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Fighters Digest Part One

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Apr 29, 2011.

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    My Second Attempt..Please feel free to reply or send feedback

    By Shredhead [email protected]
    Keri Continues her tussle with the Black Puma in a sadistic parking lot brawl, Julie takes on the twins, Elly May vs the bear, Shweta faces the Monk and Casie Leigh Fights the bruiser.

    An attempt to combine 5 short stories into one huge story.

    WARNING: Graphic Violence!! 18 and above only.

    Keri Vs The Masked Puma 2

    Name:Keri Daniels

    Age: 25


    Build: Athletic

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Blond

    Chest: 34D

    Waist: 28

    Hips: 34

    "Keri thought to herself that this is going to be the best weekend of her
    life" and boy was it!! The masked Puma fought Keri all through Saturday night,
    By the morning both fighters had tired and slept soundly until noon, Keri was
    the first to stir, the first thing she noticed was her home which was in
    shambles, broken furniture lay across the floor and huge holes in walls from
    where she landed the night before, seemed like huge gapholes that lead to
    hell, her bed was torn and her mattress seemed to be missing the flush cotton
    inside it, Keri then looked at herslef and noticed heavy bruising on her tits
    and crotch and gave out a slight chuckle "quite the tit ass guy huh?" she lay
    nude save for her gloves which somehow survived puma's violent molestation of
    her clothes. Speaking of Puma the bulk of a man was nowhere to be seen,
    instead of his big frame was a note on the bed. "To my biggest fan, thank you
    for the delightful saturday night, sorry for the damage, put it on my tab.
    P.S. Next weekend, ready or not i will come for you and my fans only get the
    best of me, i will get more violent and more sadistic on your ass, i will beat
    you to a pulp, take good care of your tits and pussy for me, i will pay a
    surprise visit. Ready or not i will come for you, your ass is mine. -The Black
    Puma" Keri face beamed into a big wonderful smile. "I am waiting for you,
    Puma, Come do your worst."

    Julie Vs The Domigodu Twins

    Name: Julie Hopkins

    Age: 24

    Height: 6"1

    Build: Athletic

    Eyes: Black

    Hair: Brunette

    Chest: 40D

    Waist: 27

    Hips: 38

    Julie had spent the next two days resting after her intense fight with the
    fist, she had cancelled her tickets out of Africa at the mere mention of
    another bout with two men, at the same time no less. She was excited and a
    little nervous, even men smaller than her, had proven to be a challenge at
    demigodu, she had no clue how she was going to survive against two fierce
    warriors, but the excitement pegged her on, She was lost in her thoughts when
    The Fist entered her tent, "I hope i am not distrurbing." No matter how many
    times she had already seen it, she never got used to the villagers pure white
    eyes, everytime she saw them, it seemed to make her more anxious. "Not at all,
    please come in." She got up as a show of respect. The Fist walked in and sat
    on the bed and motioned her to sit next to him. "Young child, let me formally
    congratulate you on your victory, i have faced many warriors before but none
    with your stamina, i have lost many matches but none with such profound impact
    as this one" A gentle smile engulfed his face. "You are a powerful woman, any
    friend to Keri and Shweta, no doubt will be powerful, i shall make a mental
    note to prepare for the next time we face each other, to be more vicious on
    you." Julie let out a small laugh, The fist laughed with her. "Now about the
    Demigodu Twins, they are a very mysterious clan, they prefer to stay hidden
    and aren't much for socialising, they despise our village but for some reason
    do not attack it, they choose instead to hold competitons against us, which
    lead me to belive they are a good clan, but this anger they have seperates
    us." A look of worry formed on his face. "Out of 20 times we have faced them
    we have beaten them only 3 times, once by me, Then by Keri and then Shweta,
    you will be the fourth of which i am sure." Julie's stomach filled with
    butterflies. "The problem here is not the tournament, the problem here is
    peace, i shall propose a wager tomorrow and i want you know it." "If we win,
    they offer us peace and unison amongst us, If they win.." A look of worry
    beamed across his face "You offer them me" Julie completed the sentence for
    him, The Fist was taken aback. "I understand, it is for the betterment of the
    community, do not worry Fist, i will not loose." He gave her a assuring look
    and went out of the tent. Julie got up from the bed and went outside the tent.
    She stood there gazing at the stars.

