Fiery Passion for Pain


Ryonani Teamster
May Maple, a novice Pokémon Trainer from Littleroot Town in Hoenn, had just won her fourth Gym badge, defeating the Fire type Leader Flannery. She could now challenge her father Norman, who was the Gym Leader of Petalburg. She was confident of winning there, actually, as her Combusken was showing signs of being close to evolution- namely, he was sprouting more feathers on his upper back.

However, there were also other signs, of a sexual nature. May thought it was a good thing to have Torchic, now a Combusken grow a lot by battling, perhaps neglecting to have a more even development of her entire team. This made Combusken display more courage, but also want to be the leader. As he entered the start of his process of sexual maturation earlier due to his quick development, his view of May expanded to his appreciation of her attractive body. Since he wasn’t exposed to many other humanoid Pokémon, most of his sexual fantasies revolved around her.

They were further fueled by his successful peeping on May when she was taking her clothes off to swim in the sea. She had never directly caught him watching her undress, but she did see him out of his Pokéball shortly after those times, realizing he has been coming out of it as a habit.
Furthermore, her happy-go-lucky attitude and a lack of habit to research Pokémon behavior in greater detail, such as breeding habits, led her to be unaware of the potential for a newly evolved Blaziken to be aggressively focused on sex, particularly if he has had to contain his urges for some time before evolution.

Thus, the busty brunette was at first happy to see her Combusken turn into a muscular, tall Blaziken, but soon, happiness at his evolution, and at his win over Norman’s Slaking, was replaced with shock, as he triumphantly screeched, and faced her, flexing his muscles while displaying a massive, red dick which had already humbled her dad, causing his jaw to drop and face to blush.

“U-um...Blaziken...that’s a bit...” May began, not sure exactly what words would best describe this situation, but the tall, strong fiery rooster had no patience for explanations.
He chose to force matters by grabbing hold of May’s breasts, groping them through the fabric of her red top, squeezing firmly, but making sure his claws wouldn’t cut into her flesh.

May moaned, her face contorting as she tried to suppress the moan by biting her lip, very embarrassed to be in this situation in front of her father. She was a novice when it came to sexuality, but interest in the topic had been growing over the past few months. She just didn’t expect the first one to interact with her sexually would be her starter Pokémon!

” Don’t, she will be in’re too big...”, Norman tried to dissuade Blaziken from advancing on his daughter, and got a harsh stare in return. The Fire/Fighting type removed his clawed hands from May’s breasts, only to assume a fighting stance in front of Norman, clearly prepared to go violent if the man insisted in denying him the right to mate, here and now.

Norman was freshly beaten in a Pokémon battle, and would have to face this fierce creature with his bare hands. He was smart enough not to say or do anything.

Huffing, Blaziken turned around and resumed what he had started, now using his claws to rip open May’s clothes. Norman feared she would be left bleeding, but she had no traces of injuries, and was amazed by his precision. He had made her nearly naked, though.

She trembled, as the realization of her impending first time hit her. Blaziken moved to rip off the final clothing items covering the brunette’s pussy and breasts- her underwear, both items white. His left hand yanked her panties off, while his right reached behind her back to rip the strings holding the bra in place.

The resulting sight was beautiful- May’s curvy body illuminated by the sunlight coming through the Gym window, her jutting breasts fully exposed, her nipples poking out a bit, while down below, her pussy had a bit of a bush above the entrance, which was now slightly moist. Blaziken smirked and grew even harder, now truly aware of the reasons why he had fantasized about making May his.

Wasting no time, he cupped her breasts, licking her face and neck, and in response, his Trainer kissed his beak, triggering a tonguing kiss, which Blaziken assumed human females liked, since May kept emitting squeals of pleasure and spread her legs, revealing a very wet pussy.
She arched herself into his warm body, and Blaziken knew she had accepted her fate, continuing to give her pleasure, by groping her breasts and sucking on them. He maneuvered her body to be in the right position to get impaled on his long, thick shaft.

