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[Firefall] Skimpified SIN Portraits

Discussion in 'Adult Mods (Archive)' started by BattleJesus, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. BattleJesus

    BattleJesus Avid Affiliate

    Aug 18, 2012
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    "Hola Boss, have you heard? There's some SIN Hack getting popular that strips women's SIN Portraits of their clothing. You're... not using, are you?"


    Exactly as it says on the tin: Skimpified SIN Portraits - For nearly every single female SIN portrait in the game.
    Only ones I didn't modify a little bit are Lyn, Sheriff Nasseri, a 3D Engineer portrait, and a red-haired... Recon? Whom I don't recognize.
    Every other female SIN portrait has been modified at least a bit - Even if it's something like taking off the undershirt of Assault portraits, even though it's barely even an edit and doesn't show anything. It should... inspire you a little bit to do more ARES missions, Hah

    Changes Previews/Thumbnails:
  2. vladimir01

    vladimir01 Guest

    Nice! :)
  3. Ziron

    Ziron Vivacious Visitor

    Jul 15, 2012
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    Awesome work, thanks a lot!