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ERP: The Fallen Angel

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Raden, Mar 15, 2014.

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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Rhema and I just finished a fantastic RP involving Elina, an angel character of his creating, and Taresh, a demoness of mine. Taresh has been... on hiatus, due to lack of interest. Apparently, this has changed and she's back in business....

    Here is a terrific RP featuring the two. Forgive the fact that it reads like an IRC log, because, well, it's an IRC log.


    * Elina landed on the roof to a huge concerte multistory carpack. Wearing a light breast plate with gold lining she place a hand on the hilt of her sword, wings folding behind her as she glanced about at the strange metal veichles the people used.
    * Elina sniffed at the air and scowled "She must be near.." drawing the sword she strolled confidently across the carpark.
    * Elina looked out at the sky, the sun had only just set leaving a blazing trail of orange around them all, she muttered a pray before kicking the door from it's hinges. She had a mission, nothing was going to stop her from ending this letcherous beast.
    * Elina made her way down the stairs to the next floor, again the door flew off it's hinges and bounced across the floor. Drawing her blade in a swift motion she called out "Show yourself Demon, you end is neigh!" (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh had entered Earth through her netherportal not long ago. She'd had a lead on a worthy opponent, but it seemed to have gotten cold.
    <Raden> Taking on the disguise of a human woman, she had walked through the carpark. Her quarry had... somehow... managed to elude her.
    <Raden> She cursed. It was not like her to lose a trail.
    <Raden> Her eyes darted around, making sure no one was around before she opened her portal to return home... but before she could, a door blew off its hinges and skittered across the floor.
    <Raden> A brilliant angel, pristine and pure, hair the colour of shining gold stood before her. "Show yourself, demon!" the words were uttered.
    <Raden> She cringed, playing the part. "Aaah! Wh... what's happening??"
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina stepped out into the carpark, striding out to glance around for a few moments completely ignoring what she thought was just a human. Sniffing at the air she frowned and made a quick walk over to the human, placing a hand on her shoulder as she scanned the room.
    * Elina could smell her, so close.. "Stay low human. You would be wise to leave this place as soo..." Her words stopping as her gaze went down to the human, gazing at her with stone faced determination. Lifting her sword slowly as her mind worked, trying to judge weather this was a human or demon in disguise. The Scent was strong, too strong.. (yt)
    <Raden> "What? Is... is there danger? Are you a guardian angel?" Taresh asked.
    <Raden> She thrilled at the thought of a real angel being right in front of her. She had such a perfect opportunity. She was glad she hadn't left sooner.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina narrowed her eyes, lifting her blade to lightly press against the Human's side "Stay still.. I will not harm you.. Unless." She leant forward to press her nose against the human's hair, taking one more deep sniff. A sure way to tell if this really was a human, her sword hand tencing as she saw though the disguse.
    * Elina relised she was too close, stepping back to bring her blade back and try jam it forward into the disguised demon, at least she hoped. (yt)
    <Raden> *She knows. She must. She's on to me.*
    <Raden> Dashing forward as the angel drew back, Taresh met her with a spear to the stomach!
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina wings spread as her blade was too slow, the weak human managed to them both flying back some distance as she landed on her back and skidded back, her sword rattled and skidded out of reach.
    <Elina> "Such cowardly tactics! I expect no less!"
    * Elina locked her fingers together and raise her balled up fists to bash down into the disguised human's back. (yt)
    <Raden> The blow struck her between the shoulder blades, right where her wings met.
    <Raden> She screeched in pain as she rolled off to the side, dropping her disguise and revealing her true form.
    <Raden> Her skin was a lurid purple, clad in black leather, with flat knee boots. Her midnight black hair hung loose, and short red horns tipped her head.
    <Raden> Retractable three inch talons adorned her fingers.
    <Raden> "So..." she said. "It looks like I will have some sport today after all..."
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina put her hands to the ground and hopped to her feet, stepping back slowly during the tranformation "Sport? This shall your slaughter demon... I Strike just and true, today you fall!" ducking down to try and grab her sword.
    * Elina would turn and charge towards Taresh if she managed to grab her blade, ready to sweep it up at the abomination that stood before her. (yt)
    <Raden> With a powerful flap of her wings, Taresh immediately ate the distance between the two, stepping on the sword.
    <Raden> "Ah, ah, ah... come now. We don't need that, do we?"