    Elly May vs The Bear

    Name: Elly May

    Age: 22

    Height: 5"6

    Build: Athletic

    Eyes: Hazel

    Hair: Blonde

    Chest: 34C

    Waist: 24

    Hips: 32

    Elly May got off the bus, She was greeted by the sounds of blaring horns and
    people walking the roads like sheep back home, but for this tough young woman,
    The real difference between the sheep and the people there seemed to be the
    noise, "The sheep are less noisy" she thought, as she tried to find a way to
    get to the other side of the road, She felt underdressed in this place full of
    people wearing suits and high heels, She wore plain shoes, a jeans pant cut
    off just above the knees and a placid textured shirt which was tied up at just
    below her ample 34C breasts. Her blond hair was in pigtails, and her Hazel
    eyes complimented her angelic, innnocent face, Her six pack abs and Muscle
    packed body seemed at odds with her face. "Golly, every one is rude around
    here, i reckon" She quipped as she was rudely pushed while trying to cross the
    street, She had buisness with a man named Sloan who had seen her fight back
    home, She had wrestled the biggest man of her village and beaten him to a
    pulp, Sloan had been impressed by what he saw and offered to be her manager in
    the city, She had run out of competition anyway in her village and Sloan
    offered her more fights than she could dream of. After struggling through to
    his office, she finally found sloan. "Welcome Elly May" He gestured with a
    move to hug her, Elly ignored the move and instead made a motion of a firm
    handshake, slightly dissappointed he settled for a handshake. "When do i
    fight?, you promised me competiton." She inquired with a quizzical look on her
    face. "Already?, Relax have a sip of water first." He Implored "Never been one
    for formalitites, Fightin' is what i want." She replied with an almost
    innocent smile. Sloan just sighed and took out a few documents "All right just
    sign here then." "What's this for" She stared at the papers for a while and
    then spoke "It says if i get my ass murdered, then you are not responsible? Aw
    Heck all you fight promoters are a bunch of spineless cowards" She motioned
    for the pen "Grow a pair, have faith in yer fighters" She sisgned the papers
    and handed it back to Sloan. "There!! now when do i fight?" Sloan sat back
    down i his chair and motioned her do the same "Sooner than you think."

    Shweta vs. The Monk

    Name:Shweta Salve

    Age: 24


    Build: Athletic

    Eyes: Black

    Hair: Black

    Chest: 34C

    Waist: 26

    Hips: 34

    John had done his job well, in the last 2 months she had fought as many as 8
    different opponents, all hotly contested matches and Shweta barely made it out
    of the 8th one against a muscle mountain named Lore, he had taken a specific
    intrest in her tits and they were sore for more than a week after, Shweta was
    pleased with the amount of fights she was getting in, As she travelled home,
    she was plush with excitement because John had found a new opponent, if she
    didn't know any better, she would think John tried to look for opponents
    larger and stronger than her to get her ass kicked, but that only made it more
    intresting. The car stopped in front of her manor, she rushed out of the car
    and into the lobby with almost an childlike abadon, She found Alfred's calm
    face at the gate that greeted her "John is inside the library madam, and your
    2:30.." Before he could complete the sentence Shweta rushed towards the
    library, He smiled and locked the door. He quitely turned to walk towards the
    lobby, from within the shadows emerged a Giant 8 foot man Bald and covered
    only in orange cloth, he slowly stripped off the cloth till he was wearing
    only the white cloth tapered to his arm and his sandals, His body seemed made
    of gigantic muscle "Where is she?" He spoke in a calm sedated voice. Alfred
    gave him the keys to the library, As the monk walked towards the library,
    Alfred's calm face formed a smile. "Good Luck Madam, Your 2:30 is here."

    Casie Leigh Vs The Bruiser

    Name:Casie Leigh

    Age: 24


    Build: Athletic

    Eyes: Black

    Hair: Black

    Chest: 34D

    Waist: 27

    Hips: 34

    Casie sighed and turned off the computer. It had continued to be a boring
    week, Jake was good at getting her fights but the amount of fights she won
    against male opponents hurt their pride more than anything else, Jake even
    tried to coax her to loose a few fights to keep the competition around, in the
    last year alone she had destroyed close to 30 strong men, As jake had put it
    "Men that challenge are not easy to find, so quit whopping everyone's ass now
    would ya?, it won't hurt you to loose a few." Casie just couldn't do it, she
    would rather just not fight than to throw a fight and Jake knew this, it was
    the frustration that was getting to him, Casie decided to send him off on a
    mini-vacation and look for fights herself. She went to every seedy bar and gas
    station she could find, she challenged bikers, bouncers, Heck even lawyers but
    none of the competition was good enough, they couldn't even get a few hits in,
    On a whim she decided to see if The Destroyer was out of hospital, the beating
    he had given her was the most her healing ability had been put through but she
    still healed within a matter of a few hours, Dissapointed she headed home, On
    the long alleyway next to her home she saw a small shadow, the shadow started
    to elongate and out of the smoke the silohoutte of short man began to form,
    "Shorty" she said in a calm tone. "At your service, Mrs. Leigh, that's quite a
    beating you gave the destroyer, i am impressed." He let out a samll chuckle.
    "What do you want?" Casie replied in an irritating tone. "For starters to see
    you beaten to a pulp, the destroyer was one of my closest friends and you will
    pay for that, if you are up for a challenge.." A Large hulking 9 foot man
    appeared from the mist, he wore a mask, his body was Jet Black, His biceps and
    chest expanded outwards like a mountain.

