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Fallen Knight

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by KevinFace, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. KevinFace

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    Apr 3, 2010
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    I posted this from my phone after finally finding my way to this site.

    I toke a couple of risks when I wrote this, I'll do editing when I get back.

    After browsing through thoughts, I finally settled on Naomi Knight as a victim.

    About the match scheduled for tonight. Victory can only be attained by pinfall, and the unlucky victim is Naomi Knight. She looks mighty fine walking onto the stage and into the ring.

    Her hair extends to her waist, somewhat curly, she dons a blue sports bra with midriff, blue booty shorts, both with white outlines.

    White and blue ring shoes complete the outfit. She stands 5'5" and weighs 123 lbs with a good build. Poor girl, she has on light makeup though.

    Naomi's opponent is 6'0", and is built like a tank. Naomi's opponent is someone you have nightmares about. Roland is dead. I will not describe the outfit because it is too difficult to physically comprehend. I also feel bad for her mother but I am merely over exaggerating her appearance, she is not even ugly. Just call her Dragon.

    Both these women are black by the way. The ring is also an octagon shape.


    Bell rings.

    Dragon rushes towards Naomi with a telegraphed lariat.

    Naomi runs under said attack and immediately jumps.

    Dragon turns smack dab into a nasty, yet well placed Enzuigiri to the face. She stumbles, stunned from the impact.

    Naomi takes advantage by extending her left arm, seizing the back of Dragon's head.

    Dragon is met with forearm smashes to the face in rapid session, she's being relentlessly wailed on!

    Naomi continues by clinching Dragon, pulling her in for a knee strike.

    It collides with Dragon's stomach, causing her to double over as her opponent seeks a grapple.

    Naomi places her head under Dragon's jaw, holding the woman in place. She falls into a seated position, driving the jaw to the top of her head.

    Dragon takes the seated jawbreaker full on, landing on her back.

    She sits up to find Naomi standing not near her, but is running towards her.

    Intent on finishing Dragon with one of her special moves: a leg lariat nicknamed "Nightfalls".

    Well, Knight fell when the attempted leg lariat was countered into a sudden spine buster-- yOu ArE pLaYiNg bY MY RULES nOw!

    The impact is surprisingly harsh, Naomi arches her back, holding it in pain as Dragon moves in.

    Her hands latch on to both of Naomi's ankles, spreading her legs apart for a cruel groin stomp.

    Naomi grunts, attempting to close her legs while reaching for her crotch. It draws a sympathetic groan from the audience.

    It warranted a follow up groin stomp, drawing out a similar response, causing Naomi to grunt louder.

    It's a distraction. Naomi found that out when Dragon's foot landed beside her rib. The lower body was elevated, her legs wrapped in a figure four.

    Dragon turned around, flipping Naomi prone as she leaned back for the Sharpshooter submission.

    She crudely arches the diva's back.

    Naomi cringes her face in agony, struggling towards the ropes.

    Dragon transitions into an extreme variation. She torques Naomi's back to the point in which her foot is next to her head!

    Natalya submitted AJ Lee with this cruel maneuver within seconds. Naomi is not that fortune.

    She is now crying out, pounding her fist on the ground, shaking her head about.

    Dragon is actually trying to hurt her-- ThErE iS No ESCAPE~!

    The horrid angle begins taking its toll, painful cracks emit from Naomi's back and ribs.

    It continues until she is released, her lower body harshly slapping the mat. Despite this early in humane treatment, Naomi is still moving.

    sTiLl GoT sOmE FIGHT iN yOu...

    Dragon forces Naomi to her feet by the hair. A knee strike soon colliding with her opponent's sternum.

    Naomi nearly loses her breath, as she did her balance upon doubling over.

    Dragon under hooks her arms and lifts Naomi. She flips her in midair, pressing down on the diva's stomach. Naomi's upper back is driven to the ground for a Double Underhook Powerbomb.

    I aM nOt DoNe YET~!