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina froze as her boot came down on her blade, turning her head to glare up at Taresh "Indeed, I shall have to beat you to ASH!" Bolting up as her wings gave a swift flap bringing her fist up in a allmighty uppercut. (yt)
    <Raden> "Ungh!" Taresh's head snapped back as she was knocked over backwards.
    <Raden> She shook her head, not expecting the blow to be that hard, as she rose to her hands and knees.
    <Raden> "That... that was a good one. But there is one problem."
    <Raden> "I'm still conscious."
    <Raden> She looked up at Elina as she sneered, rising to her feet, checking her lip for blood.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina stone face faded for a moment, a flash of anger rose inside of her. "You will wish it had!" leaping forward with her fist lowered, upon landing she swung it over and tried to slam down atop the demons head in another heavy attack. (yt)
    <Elina> Wish it had sent you back to hell^
    <Raden> *WHUMP.*
    <Raden> Taresh saw stars for a moment as the angel bashed her in the head with the pommel of her sword.
    <Raden> She'd never been struck so hard. How did... how did she do it?
    <Raden> She stumbled a couple steps as her eyes glazed momentarily.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina calmness returned as she saw the demon stunned "Now you know what it is to fight one stronger! Preying on poor humans.." Her arm reaching out to try and grasp hold of her ankle and yank back, wanting to see the demon on her back and in fear before her blade met it's chest! (yt)
    <Raden> The angel grabbed her ankle and pulled her leg out from under her, upending her and dropping her on her back.
    <Raden> The impact was enough to bring her back to her senses, and she managed to just roll out of the way before the sword impaled her, driving itself two feet into the concrete.
    <Raden> Taresh rolled back to her feet nimbly, shaking off the last of the blow to her head.
    <Raden> "But I have no weapon of my own with which to fight you. This can hardly be considered a fair fight."
    <Raden> Taresh darted in and spun low, trying to sweep-kick the angel off her feet.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina blade sunk down into the floor, she striked down strong and true.. Enough to lodge the blade in the ground. Smirking at her words, she was the good.. Never to fail nor faulter, turning with her fists balled up "Then your execution will be slow and paiWHuuugghh!" Slamming down onto her back, wings spread again as the demon caught her offguard.
    * Elina rolled to her feet and tried to bring her shoulder into the demon's gut, hoping to spring up and throw Taresh over her shoulder. (yt)
    <Raden> Elina hit the ground hard, but not hard enough as she darted to her feet again, like white lightning.
    <Raden> She dug her shoulder into Taresh's stomach and tossed her, but she simply glided through the air, hovering about ten feet above.
    <Raden> Grinning at the angel, she cupped her hand, and it seemed to fill itself with dark energy... then she slung it at her!
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina eyes followed the demon as her throw was completely useless, watching her fly up above, looking shocked as the blast of dark energy slammed down into her, underestimated her foe greatly as she buckled down into the ground. Her armour black and singed, flat out on the floor stunned for a moment. (yt)
    <Raden> The dark energy impacted Elina's chest, knocking her to the ground.
    <Raden> Even Taresh looked surprised. *That's... never happened before..*
    <Raden> Taresh shook her head, realizing what just happened. She angeld downward and pushed with her wings, launching herself at the angel, fist extended, trying to punch her in the stomach!
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina doubled over as the demons fist slamed with with great velocity into her gut, the leather armour buckling to leave a harsh dent.
    <Elina> Curling forward she brought her wings up to wrap around the demon, at least hoping to slow her next attack, arms whipping out to clutch at her wrists and bring a leg up to kick wildly the abomination that had the upper hand.
    <Elina> With a rasped voice "Do not revel yet monster!" (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh struggled with all the distractions... the wing cage, the struggle. The wild kicks were irritating, more than effective, due to her bad position.
    <Raden> Taresh brought her head back, and then headbutted the radiant angel squarely in the face!
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina head snapped back against the solid flooring, a dent showing in the concerete behind her head, releasing Taresh's hands. The only reply she could give, was her boot swinging up to try and catch between her legs. (yt)
    <Raden> "Uphh!" Taresh groaned out, the kick meeting her crotch. "And here I thought I fought dirty...!"
    <Raden> She rolled off of the angel, getting to one knee.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina slowly rolled to her side, getting to her feet with a stumble.