    The ground seemed to be tremble as he walked towards her. "As i was saying if
    your ass is upto it.." Shorty said smugly "I accept" Casie took of her jeans
    and Shirt, Topless, She now wore only a black panty save for the fighting
    gloves she put on, she opened her Red Hair and let it flow down to her
    breasts. Without warning The hulking man charged at her, Casie charged right
    back and the two of them met in a test of stregth in the middle of the alley.
    "Meet Bruiser" Shorty said with a huge grin on his face.

    It's a Friday..(Keri)

    The clock in the system tray read 16:55, "Only five more minutes to go" She
    thought. Her head couldn't help but drift back to last Friday night when Puma
    showed up and had given her the challenge of her life, even through the pain,
    she had enjoyed every minute of it, the duel that continued on saturday had
    wrecked her home, The puma had mercilessly flung her to and fro in her
    apartment and she had beaten him to within a inch of his life, it was great.
    But she couldn't do that sitting here in office, she anxiously waited for the
    weekend to kick in, another nervous glance towards the clock, it now read
    16:58..She remembered the letter that Puma left her, he said he would be there
    on the weekend to kick her ass, the last time he had surprised her by coming
    to her apartment directly, "What surprise does he hold for me now?" The clock
    now read 17:00, She quickly wrapped her work and after saying the obligatory
    goodbye's left for the day, she made her way to the parking lot, she was
    surprised to see no one there, her's was the only car parked there and the
    security guards also seemed absent "Must be thier day off." She thought. She
    walked towards her car, her car seemed like it was parked a few meet more than
    it usally is. She reached her car and put the keys in but the door would not
    unlock "Stupid car" She thought..she was so busy trying to unlock the car that
    she didn't notice a large figure appear behind her. "Should i help you with
    that Madam" She turned around in a Flash "Puma!!" She shouted before a punch
    to the mid-section of her tummy hit her like a frieght train and reduced her
    to all fours, Puma picked her up by her beautiful golden hair, and smashed her
    lovely head on the Bonnet of the car a few times and then let her collapse to
    the floor. "In the flesh, madam, i told you, i have a surprise." Keri's head
    spun like an old 70's film, Hazily she could see the giant Puma walking up to
    her,She could feel his steel hands grabbing her hair and dragging her up, then
    she saw something in the mist, blurry at first but slowly getting clearer the
    blurriness around the edges slowly erasing, it came ever closer, She realised
    it was heading towards her face, It was Puma's Fist!!

    Down In Africa (Julie)

    Julie walked into the squared circle, the circle was made of wooden borders
    and Four tall cement pillars. It resembled a wrestling ring, but only instead
    of ropes there were strong wooden sticks and instead of steel posts there were
    cement pillars, the floor was not mat but dirt, Julie entered the arena to
    find the twins already waiting there, it was hard to distinguish them from
    each other, they were both around 7" tall, They were both extremely thin which
    made them seem even taller, thier body looked like that of a marathon runner
    not a fighter, They had the pale white eyes that were common to Demigodu and
    Julie hated them, made reading your opponents moves tougher, The Fist walked
    in and called all three of them to the centre, All three of them crouched down
    and waited for Fist's Command. The Fist's large hands stayed up in the sky for
    what seemeed an eternity, The big bulky hands finally came down and his mouth
    uttered the words "FIGHT!!" In a flash the Twins were on Julie, Both of them
    on a leg each, Julie was taken by their agility, what they lacked in size they
    made up for in speed, they tackled julie to the floor, The twins grabbed an
    arm and a leg each and thrusted their legs into either side of Julie's
    stomach, they had her in a double bow and arrow.

    The Bear Cave (Elly May)

    No sooner than elly may sat down on the chair, she felt her self being dragged
    down, she could feel the ground beneath the chair give away and replaced by
    what seemed like a huge hole, she was being pulled down with her chair into
    the hole. After what seemed like ages the chair along with her landed with a
    resounding thud, she was in a dark cavern, she picked herself up and knocked
    the cobwebs of her head, "Stupid bastard!!, Thought them secret caves were
    only in movies or somethin', darn it, that was a rough ride!!" She sensed
    someone moving behind her and in a flash she turned around, She saw a object
    move at high speed towards her, she dodged it at the last minute and
    sommersaulted out of the way backwards, to get a good look at whoever it was,
    "You've got to be shittin' me!!" were the only words she could muster when she
    saw the behemoth, he was at least 6"2 tall and his body seemed to be made out
    of concrete, he wore a huge bear mask, and a old wrestling trunk. "So i
    suppose i got ta fight ya?" Loud growling and bear like noises were the only
    reply she got "Not pretty vocal? are ya big fella, let's find out how tough
    you are!" Both of them locked in a test of strength, With neither giving an
    inch but slowly the bear statred to overpower her, he bought her down to one
    knee first, then slowly on both knees, The bear poured on his full weight on
    her fingers now as Elly let out a scream, suddenly The bear drove a knee right
    beneath her chin snapping her head backwards, Instead of letting her fall, he
    used his power to stand her up and delivered a lethal punch to her midsection,
    doubling her up, he grabbed her head between his knees and lifted her up in a
    sitting chair position on his shoulders and delivered a saistic powerbomb to
    the hard concrete floor which knocked the wind out of her.

