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[Flash] MineBlocks (e-ohkoku.jp) Uncensor & English Mods

Discussion in 'Adult Mods' started by Password42, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    MineBlocks (Flash game from e-ohkoku.jp) Uncensor & English Mods

    The current version is 2.32u released December 1, 2015.

    • All characters currently included in version 2.32 of the flash have been uncensored (where applicable).

    This is the release thread for my Uncensor & English mods for E-ohkoku's MineBlocks flash game; the unmodified game can be found at: e-ohkoku.jp/contents/mineBlock
    I'll be updating each time e-ohkoku updates the game.
    (See also my threads on LoversLab, Hongfire, and ULMF).

    This flash game is a fascinating combination of Minesweeper and Breakout. There are 13 female characters popular in Japan available at the selection screen, and after choosing one you will attempt to clear each stage of the game in order to remove her clothing. Play progresses until she has lost all of her clothing.

    The gameplay objective is identical to that of Minesweeper: click all of the tiles that do not have a mine/bomb on them, leaving the bombs untouched. Once this is completed, the stage is cleared.
    However, in addition to the bomb tiles and the numbers that indicate how many bombs are adjacent, you also have the ball & paddle from Breakout to content with! After 20 seconds, the ball will begin to move about the screen.
    Any block the ball comes into contact with will be considered "activated" and either removed from play, or if it is a bomb, it will detonate. Furthermore, you cannot allow the ball to fall below the bottom of the screen or you will incur a miss; just like breakout you must use the paddle to keep the ball in play.

    Play continues until the stage is cleared or you lose.
    Once the stage is cleared, the background character will lose some clothing and you can advance to the next stage by clicking "Next" -- unless you have cleared the stage with zero misses, in which case the character will lose all of her clothing and the game proceeds directly to the H-action, and you can play around with her, rather than with those pesky blocks.

    Everything you need to play the game is included in the attached archive. Simply extract MineBlocks.7z to a location of your choosing; then you can run one of the various mineBlocks... swf files, depending on which version of the game you want to play.

    There are a few versions of the game available:

    • The original Japanese version of the game.
    • The Japanese version with "Cheat Mode" enabled; this is explained below.
    • The partial English translation of the game. This version translates the character-selection names into English and also adds in parentheses the manga/game/etc. that each character is associated with.
    • The English version with "Cheat Mode" enabled.

    "Cheat Mode" is for those of you who would rather skip straight to the H-action, dispensing with the need to actually care about clearing each stage: Cheat Mode makes it so that your miss counter never increases. Thus, you can click wherever and hit as many bombs as you like and still trigger "All Clear", bypassing the standard gameplay entirely.

    For more information, please view the included Readme.

    Attached are some screenshots of the character selection screens in English & Japanese, a gameplay example screen, and an example .gif of the H-action.

    Please report bugs here should you find any.

    Enjoy! :grin:

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