    <Elina> Hand holding her gut for a moment before her wings splayed out and curved at the air, with a heavy sweep she flew through the airtowards Taresh hoping to wrap her arms around her waist and continue flying untill her back met the large concerte wall. (yt)
    <Raden> as Elina flew at her, Taresh cast her hands outward... Elina charged right into a net of darkness!
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina cried out as the net wrapped around her, slamming and skidding across the floor upto Taresh's feet, Elina flailed and struggled at the dark energy burned at her. Her wings splaying out to stretch out the net "HARPY!" she cried hoping it would dissapate or she would break free soon. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh changed the shape of it... it became tendrils of dark energy that bound her by the wrists and ankles, holding her upright.
    <Raden> Taresh stepped up to the angel.
    <Raden> "Oh dear," she purred. "It seems I don't need a weapon after all. I cheat."
    <Raden> Suddenly she punched the angel in the face with a right cross, smacking her in the jaw, then hammered her with a left, knocking her head back the other way.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina stopped struggling as the net shifted and changed around her, brought upto her feet and held out her arms.
    * Elina narrowed her eyes and stared coldly Taresh, her snapping to the side at the first strike. The second brought a splatter of blood as her head snapped the other way as it hung down for a moment, gazing at the floor before lifting her head to keep her gaze on the demon, keeping her vigil and staying silent. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh followed up with an uppercut to her face, and then a punch to her stomach.
    <Raden> "You're not so righteous now, are you? You're caught in my web..."
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina fists curled before the next strike, head snapping back before getting hit in the stomach, coughing out another small splatter of blood, aimed at Taresh this time.
    * Elina suddenly thrashed and reared back with a roar, tugging and pulling at the bonds with all her might. Beleiveing her will could over power this demonic magic! Wings fluttering wildy behind her. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh watched Elina struggle in the binds.
    <Raden> "Just like the fly... every bit playing the part."
    <Raden> Taresh put her hands on Elina's shoulders and hugged her close, simultaneously driving a knee into stomach.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina continued the thrash madly before the arms curled around her, knee meeting her stomach as her enitre body jolted. Wings folding back, replying to the demon wiuth a few wheezing coughs.
    <Elina> "I.. I under..stand... You are too feared to.. face me properly.. I.. Do not blame you.." The corners of her lips curling into a feint smile. (yt)
    <Raden> "Hmm. Properly? There is no properly... only effectively."
    <Raden> "Morals do not win the war. Results matter."
    <Raden> Taresh waved her hand and the binds disappeared, dropping Elina to her hands and knees... only to have Taresh's boot catch her in the fact as she punted her!
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina fell down onto all fours, reading to leap away and regain her composure but the punt sent her over onto her back again, crawling back against the ground untill she could get stom distance and get to her feet. The Angel suddenly leaps off to end up amonster a line of parked cars.
    * Elina moved around to a cars front and pushed at it, feet slipping against the ground untill she got purchase and hoped it went flying towards this troublesom demon. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh lost sight of the angel and cursed. She wasn't going to let a second quarry get away.
    <Raden> As she worked her way between cars, she heard the scraping of rubber against pavement. She turned just in time to get struck by a car.
    <Raden> The force of the impact sent her hurtling, with her on top of the car.
    <Raden> The car smashed through the wall of an abandoned building, sandwiching her into it!
    <Raden> Debris crashed down, and plaster smoke puffed up, obscuring the area.
    <Raden> Inside the wreckage, it was quiet.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina would cheer at her good fortune, seeing nothing more then a hole in the wall and the Demon gone, but she knew better spreading her wings to float over the wreckage, with a few heavy sweeps the dust had been blown away.
    * Elina continued to hover above the scene before looking at the adjacent building, with a loud and drawn out sigh she hammer her fist against the wall beside the wreckage, after a few more heavy and tiring blows she would burst through the wall, keeping herself readied for battle. (yt) ^^
    <Raden> Taresh, sore from the impact but still in fighting shape, suddenly swooped down on the angel and flew, guiding her to the car she had destroyed and slamming her into the hood of it, chest first.
    <Raden> She grabbed a handful of her sunshine coloured hair, pulled back, and slammed her face viciously into the hood, denting it.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina suddenly lost control of her body as the demon rammed chest chest down into the car, letting out a howl of pain before her head slammed down into the bonnet. Legs jerking as the bonnet dented beneith her face.