    Inner Learnings (Shweta)

    Shweta rushed in to the library expecting to find John there, Instead of a
    library all she found was a empty room with nothing but a couple of chairs and
    a few hand to hand weapons such as the bat and spiked bat, the kendo stick and
    steel gloves, "What the hell? Alfred what are you upto?" She turned back to
    the door again only to find a huge fist that was headed for her lovely face,
    the blow caught her by surprise and sent her flying at least a few feet into
    the room, she recovered quickly and got on her feet, She saw a nude 8 foot
    tall Monk walking towards her, his entire body seemed to be made of concrete
    and the blow that she got told her he was extremely powerful as well, the two
    of them met in the center of the room, Shweta threw punches at him, all of
    which were avioded with extraordinary speed, in return The monk sent a few
    punches of his own the first one just missed her face, the second one caught
    her on the sides of the abdoben, The third another miss, she blocked the
    fourth and staggered back. "allow me to introduce myself, Shweta Salve, I am
    the Monk and i prefer fighting my opponents in the nude." He said as he threw
    a gigantic punch at her, She barely avioded the punch but she couldn't stop
    the Monk's greedy hands form quickly ripping off her top, she quickly backed
    off using a sommersault, But Monk quickly covered the distance and was there
    waiting for her when she completed the backward flip and he countred with a
    shoulder block right into Shweta's abs which momentarily stunned her allowing
    Monk tear off Shweta's pants as well leaving her naked, she put distance
    between them with a light kick and strafed left to aviod Monk's counter punch,
    This time she replied with a huge punch to The Monk's Ab's which would have
    knocked out a Rhino but it only staggered the big man. "Impressive, John was
    right about you but you are not powerful enough i am afraid." Shweta just
    motioned for the fight continue "Come on Monk, less talk, give me a fight to

    We come in peace.. (Casie)

    As the two them locked into a test of strength, Shorty reached into his pocket
    to take out a remote control, "Oh i forgot to tell you, Bruiser here is a
    Android" Before She could even make an expression of surprise, Shorty flicked
    a switch and Casie felt sharp pain shoot through her vagina, she closed her
    legs instinctvely and went down, Shorty flicked a switch again, And Casie felt
    her body being lifted and thrown further into the alleyway, Without wasting a
    second The bruiser was quickly upon her and sent down stinging hard lefts and
    rights across her face, The first one caught her plush in the jaw, the second
    one on the chin snapping her head backwards and the third just below the right
    eye. Casie countered with a kick of her own into the Bruiser's family Jewels
    but it had absolutely no affect, Bruiser still rained down punches, Showing
    immense strength, she lifted Bruiser and threw him away from her allowing her
    time to recover, Blood Ran from her lips which slowly dripped down onto her
    breasts. "HA HA!!, Stupid broad, all your power is useless against him" Shorty
    flicked at the control again and the bruiser got up and covered the distance
    between him and her in a matter of seconds, Taking Casie by shock, he sent a
    stinging punch into her left breast followed by a crotch grab, Casie let out a
    shout shout of pain as she felt her pussy being squeezed by firm steel hands.
    She had to do something and fast.

    Strange Daze (Keri)

    The fist landed squarely on Keri's chin snapping her backwards, she collapsed
    onto the bonnet of the car, Puma was quickly on top of her "I do admit, you
    kinda look cute in this formal office attire,but i want to see the Keri i
    know" He Tore off Keri's clothing one by one leaving her nude, while Puma was
    busy tearing off her clothing, Keri regained some momentum and sent a punch of
    her own to Puma's face knocking his ass down on the pavement, Keri was quickly
    on top of him and drove him face first into the car's windshield, Several
    shards of glass lodged into the Puma's head as he let out a cry of pain, Keri
    sent a stinging low blow which left Puma hanging at the car bonnet, she pulled
    out Puma from within the shield and removed the shards of glass from his head
    "Well, you sure know how to surprise a woman but we can't have these damaging
    your face can we?" Keri suplexed Puma hard onto the concrete floor and kicked
    him a few times. She picked him up by his bleeding head and tried to send him
    running into a concrete post nearby, Puma reversed the move midway and Keri
    landed backfirst into the post, Puma ran behind her threw all his body weight
    on her, Keri let out a cry as she was squeezed between Puma's bulk and the
    concrete post, Puma sent a few shoulders into Keri's Mid section "So baby
    wants a hardcore match eh? well do unto others.." He grabbed Keri's beautiful
    hair, "As they do to you", Keri felt time slow down as Puma let her go in the
    direction of the car's right side window, She instinctively bought her hands
    over her head to cover them, When she collided with the glass, The shards
    first lodged in her hands followed by the top of her forehead,Instantly
    opening a wound and blood dripped from her forehead, Unlike Puma she was nude,
    so the glass left cuts all over both her shoulders, She opened her eyes
    briefly to see the light hit the glass shards midway that made them appear
    like snow, She was cruelly jolted to a stop by her knees which slammed against
    the exterior of the door causing half her body to hang outside the window, her
    exposed stomach now bearing the weight of her, Unluckily the glass shards cut
    her stomach as well. When she came to a stop she let out a huge scream that
    bought a sadistic grin on the Puma's face.

