiller Guest

    i have seen some screenshot of super wrestle angels (but never played)
    yes, it could be something like that, but the player shouldnt be able to control the fight

    the problem is that i don't know with what program i should work with... VB it's good to manage lot of selection scroll, but you can't do much with graphic (the paperdoll for example)
    the best would be flash, but i don't know anything of that

    edit: still alive and trying to re-learning VB (and fighting in skyrim and BF 3)... even more convinced that VB is good for only a part of the game -.-
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  4. silverkiller

    silverkiller Guest

    i am still alive and convinced to create this game!
    got a problem with my computer, so i am waiting for the new rig..., i'm writing on laptop, but it's old and i can't do anything other than play flashgames and roaming the web with it
    VB won't work, so the only way is to try my luck learning flash (i don't think that there will be animation, but i want to implement images and a sort of paperdoll)