    * Elina tried to speak, but all that was here were muffled groans. Her arm reaching back to desperatly grasp or grope at.. Anything! Hoping to find purchase on Taresh's horn, her plan was to push her body back against the car and swivel the demon down against the bonnet. (yt)
    <Raden> The grasp was desperate, and Taresh swatted her arm out of the way.
    <Raden> Pulling the angel off the car, she opened the driver's side door, then stuck her head in.
    <Raden> Positioning her just right, Taresh suddenly slammed the car door on her skull!
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina jolted, wings aflutter as the door slammed into her head, body going limp for a few moments as the door swung open from bouncing against her skull, desperarly crawled into the car, her head spinning, blood mixing with her golden hair and staining all she passed, trying to make it to the back seat for a moments respite, the world a spinning haze to her at this point. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh grabbed her by one of the wings, and pulled her back out.
    <Raden> "Ah, ah, sweetie. You're not going anywhere."
    <Raden> "And you're spilling that precious blood everywhere."
    <Raden> Taresh locked her arms around the angel's neck, and began to choke her, forcing her to her knees for more leverage.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina gasped in pain as her wing was yanked, dragged back from the car her fingers grasped at the door untill the arm came around her neck, lowering her head to try and lessen the holds grip, being forced to her knees clenched it back down around her throat.
    * Elina wings fluttered slightly as her elbow swung back frantically hoping to strike somthing, her mouth opening to try and sink her teeth into Taresh's arm, biting a demon was beyond revolting.. But she was loosing, this can't happen! (yt)
    <Raden> Elina's elbow connected with Taresh's midsection, but there wasn't enough steam to punch through her body's unnatural resistance.
    <Raden> "Aw... nice try, cupcake. But not enough..."
    <Raden> Taresh fell to her back, dragging the seraphim with her so she was in her lap, and she leg-scissored Elina, further entrapping her as she continued to choke her.
    <Raden> "haha... thats right. Even the mighty angels cannot stop me..."
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina slumped back as her resistance had utterly failed her, the legs locking around her waist as she was choked, gagging and whimpering in her throat. Wings pushing back against Taresh's body, teeth holding into the demon bicept, only a pinch of skin between her teeth but to her it was a mile. "NnggHhh"
    * Elina continued to wriggle meekly in the demon's grasp, there was less of a glow to the angel now. Blood still trickling down the side of her head, hands pushing down against the scissoring legs trying desperatly to pry them apart. (yt)
    <Raden> *Can I really do it? Could I really wear down and degrade an angel...*
    <Raden> *Do I... do I have that ability?*
    <Raden> *WHat am I saying... I can .. I can do this. Just like any human, she must have her limits. I simply have to keep at her.*
    <Raden> Taresh now began to rock back and forth a little, and soon she began to breathe a little heavy. It took a while for Elina to realize that Taresh was grinding her, arousing herself.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina felt the warmth behind her, eyes closing tightly as a deep shiver ran through her body. Her arm pullinng back to try and take her long nails across her leg.
    <Elina> (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh let the choke go, but grabbed her arm and hammerlocked her, snaring her further.
    <Raden> "Keep falling into the trap..." she whispered into her ear, her voice shuddering slightly as she ground on Elina harder, the scent of arousal now noticeable.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina gasped as the choke was released, arching her back untill he arm was pulled up behind her back, she could taste the demons arousal in the air.. With a change of tactics she started to join in, shivering at her words as the angle started to grind back against the demon with a weakly muttered "n.. no..." (yt)
    <Raden> "haahh..." exhaled Taresh, as Elina started to grind back.
    <Raden> *Is that it? The end of her resistance? Or is she merely toying with me...*
    <Raden> Changing up the hold a little, she rolled Elina onto her stomach, then bent her leg and trapped it, clasping her hands around her chin in an STF as she attacked the angel's knee, midsection and her neck.
    <Raden> She kept grinding on her, and in this position it looked for all the world like she was fucking her.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina shook her head as she was twisted and dragged over into a new hold, arching her head to rest against the floor, gasping at each thrust as her limbs seared with pain and throbbed beneith the demon. "UGGHGhhgg..." her hips trying to rock back against the demons smooth grinding. "S.. Stoooopp...MMggfff.."
    * Elina between groans of pain, her limbs and stomach straining grealy, trying to give a lusty squeek between them as part of her last ditch attempt to turn the tide. (yt)
    <Raden> "hhmmmgg..." Taresh groaned, as she continued to use Elina's body to get herself off.