Norman felt terrible for having a boner while watching this, but he couldn’t wave it away. He had to admit his daughter was beautiful. It was worrisome to think if she could handle sex with a Pokémon, but at least the Petalburg Gym Leader was somewhat calmed down by realizing she had given Blaziken consent.

And he took the opportunity, thrusting upwards to penetrate May’s vagina from behind, holding her firmly, as she winced at the pain she felt in the beginning. Norman saw traces of blood leaking out from her pussy, and could only hope things got better for his daughter.

And indeed, after some time, the pained facial expression left May’s face, something Blaziken felt through the relaxation of her body in his hands. At that point, he picked up the pace of his thrusts, causing May to cry out from increasing arousal and pleasure. It was his first time, not just hers, but somehow, Blaziken knew how to make May feel good, guided by subconscious, genetic knowledge of erotic pleasure.

“Ahhh! Y-yes...right there! Ohhh, Blaziken...”

He could tell that hitting a certain spot in her vagina always caused her to express her delight loudly. Norman realized Blaziken had found May’s G-spot, and couldn’t help but begin to jack off, deep inside knowing he was sexually outclassed by the Pokémon, as May orgasmed from the constant kisses and thrusts into her. Her body would go rigid for about a minute, before her muscles would relax, until a new orgasm hit. However, there would be an interruption which would change things drastically.

One of the Trainers in the Gym heard loud moans and screams coming from the main arena, and came to investigate. He saw a Pokémon fucking a young brunette. Since he was in shock, and didn’t notice Norman masturbating because his view of the leader was obstructed, he failed to realize sex was consensual. Norman hadn’t told him the challenger was his daughter, and thus, the Trainer rushed in, suspecting rape.

” Get away from her, you beast!”, he yelled, running in to try and punch the Pokémon, who of course, objected to this intrusion.

” N-no! W-wait! He’s...”, May spoke, trying to prevent the misreading of the situation by both Pokémon and human alike. She was too slow, though.

Blaziken turned around, still buried to the hilt in May, punched the male in the gut, and swiftly hooked his right arm around the neck of the light brown-haired Trainer, before he could even register May’s objection. The dragon sleeper was locked in, with immediate, lethal effect. What Blaziken did next, was even more shocking.

He continued thrusting into May, who couldn’t help but moan in confused pleasure, even as she looked at the fading resistance of the trapped Trainer. The fiery bird even ignored Norman’s pleas to let the offending Trainer live. Blaziken was too close to ejaculation, and there was a way to set it off, and show his strength off.


The upwards flex of Blaziken’s bicep and the resulting hard snap of the male Ace Trainer’s neck happened just as he used his left arm to pull up May for a kiss, which made this whole situation extremely confusing for her.
She enjoyed the feeling of Blaziken’s penis firing hot cum into her womb, but even as the kiss was wonderful, the murder of another human being was very wrong. Yet, Blaziken seemed to enjoy his own strength, flexing his biceps in front of her. As Norman held his head in his hands, his daughter feared this was her fault.

She didn’t think about the personality traits common in certain Pokémon types, not until now. Blaziken’s actions made sense, when she connected fire to passion, and fighting to competitiveness and leadership. The Trainer whose neck Blaziken had just snapped was a competitor preventing Blaziken from showing his full passion for May. So, he showed his fighting skills off, by eliminating the threat.
The kill also emphasized his passion for fighting, as he seemed to enjoy the way how he performed the dragon sleeper, all the way to the neck snap which killed his victim.

A bit lost in the pleasure of ejaculation into his Trainer, the Fire/Fighting type didn’t register Norman leaving the arena in a stressed-out state, after he heard his wife Caroline calling him in a worried tone of voice, after she heard all the noise from the Gym.

