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Fallout 4 Zero Suit Samus mod

Discussion in 'Game Mods' started by Crafted-Lightning, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. Crafted-Lightning

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    Aug 2, 2015
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    Download is on my DeviantArt:

    Mod - Zero Suit Samus Shiny Version Fallout 4

    (I have all my work on DeviantArt, the reasons being is it means I don't have to go to multiple websites and maintain all the files, it means my work is kept up to date and looked after. Everyone can access the work without having to sign up, even age restricted content can be accessed by entering DOB, that is still done without signing up. It also allows me to keep an eye on stats and see what mods are popular allowing me to plan accordingly. I also appreciate any comments even if that be criticism or whatever to be posted on DeviantArt as again I keep that area maintained and allows me to respond to you quicker if you need help or anything else. Please accept this choice, as I accept your choices, if you don't wanna download from DeviantArt then I respect your choice. Also just as I use another website for my 'base' does not mean I do not respect the members of this site as I do with any other user who takes time to view my work).

    (I've also now made a mature version on my other DeviantArt for patrons on patreon, if anyone is interested in what it looks like it can be previewed here: Mod-Patreon-Fallout 4 Zero Suit Samus Survival V)
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