    Dragon reels Naomi into a seated positi-- oh a knee collided with the bridge of her nose!

    The diva cries out in pain. This theoretical monster once again raises Naomi to a seated position.

    A left arm ensnares Naomi's neck in a front face lock, right arm wraps around her corresponding thigh.

    Dragon stands up, simultaneously lifting her opponent up. She drive Naomi head first, to the mat, from well over 6 feet for a Brain Buster Suplex.

    Cue sympathetic groan from the audience, Naomi is laying spread eagle on the mat. It seems the impact briefly knocked her out.

    But she's still conscious, her chest heaves up and down breath after breath.


    Naomi is jolted awake.

    Dragon pulls viciously on her wrists while pressing equally viciously on her upper back with her foot. Seated surfboard submission.

    Naomi's face is nearly driven to the ground. She squints her eyes in pain. The compression of her shoulders and opposing pressure of her back.

    ArE yOu HaViNg FuN? BeCaUsE I AM.

    Dragon under hooks Naomi's arms and elevates her above the ground for an Elevated Double Chickenwing.

    Truth be told Naomi isn't having any fun; and she has a crowd that sympathizes with her. After all they want a show, not a slaughter.

    She's not a jobber at all. Had she been able to submit, that Sharpshooter would've ended it.

    But with Dragon in control, this match doesn't HAVE to END! No pin fall, no rope break, no disqualification and NOTHING SHIELDING NAOMI FROM A GLAM SLAM.

    The echoing boos from the crowd won't protect her, nor will the collectively annoying chanting of her name as they beckon her to stand.

    Naomi can't hear you while she's laying prone.

    "I am in the ring, I am the competitor, my needs supersede yours!"

    Dragon balances on the back of Naomi's thighs. She wraps the diva's calves around her own and reaches for her wrist.

    Naomi offers no resistance and is effortlessly elevated into the Romero Special you saw coming.

    The pain is now focused on her knees and shoulders and groin.

    She grunts and groins while the submission forces her stomach to heave with her arched vertebrae.

    Her head flies back with her hair hanging. Naomi meekly moans, straining while she has to endure.

    Endure the torture upon her limbs and torment in humiliation, lower body bouncing up and down with her breasts.

    Naomi both battered and vulnerable on display for the crowd-- dO nOt AcT LiKe YoU aRe NOT ENJOYING THIS!

    Too weak to scream or screech, dangling above like the glistening lampshade.

    A dragon sleeper variation would end this.

    Too bad Naomi is now laying prone, as evidenced by the thud. Hope they toke pictures while it lasted.

    Not too soon after, her gorgeous hair is beneath the heel of Dragon.

    The monster digs and twists her foot on her head. "Look on the bright side" she sneers to her dirt eating diva, "You could've been Gina Carano".

    Muffle, muffle, muffle-- "SORRY, I CAN NOT HEAR YOU UNDER MY FOOT!"

    Dragon has grown bored with Naomi.

    The crowd is equally impatient with collective disdain.

    And so has Cameron... wait what?

    Things are looking up for Naomi as Cameron approaches the ring.


    The anger manifested in the fierce stomping of Naomi's head.

    Why are those other divas following behind? I thought that one retired! No... this doesn't make sense.

    The mob repels Dragon like common sides of a magnet. She turns yellow upon being outnumbered.

    They are divine divas, none the monsters I wanted them to be.

    Their greatest flaw and advantage is their humanity, something Dragon currently lacks.

    The crowd loves this much like they hate Dragon.

    Rapid heart beat building adrenal heat. It tells Dragon to run, and she does with her tail between her legs.

    Dragon really is fortunate. She never gave Naomi that mercy she received.

    Hear the crowd roar in approval during and after Dragon's departure. First Roland's death and now this?

    I am not satisfied.

    I do not understand them.

    I shoot in the television's general direction!


    I've seen the last of that TV, but they haven't seen the last of Dragon! Have a rotten day... THIS IS THE END GO AWAY!