Caroline was as pale as a ghost upon hearing Norman’s version of the tragic events. Even though May was apparently unharmed and even had consensual sex, Caroline rushed into the arena alongside Norman. She witnessed the tall, muscular Pokémon groping and suckling on her daughter’s breasts, blushing at the rather embarrassing sight. However, upon noticing a Trainer’s corpse, she turned serious.

“I will not let a savage killer be with my daughter! May, where is his Pokéball? He must be banished away from humans!”

Caroline was stern, and May actually started reaching for her belt where the item was located, but it was the Pokémon who stopped the woman’s ideas of having him arrested and sent away from human habitations.

Caroline was an attractive woman in her early thirties, and this decided his treatment of her. Instead of a brutal attack, Blaziken simply grabbed her dress, and shot small embers to burn the fabric away, making the panicked woman scream, although she calmed down somewhat when she realized he was quite accurate and simply ruined her clothing, leaving her in a red bra and panties.

Caroline knew what this meant, and a look downwards proved her right. Blaziken was as hard as he was when he took May- this shocked Norman the most, who was quite dismayed by the reality of the avian creature taking his wife, next. He knew no human could compare to this Blaziken- that stamina and strength, that length and exotic allure were going to get him any woman he wanted.

“Please, no... we promised each other until death...”, Norman said, pointing to the ring on his and Caroline’s middle finger, as he still pleaded with the Fire/Fighting Pokémon. Blaziken simply shook his head, indicating he wasn’t interested in any commitments between humans.

The mention of death actually gave him an effective way of breaking all resistance in Norman. Pushing him down to his knees, he crossed his legs behind the Gym Leader’s head while forcing his erection into his mouth. A forceful squeeze of those muscular legs was a clear threat.

May watched with unrestrained awe and amazement as her dad sucked Blaziken off, while Caroline moaned into his beak, spreading her legs as he fingered and groped her, after having removed her bra and panties. Her starter Pokémon quickly ensured the compliance of both humans, particularly of her mother through skillful touches, and this made May begin to finger herself with excitement.

When Caroline orgasmed from a particularly pleasurable suckling of her nipples, barely avoiding a fall from the loss of muscle control, Blaziken was ready to move onto the next part of his conquest of May’s family. It would end badly for Norman.

The stud pulled his wet erection from the man’s mouth, and immediately thrust into his wife’s mouth, while picking up Norman by the neck and legs, only to place him across the muscular back, the worried man facing up. Blaziken gradually pulled down on the human’s neck and legs, causing him to whine from increasing pain, while his wife moaned from the facefucking she was getting.

She thought the painful hold on her husband was a way to ensure she completed the act of cheating him. However, Blaziken already knew she would do it, and intended to break Norman in half just because it was a way to strongly assert dominance. The man also needed to be punished for annoying Blaziken with verbal protests, when he lacked the courage to actually do anything to fight for his daughter and wife.

The Blaziken forcefully stretched Norman’s back in one powerful pull, and simultaneously hilted himself balls-deep inside Caroline’s mouth, causing her to let out muffled moans and lick his massive balls, just before multiple cracks of Norman’s spine froze her and May.

It was too late to save Norman, who yelped several times, as his body twitched, before his flopping ceased, and legs went completely limp. During that dance of suffering, Blaziken shot a few spicy loads into Caroline’s waiting mouth, but used all of his focus to avoid firing all the seed he had. The complete conquest of this woman awaited.

Blaziken pulled out from her mouth, letting her get her breath back and swallow the cum in her throat, while laying down a crippled Norman behind himself on the ground. May ran down to check on her father, and, after checking he was alive, but paralyzed, looked at Blaziken with deep sadness, to what he reacted by flexing his toned arms and suckling on her breasts lightly. He thought he could replace her father entirely.

While May dealt with the realization of her father’s fate, Blaziken set Caroline down, already preparing to penetrate her. While she did not resist, her tearful eyes and constant looking in Norman’s direction told him she was concerned.

An inquisitive caw was answered by her plea: “Please, don’t leave him to suffer. He is a good man.”