    Bend it like bender (Julie)

    Juile felt her body bending to an unnatural deegre, mustering up all her
    energy and in an incredible feat of power, she slowly started closing her legs
    till they were fully closed the twins lost balance and staggered a little,
    giving enough time for Julie to send a kick to both their faces pushing them
    backwards and giving her time to recover, all three of them got up at almost
    the same time, Julie quickly sent a punch flying at one twin's Jaw which sent
    him flying a few feet, but the other twin caught her in a full nelson,
    allowing the other to charge at her in a football style tackle, Julie used her
    legs to flip over to the side at the last minute, causing them to spear each
    other, allowing them no time to recover she caught one in a body scissors and
    the other in a headlock, but she found it tough to prolong the moves in unison
    and the headlock was broken, he sent a punch into Julie's stomach causing her
    to release the leg scissors, both the brothers now lay into her stomach and
    breasts, kicking and punching at will with Julie letting out a few screams of
    anguish, both of them grabbed her hair and picked her up,she was still groggy
    from the beating. One of them held her in place, while the other charged and
    nailed her with a clothsline that almost took her head off and sent her
    backfirst hard onto the muddy floor, Julie lay there and saw the twins walk
    upto her with a sadistic grin on thier faces.

    Ain't No Sunshine (Elly May)

    Elly was still reeling from the huge Powerbomb when The Bear picked her up by
    her hair, he sent an elbow into her tough mid section and followed it up by a
    stinging right across her face, Which staggered her, The bear picked her up
    effortlessly over his head and threw her a few meters where she landed with a
    sickening thud, He kicked her a few times in her stomach and picked her up
    again to resume the punishment, he buried a knee deep into elly's crotch and
    sent a chop on her ample breasts, Elly let out a scream of anguish and The
    Bear picked her up and held her in a 69 position, What came next was a
    sickening piledriver, Elly landed head first in the concrete and cobwebs
    filled her head. She knew she wouldn't last long taking this much punishment
    and had to do something fast.

    The Eternal Light (Shweta)

    Shweta danced and dodged The Monk's attacks and counter attacked with punches
    and kicks of her own, The Monk now visibily irritated decided to change
    tactics, He now played the waiting game dodging Shweta's attacks, Soon the
    moment came, he stepped out of the way of a potentially lethal punch, He had
    already winded up his reply and Shweta who was late to react caught the blow
    to the stomach head on, causing her to go down on all fours. The Monk grabbed
    her hair and picked her up "Enough of these games!!" The Monk threw her over
    to where the weapons were kept, He picked up a Bat and drove it into Shweta's
    Right Knee cap causing her shout in pain "That should slow you down" He drove
    another bat blow into the left knee cap and Shweta collapsed holding her
    knees, The Monk was relentless, He Grabbed both of her legs and turned her
    over to her stomach in Boston Crab "Let's disable these babies first, that
    should immobilise you" He poured on the pressure and Shweta let out a cry of
    pain as she felt her Knee Muscles give away, he let go of the hold and picked
    her up "My Dear, the show has only just begun!" He scoop slammed her hard on
    the floor causing Shweta to grunt, For good measure he sent a few more kicks
    on her stomach and went back to work on her legs, He placed her in a sinister
    Figure Four and placed the bat between her legs to increase the pressure,
    eventually the bat broke and Shweta let out a huge cry which filled the room.

    Low Blows and Crotch Holds (Casie)

    Casie felt fire shooting through her vagina, She knew she had to react fast,
    using her free hands she dislodged the android's hand from her crotch, But her
    panty ripped off in the process leaving her nude. She collapsed holding her
    damaged woman hood, Shorty let out a evil laugh "We are only just starting, My
    lady!!" He flicked a button on the remote and the bruiser sent her head first
    into a nearby wall, causing blood to flow from a cut on her forehead, With
    another press of a button, The bruiser sent a Fist into Casie's nose blodying
    it, Another punch closed her left eye and brusied the left side of her face,
    she was on all fours battered and brusied, "I am going to enjoy this!!" Sharky
    set a few commands on the remote and the android executed it.