    <Raden> She began to get a little wet as she kept punishing Elina with the submission hold.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina squeeks as her head met with the floor again, limbs starting to quiver and shake beneith the hold "UGngng P.. Pleease.." wings giving nother light flutter, followed by a hot gasp.. She couldn't hold this up for much longer as her entire body started to throb.
    <Elina> Nowere near used to this type of pain, her body convulsed a couple of times, hands balling up and toes curling, nearly biting her own tounge. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh moaned now, as she came closer and closer to climax.
    <Raden> When the time was right, she quickly unhooked the hold, then pulled Elina back on top of her in ler lap as she wrapped her legs around her, and then she ejaculated, her wetness being able to be felt against Elina's hips.
    <Raden> Taresh exhaled slowly, shuddering, as the thought of an actual angel between her legs lingered on.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina laid atop of Taresh, biting into her lip now as the smell scent of the demons lust lingered in the air, the hot dampness presses against her hips, she quivered and shook as he she lay atop Taresh.
    * Elina called it a ploy in her mind, but this the scent sent her body forward, hips slowly bouncing and rubbing against the wet warmth. "Urffhh... I.. Can't.. S.. Stop..." Giving sweet, quiet gasps. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh relaxed, Elina still caught in her grasp.
    <Raden> She cooed into her ear, gently... "Your turn."
    <Raden> Taresh pulled Elina's breastplate free, leaving her in just her clothing on her uppwe body, as she began to massage Elina's chest.
    <Raden> (yt)
    <Raden> *upper
    * Elina whinced as her chestplate was pulled free, gasping for air only drove the sweet intoxicating scent of the demon deeper into her. Her head shaking weakly as her chest was slowly smoothed and rubbed.
    <Elina> "N.. No... Y.. You dem... demon tem.. temptress!"
    * Elina could not help herself, her hips slowly starting to grind against the demon beneith her, eyes closed tightly. Cheeks flushed a bright red, blood still staining the side of her head. Hips still grinding up agaisnt the demon leg, soon she would feel a warm, wet feeling with each grind. (yt)
    <Raden> As Taresh continued to grope and molest her chest, she used her other hand to pull her lower armour off as well.
    <Raden> "Come now, you don't need these faulds after all, do you?" Taresh asked playfully, dangling the metsal from one finger before tossing it away, and then beginning to grop her crotch as well.
    <Raden> The scissor hold had Elina trapped nice and tight, and Taresh was now fondling her chest and her vagina.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina head reared back, a deep whimper resounded though her throat as her lower armour was swiftly removed, gasping as the demon's hand brushed over and squeesed at her swollen lips.
    * Elina hips started to grind harder against Taresh's hand, her chest pressing tightly into her palm as the demon's hand was soaked in the angel's juices. Gasping in sheer esctasy, in her mind it was wrong.. Sinful! Going against her entire being, but the demon beneith her urged and forced her on. (yt)
    <Raden> "yessssss....." Taresh hissed gently into her ear. "That's right.... let yourself go... let me help you..."
    <Raden> Taresh ceased her assault on Elina's chest, only to turn her head to the side and begin to kiss her, long and deep.
    <Raden> "Give in to it....."
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina turned her head, trying to fight off the kiss but the demons soft lips against her own.. Her soothing, coaxing words caused her to lean in and kiss back shyly as the demons tounge worked into her mouth.
    * Elina toes curled, forcing her swollen lips against the demons teasing hand, rubbing back and forth exitedly. Head twisting into the kiss. (yt)
    <Raden> Sensing that she now had the kiss locked in, Taresh swiped across Elina's chest and crotch with her talons... but only hard enough to shred her exotic white clothing.
    <Raden> She began to findle her vagina and chest again, now with no separation between Elina and modesty.
    <Raden> Taresh began to beat a rhythm into the angel with her hands as she molested her.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina pressed her chest into the demons claws as they slide across her gown, shredding through it with ease, leaving a deep tingling sensation across her chest.
    * Elina followed as the demon leg, the hand pumping and grinding against her honey pot, leaving it wet and sticky as she leaked like a tap againts her fingers, following her rythem tightly. Corrupted and molested, lost to the scents and senations the demon had tainted her with. Clearly loving every second now, shamlessly dry humping her hand. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh had her. It was easier than she'd thought, and she enjoyed it. The majestic, beautiful paragon, lost to the vices of lust. It only spurred Taresh on more.