Blaziken nodded after some time, and placed Norman’s head so that his face was almost touching the Fire/Fighting type’s ballsack, before wrapping thick red-yellow legs around the man’s head.

A firm order to the man preceded the first thrust into Caroline, whose hands were pinned by May’s starter Pokemon, while his beak went to May’s mouth. Caroline was amazed by how deep the Pokemon reached inside of her, and arched into him, while Norman gave in, licking and sucking on the balls of the deadly stud.

All of this led to an explosion of sexual passion, as Blaziken began groping the breasts of both females, while also making out with one, then the other. His hips gyrated, adding to Caroline’s pleasure, and at the same time making the balls worshipped by Norman swing around on his face.

Caroline’s ecstatic cries became louder and louder, as she experienced overloading pleasure, regretfully having to admit to herself that Norman could not do to her what May’s Blaziken was doing right now.

“Oh, yesss...! Please, more, faster...Blaziken... I’m so close to cumming...!”

Blaziken heard the intense words of Caroline, and decided she had been won over; thus, he could mark the occasion by ejaculating into her. His right hand swung back, and grabbed Norman’s hard-on, pumping it through his trousers, eliciting groans from the surprised male.

In contrast with this, Blaziken tightened the squeeze on Norman’s neck, preparing to end his life, and leave himself as the sole man in Caroline and May’s lives.

When pinching of May’s clit caused her to orgasm and scream loudly, Blaziken was already making the final thrusts into her mom. One feral cry came, a Flamethrower shot up into the ceiling, a groan from Norman, and then, a hard twist and crack.

As Caroline felt her own body sink into the land of bliss, her juices mixed with Blaziken’s cum, as his dick fired all the seed his balls stored. May was in her own orgasmic throes, fueled by the Pokémon kissing her mother after the Flamethrower of triumph, but also, the snapping of her dad’s neck.
Both Caroline and May were amazed by the strength of Blaziken’s legs, and stared at Norman’s twitching body, but Blaziken jerked his hips upwards, ending anything left of the man’s life, while tonguing intensely with Caroline. Meanwhile, he was still cumming in her- it took time for him to finish.

When May’s turn for kissing came, Blaziken twisted her dead father’s neck again, causing a new snap, and the young brunette gasped pleasurably into his mouth, Blaziken realizing his deadly moves now turned on the females. While making out with his Trainer, he twisted the trapped neck several more times, breaking it wherever he could.

When he finally got up and pulled out of Caroline, Blaziken noticed the front of Norman’s trousers had a dark spot. Turning him over, he smirked, pointing to evidence of Norman cumming before his death, something which made Caroline smile.

Blaziken had his own ideas on how to continue dominating the females he had just claimed as his, and it all began with him grabbing Caroline’ left arm, as he pushed her down, keeping the limb pointing upwards. He had locked in a straight armbar, and looked at the woman, who didn’t fight back, despite evident discomfort. She nodded, giving the fiery bird consent to break her arm. Blaziken applied devastating force instantly, causing an agonizing scream from Caroline, after the targeted limb snapped at the shoulder.
Quickly, he kissed her afterwards, feeling his hard-on return as he gave the woman some sweet, sexy pain and pleasure. There were other noises- May was fingering herself at the sight of this hold, and Blaziken was eager to use his submission holds knowledge to break her, too.

He quickly tackled his Trainer, and following her gasp of delight, leaned back, trapping her left leg under his right armpit, while his long legs fixated it. He pulled back and to the side, snapping the bones and ligaments in her foot, making a triumphant cry as he showed off his skill.

May screamed in pain, immediately realizing she wouldn’t be able to walk now. It was so easy for Blaziken to do this to anyone. His face looked so focused, too, and his penis stood proud, fueled by physical domination.
He saw her amazement at his quick sexual regeneration, and swiftly released her broken foot, jumping on top of her with an overwhelming kiss. Within moments, he penetrated her pussy, and began giving it to her, hard.