    Casie felt herself being lifted and thrown to a nearby wall backfirst, she
    collapsed onto the trashcans beneath, She felt a cold steel mangling her
    nipples beyond belief, She bit down on her tongue and refused to scream, She
    felt cold steel detonate on the soft pink tissue of her pussy and let out a
    scream, She felt the steel hand rain punch after punch into her belly
    softening her up, the brusier dangled her over his shoulder and drove her into
    a solid wall, She felt the wall break behind her, tiny fragments leaving cuts
    and bruises all over body and slumped to the floor below, The brusier wasn't
    done yet, he staddled her, raked her tits, and sent punches raining down her
    beautiful face, Ruining it beyond recognition, She felt herself being picked
    up in a bearhug which squeezed the breath out of her, The bruiser turned her
    around mid-air and sent her crotch first into his waiting knee in a sinister
    atomic drop, Casie let out a huge cry and slumped to the floor where she lay
    spread eagle but she still wasn't out cold, The bruiser picked her up and
    threw her towards shorty, Shorty straddled her and rained down punches on her
    bloodied face "HA HA HA HA!!, Your'e dead now Bitch" Shorty felt a hand grab
    his family jewels, and fling him over to the bruiser. "Think again, asshole!!"
    Shorty's eyes dilated in fear as casie got up and grabbed the remote, her face
    had already healed partially, the rest of her body was following suit. "What?
    What the Fu--" He felt a cold steel grip on his neck lifting him upwards "Ack,
    Let..G..o..ack!!" Casie calmly walked towards him, The bruiser was now in her
    command "Don't like it now so much now, ass wipe, do you? you will suffer all
    that i went through. You will be beaten to within a inch of your life, enjoy
    it." She programmed a few commands onto the remote and broke it "NOOOOOOO!!"
    Casie slowly started to walk away,she had programmed the bruiser to self
    terminate after Five minutes, The nearby fire from the trashcan's Projecting
    two shadows dancing onto the wall and Shorty's screams filing the night
    provided the perfect backdrop as she dissapeared into the alleyway.

    The Teachings of The Monk (Shweta)

    Shweta lay grabbing both her knees in agony, Monk got up and pulled up by the
    hair, She found it tough to stand properly, "Aw, Poor baby!! Can't use your
    legs now?, can you?" The monk slapped her across the face a few times "Now
    Let's see you dodging this!!" A powerful right hand landed plush on Shweta's
    Jaw sending her flying upwards, Showing immense speed, The Monk's heightened
    senses allowed him to see Shweta's body float down in slow motion, he tageted
    the areas he wanted to attack and unleashed a knee to her back which bounced
    her up again, and he followed it up with heavy blow to the stomach which
    bought her crashing down to the floor, Shweta lay there holding her stomach
    and back, "I am faster than you now." The Monk picked up the spiked Baseball
    bat and set course for her stomach, Shweta felt the creuel Barbed wire around
    the bat penetrate her Abdominal Skin and let out a huge cry, The monk followed
    it up with another animalistic swing to the stomach which doubled her over,
    Changing targets he attacked her back now, The sharp wire leaving punture
    marks whereever they penetrated skin. Shweta was in Agony. "Don't pass out on
    me yet!!" He picked he up and let her wobble around trying to stand for his
    own amusement, he then exchanged the bat for a Kendo Stick and set course for
    her crotch, The hard wood of the stick met with the soft pink tissue of her
    pussy engulfing the room in her mighty roar. "Enough of the equipments..Now
    for the sculptor to use his hands" He picked her up once more picking her up
    by her throat choke slammed her onto the cold floor, Shweta landed right on
    the puncture marks on her back causing her twitch and move her torso skywards
    in agony where Monk's sadistic foot was waiting for her. The air escaped her
    lungs as Monk's barefoot crashed into her torso, she fell back down on the
    puncture marks and lay there twitching in agony. The Monk Now targeted her
    hair he bought his barefoot to rest upon her hair and brutally yanked her arms
    upward about twice and set her back down again, Shweta held her hair, her
    scalp on fire from the cruel hold, The monk picked her up again and sent her
    crashing into the nearest wall, before she could fall down the Monk squeezed
    her with all his body weight against the wall and let her slump face first to
    the floor, He straddled her back and put her in a Camel Clutch pouring
    pressure on her already damaged back, Shweta was blacking out, her eyelids
    slowly closing and darkness englulfing her, she thought of the shame she would
    bring on Alfred by losing this match, she thought of what her friends Keri and
    Julie might think of her, most of all she would let herself down, knocked out
    in her own home by a nude monk, the horror, the shame. "NOOOOOOO!!!!" with a
    violent scream Shweta sprang back to life, in a astonishing diplay of power
    she bore the Monk's weight and picked him up, so now he was sitting on her
    shoulders, he turned him around 360 and sent him crashing to the floor in a
    lethal Powerbomb! The Monk hit the floor hard and was almost sure he had
    damaged his back, he looked up to see Shweta limping towards him slowly with a
    spiked baseball bat in hand. "Payback is a bitch" With alarming precission
    blow after Spiked bat blow connected on the Monk's stomach and back, She threw
    the bat away and delivered a vicious low blow that resulted in a high pitched
    scream, Shweta stalked her pray like a predator and beat him senseless, When
    she was done he lay there curled up on the floor, It was her turn to put him
    in a camel clutch now, The Monk Twitched and passed out beneath her and Shweta
    let go of the limp body and walked out of the library. She found Alfred
    waiting outside in the lobby with a first aid kit and some new clothes, "We
    must give John a raise" Alfred tended to her wounds. "Yes, Madam!!"

