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Sep 15, 2012
I don’t know if this has been seriously discussed in the history of the loader. I know many ideas about making a 3D version have been tossed about but nothing really came of it (pun intended). I’m certain I’ve underestimated some fundamental problem or issue, but anyway…

What I’m proposing is something not quite as radical, but still more radical than animtools and body mods: A second view/perspective where you see the characters from front/behind rather than the side view. You would toggle between the two perspectives by means of some check box, or one could specify in an animtools position file if it’s a lateral view or a front view.

Of course, every mod would have to be made in duplicates for this to work - hairs, clothing, furniture etc. But the tough nut to crack of course would be to make the mannequins and define how they move and such things, as well as incorporate all that into the loader.

I’m just wondering, is this even theoretically possible?


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Apr 28, 2021
Short answer, theoretically yes, but would require an insane amount of work to function fully.

Please don't let that stop you from creating something or attempting something like a test with a few simple boxes but read on for my reasoning.
Long answer:
SDT runs on flash and flash is all about moving and transforming shapes. When you add an item of clothing like a shirt, the shirt shape and torso shape are told to move together. If you've ever had a clothing mod load in wrong where it floats next to her, it still moves with the same animation as her, just off to the side.
So adding another shape to be the front or back veiw torso and having it move at the same tme as the normal torso would be doable. Even assuming a perpective skew transform to get it to look like its rotating towards or away from the 'camera'.
The hard part is doing that for all her parts/shapes. If you decompile the swf there's lots of body shapes (ignoring the skin tone duplicates) that would need a new shape drawn, layered and linked.

The insane part comes when trying to do all that and get animtool positions to work. With the side on view she can rotate to any angle in relation to the 'camera'. With a front or back view there would need to be a way of telling it which way round she's facing, to draw her front or back, which body parts are near, far or not seen from the 'camera' to apply the correct layering and perpective skew transforms.

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