    <Raden> Her first two fingers slipped inside Elina's vagina now.
    <Raden> "Oops." she purred. "I guess I may as well make the most of it."
    <Raden> Taresh began searching for the right spot.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina gasped out, her hips started to quiver and shake as the two fingers forced up past her tight lips. Her walls warm and silky, her juices lubricating the fingers as her back arched, wings spread and squatted herself down against them. "Nn... D.. DOn't stop.. P.. Please!" She gasped lustfully between thrusts.
    * Elina stopped, hunching back forward again as her tounge nearly hung out of her mouth, the demons fingers hitting the mark. Holding still as her body was flooded with such pleasure, her tight walls quivering against her fingers. "Nn... Wh.. hat.. Are you... UGGh!" (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh was overjoyed. Not only did she have Elina trapped in her prison, she had her wanting it. Asking for it. It was going much better than she could have hoped.
    <Raden> She felt the seraphim shudder in her grasp and she knew she had found the spot. She immediately went to work, long, slow, deep strokes.
    <Raden> "Feels terrific, doesn't it?" she purred. "Almost like... heaven, you could say?"
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina entire body quivered as Taresh exploited her G-spot with great success, the Angel was putting in the demons hand now.
    * Elina hips reared back, startign to try and bounce as well as grind against the Demon's two fingers. She wanted to bark bile back at Taresh for the comment "D.. DO.. Noo... UGGUghghhnn
    <Elina> ... Talk off... HEa... AUGGH.. AGUHH!" Starting to get louder with each thrust, groaning and wrigging her hips on the two well placed fingers. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh grinned wickedly, her rhythm getting faster and harder. She could feel the angel about to break...
    <Raden> "Just let it happen... it won;t be so bad..." she cooed gently, relaxingly, stroking her cheek with the back of her hand, almost lovingly.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina followed her the demon's rythem, trying to speed it up. Greedily bouncing her hips against the fingers, legs pulling at the Scissor lock as she writhed against the demon.
    <Elina> The hand that earlier beat her, she found herself pressing her cheek again, nuzzling against it, her body itched with lust.
    * Elina insides seemed to convulse around the demons fingers, her smooth, slick walls quaking and aching for release, just a few more thrusts would sent her over the edge. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh happily obliged, beating a rhythm into her like a drum, eagerly awaiting her sweet release.
    <Raden> The anticipation was almost enough to make her wet again.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina wings spread out wide as she let loose a loud, echoing groan. A sudden rush of warm juices flooded from her lips. Soaking the demons leg, lap, hand and fingers. Her hips driving down hard against her digits.
    <Elina> Legs pushing tightly against Taresh's hold on her, head shaking wildly as she orgasmed for a good few minuets, juices never still flowing untill there was a substantial puddle between the demon's legs, the angle collapsing atop the demon in a deep feral huff, fingers curling against her skin.
    <Elina> (yt)
    <Raden> The angel's release wnt on, and on, and Taresh loved every minute of it, almost consuming the pleasure it brought her as if it were a meal... a feast... a banquet.
    <Raden> After Elina had finished, Taresh smiled, cradling her.
    <Raden> "Wasn't that fantastic? Do you even have anything left?"
    <Raden> Taresh pushed herself back to her feet using her wings which she had been resting on, bringing Elina with her. The fluid and juices she had squirted were quite substantial.
    <Raden> "Very good... and now, my sweetie, we confuse the mind. When you take one's mind... turn it against them, confuse them... they never know what to expect."
    <Raden> Taresh grabbed Elina between the legs, then picked her up quickly and dropped her across her knee with a backbreaker.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina laid her head against the Demons chest, nodding enthusiatically. As the Demon shifted and rose, her arms brought Elina up with her, juices still trickling down the inside of her still quivering legs.
    <Elina> Her once keen mind now mush, tilting her head at the demons words as she was hefted up into the air and slammed down into her knee, rolling of to land in the puddle of their juices with a roar of pain!
    * Elina got to all fours, her right wing bent awkwardly as she so despeartly wanted to stand but her legs continued to shake, the pain she had managed to dull crept up and joined with her back. Reaching out for her ankle, her nails scraping against the demon's flesh, too weak to slice through. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh grinned as she softened up the angel's spine for what she planned later.
    <Raden> She let the now-soaked Elina get to her feet, then hefted her up and dropped her in a second backbreaker!