    The way out..(Elly May)

    Elly was still reeling from the piledriver when The Bear picked her up and
    squeezed her in a bearhug, Elly felt immense pain shoot through her lower
    back, Elly instinctively started clawing away on The bear's hands and
    detonated her forehead against his, The bear staggered back and released the
    hold. Elly followed up with hard punches to the Bear's stomach, which knocked
    the wind out of him and roundhouse kick to the back of his head which made him
    see stars!! "Now this here is what i call the nut cracker!!" She did a leg
    split and punched the bear in his family jewels causing him grab his manhood
    and stagger down to both his knees "And this is the Head crusher" Elly's right
    hand detonated on The Bear's forehead with such great impact that it
    penetrated his mask, Instantly, his skull was fractured and he slumped down on
    the floor unconcious. "That oughta take care of him!!" she got up to her feet
    and looked for a way out, when the lights came on in the dark room, she could
    see Huge LCD panels all round her flicker to life and Sloan's face appear on
    them. "YOU!! you little.." "Now calm down Elly May, every fighter in our
    company has to go through that." Sloan retorted "You mean this was a test or
    somethin'" Sloan's face now etched a calm smile "Yes, all the female
    combatants this company has hired have gone through the test." Elly's face
    formed an expression of excitement. "You mean there are more woman like me!!"
    Sloan's face let out a huge laugh "No you silly girl, we hire only one female
    fighter at a time, we are a video company we sell videos of intergender bouts,
    hotly contested fights between a girl and the men that challenge her, Of
    course, eventually when a girl is defeated she has to move on, and we look for
    another to fill her boots" Elly's face evoked a thoughtful expression "What
    happened to the last girl?" Sloan now focused his eyes on her "She got beaten
    to within an inch of her life by the man who lay behind you." Elly slowly
    glanced back at The Bear's limp body as if to say "You Bastard!!" The LCD
    screen's went dark again and Elly could hear a mechanism move behind her,
    Sloan emerged from a lift behind her "Come Elly May, this is the start of a
    beautiful relationship, Sloan films needs you."

    I see Double..(Julie)

    The twins picked Julie up by her hair and unloaded a barrage of punches into
    her stomach, Julie winced with each blow that landed on her abdoben, One of
    them picked her by her hair and in a great display of strength held her above
    his head for a good two minutes, then bought her down to rest over her
    shoulders in an over the shoulder back breaker, The other twin seized this
    oppurtunity to have fun with her tits and punch her stomach peroidically, he
    seemed to alternate between the punching and the tit raking comically as if
    playing a war drum. Julie was in agony from the combined pressure on her lower
    back and the added pressure of the punches and the rakes, just when she
    thought she couldn't take anymore, the twin let her slump to the ground, They
    were quickly upon her though as one straddled her chest and one her torso, the
    one on her chest banged her head against the ground three times causing
    shockwaves to travel through her head, the other went to work exclusively on
    her crotch, punching it relentlessly, All Julie could do was scream in pain.
    They stopped in unison and the one the chest grabbed her in between his long
    legs and stretched her arm backwards in a Headscissor move, the other put
    wrapped his huge legs around her torso. Julie felt immense pain in her head
    and torso, she felt as if her head would give away from her body any minute
    and her innards may cave in from the immense pressure of the body scissor, The
    Twins as if sensing what she was thinking let her go and she lay motionless on
    the ground, One twin now picked her up her hair and sent her running into one
    of the cement posts, she landed back first into the post with a sickening thud
    and lay still there with her head rocked back, as if awaiting further
    punishment, One twin quickly knelt down before her while the other rushed in
    running, using his brother as leverage he launched himself in the air, with an
    open hand he moved towards his target, her ample breasts, the chop landed with
    a sickening echo that bruised both her breasts instantly, the whole chest area
    now turned red, But they weren't done yet they repeated the flying chop with
    the other twin and Julie's bossoms were now swollen, she felt pain shoot
    through her nipples as the twins twisted them mercilessly, one of them picked
    her up again set her up upside down on the post, one twin held her in place,
    while the other climbed up on her crotch with his left foot and held himself
    there with Julie letting out violent screams below, he finally relented and
    came back down, the other twin let go of Julie's legs and she slumped to the
    ground clutching her crotch.

    The twins then walked away from her body to the center of the arena and raised
    thier arms as if to say vicotry was thier's now. But Julie stirred and got
    back up on her feet again, Slowly at first before she rested against the
    cement post, both of them stared at her, She just made "Bring it!" Motion with
    her hands which irritated the twins and they charged her, She ducked under the
    first punch aimed at her face and blocked the second at her torso and counter
    attacked with a low blow which floored one twin, the other's momentum had
    taken him a little ahead, Julie kicked him hard square on his back and the
    twin let out a huge cry and slumped to the ground, she turned her attention to
    the other twin who was still holding onto his injured jewels and greeted him
    with a knee to the Jaw, which sent him flying backwards, The other twin now
    begining to stir was met with a chop across his chest and huge stinging right
    across his face which knocked him out, now down to one Julie went to work on
    the remaining twin with punches and kicks until he was bloodied mess. Both of
    them lay at her feet out cold!! The Fist couldn't contain his joy and picked
    up Julie on his shoulders "Young woman, you do not know, what you have

    Later that night, Julie packed her bags and left for the airport, but before
    she left, she was awarded a Domigodu peace emblem and the twins friendship,
    Whenever she wanted tough competition she knew where to go now.

    The Parking Lot Brawl..(Keri)

    The Puma grabbed keri from her glass prison and threw her to the floor, for a
    brief second he admired his handywork, there were cuts all over Keri's upper
    body and gash on the forehead now spew blood, He picked her up by her now
    blood red hair "Remember, Do unto others.." and sent a right knee right into
    her crotch, Keri collapsed screaming and grabbing her pussy, The Puma let out
    a evil laugh, He staddled her and went to work on her tits and pussy "You know
    me, i am the tit and pussy guy!!" Keri grimaced in pain everytime her nipple
    was twisted or her crotch was mauled. "Now time to kick this shit into high
    gear, Hardcore is what you want, hardcore is what you will get!!" The Puma
    dragged her along the cement floor with her hair into the nearby guard room,
    He opened the steel door and took time postioning her near the door "Just a
    little to the left, there Perfect!!, Now don't let the.." The steel door
    collided with Keri's nose instantly bloodying it and she collapsed backward on
    the floor. "Door hit you on the way out or in?!!" Puma picked her up by the
    hair again threw her into the room, he disabled the elctricity from the room
    first and bought her groogy body near the security monitors, he smashed her
    head into one of them and then did it again and again "Tough little buggers
    aren't they, damn going to have to use the other way!!" He Picked Keri up over
    his Head and slammed her down hard into the security monitors, The glass from
    the monitors gave way and shards lodged themselves in Keri's skin as she let
    out a huge howl,She twitched there for a second before she collapsed face
    first onto the floor, He cleaned up the glass from her back and grabbed a
    chair from nearby, "Houston!!, we are clear for takeoff!!" The chair slammed
    into her beautiful white skin instantly reddining it on impact "FUCK THIS
    SHIT!!" Keri shouted as she found second wind from nowhere and assaulted the
    puma, Puma's body was put through whatever she could find in the room, "What
    was that again?? The door, face something..?? Oh yeah it was.." The door shut
    hard on Puma's fingers and the second time the door broke his nose as he
    slumped backwards. "Don't let the door hit you on the way in!!" But she should
    have known by now, Puma was a dirty player, The brass Knucks hidden within his
    boots found thier way onto his hands and onto Keri's six pack stomach as she
    collapsed from the blow, He stood up and picked only her upper body up from
    the floor and positioned her steady against her legs as he started pounding
    her forehead opening up the gash more. Keri screamed in pain as she felt cold
    metal make contact with her bare skin, out of desperation Keri's arm shot
    upwards and squeezed Puma's Family Jewels, Puma slumped to the ground, Keri
    Picked him up "Let's take a shortcut to the parking lot, Shall we?" Before
    Puma could realise what she meant, In a sucicidal manuver threw them both out
    the window they landed on the solid cement floor below, Puma was on his feet
    first and limbered on toward Keri and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her
    towards her car "You like Glass don't you?" Keri felt motionless as Puma flung
    her into the undamaged left portion of the windshield, Her body collided with
    great force, Glass shards cutting her unprotected body all over, Her stomach
    collided with the steering wheel on the way and she let out a huge cry, The
    force of the throw was so immense that she landed on the backseat of the car,
    where she lay motionless, "I did it, i knocked her out!! wait till Shweta
    hears this!!" He sounded excited as he opened the backdoor "BULLSHIT!! YOU
    KNOCKED ME OUT!!" was what we heard before a frieght train punch connected
    with his face and sent him on the floor. "YOU WANNA SEE HOW HARDCORE I CAN
    GET!!? MOTHERFUCKER!!" Keri picked up slammed Puma on the top of her car and
    with all the strength in her legs leapt up, Puma saw Keri Fly straight up and
    coming down at high speed, he was astonished at this woman, he knew now he
    would never stop fighting her, she had become her ultimate enemy and closest
    friend, His thoughts were interupted by Keri's magnificent nude body landing
    on his and The top of the car imploded and collapsed sending bothe of them
    down to the floor below. After a brief moment Keri stirred and walked towards
    the Puma, he was out cold, breathing a sigh of relief she let out a war cry
    and made her way to the bathroom to clean herself up.

    When he came to, for the second time in two weeks he found Keri waiting there
    with Bacon and toast. "Relax.." She said "You will take a while to heal." and
    before he could ask "I am fine, nothing but minor cuts and bruises, everything
    else has healed."