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina was brought up again, her arms trying to curl around Taresh's to stop herself from being thrown about, but her grip slipped and slammed back into her knee wit ha scream, her right wing twitched uselessly as she laid sprawled out. Body soaked in their fluids, head shaking meekly "T..temp..tresss.." (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh giggled as she destroyed the angel, now possibly fallen angel.
    <Raden> She picked her up again, and this time grabbed her by the throat, before pushing off with her wings and launching them both into the air ten feet, before throwing her back down forcefully onto the roof of the mangled car with a chokeslam, caving it in.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina gurpgled and gripped uselessly at the demons wrist as she brougt them up into the air, hher left wing spread out, right just continued to twitch as she lost all control what so ever.
    <Elina> With a loud crunch and shatter as the top of the car caves in on itself, Elina's body red, covered in scrapes as she felt the world turn from a brilliant white, to a red and grey world of pain and misery.
    <Elina> Gazing up at Terash with raged filled eyes, she wished to just gut the demon. But now that was never going to happen, she had been courrpted and was still in the process of being destroyed. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh pulled her limp body out of the smashed up car, dragging her back onto the pavement.
    <Raden> She put her arms around the shattered seraph's waist, then flipped her up, bringing her down hard on the asphalt with a powerbomb so hard it caused a spiderweb crack and a hint of a crater where she impacted.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina was heaved up, giving a loud and sharp scream as she splattered down into the sidewalk, slumped back in the crater.
    <Elina> Her hand weakly pushed back, slowly and using all strength the angel had left to sit up for a few seconds, before crashing out flat on her back. Humans would of been dist by now..
    <Elina> Her mind reeled on how lucky they must be, she couldn't bare this any longer, disgraced in all possibles ways.. Left at the mercy of this demon who played her like a harp. (yt)
    <Raden> With Elina's strength having given out, Taresh decided it was time to finish her.
    <Raden> She hauled the disgraced holy figure out of the hole she'd made with her body. Then she pulled her up onto her hard shoulders in a torture rack.
    <Raden> She began to intrude on her vagina with her fingers again as she pulled her hair and forced her into a kiss, still pumping a backbreaker, then started to choke her with her other hand, putting the blonde beauty through a cavalcade of different sensations all at once.
    <Raden> "Pain versus pleasure... always a joy to see which wins out...."
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina sobbed from the demon's shoulders, squriming faintly as she gasped and groaned as her back was wrenched again, a loud crunch as her other wing snapped against the Demon's shoulders "UGgGAGGHHH Enndd AGGUUUUGGHHHH!!".
    <Elina> Gasping out as her legs quivered in the Demon's arms, her lipps still wet but right, the fingers stretching her out. Her tounge weakly meeting the kiss untill the back breaker was pumped, her teeth sinking into Taresh's lip!
    <Elina> Her body overloaded with sensations of pain and pleasure, all that she had never properly enounctered, hips pathetically bucked against the intruding finger none the less. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh egged her on, as she damaged and destroyed the angel.
    <Raden> "Come on... you can gush once more for me. I know you can..." she continued all four sensations, each torture seemingly jockeying for position in Elina's mind.
    <Raden> She drove her fingers into Elina's vagina, reinforcing her words...
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina head shook from side to side, desperatly trying to deny the victor her spoils, but her hips refused to copoperate, more juives began to leak down her hips and onto the demon's shoulders, sobbing pitifully. *yt
    <Raden> Taresh smiled as Elina creamed again, leaking onto her.
    <Raden> She stopped the choke and the backbreaker, allowing the kiss to linger a little before letting her slide down to the ground.
    <Raden> Resuming her seated leg scissor, trapping her between her legs again, Taresh careesed her cheek. Elina was in no condition to fight back, her body weakened by the punishment and the ejaculations, but Taresh just wanted the angel between her legs again.
    <Raden> "My sweet angel... how you've been brought low..."
    <Raden> "Goodbye, sweetness... it's time we parted ways."
    <Raden> Taresh bared her fangs as they slid into her neck, Taresh biting into her.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina whimpered from atop her shoulders, almost confused as she was just lowered to the floor this time, feeling her straddle the angel, her body shivered at what might come next.
    <Elina> "NGggughh" As the fangs bit down into her neck, her blood would taste perfect, her limp body lieing still, her eyes shut tightly as her aggressor drained her of blood. (yt)
    <Raden> Taresh's eyes went wide. Elina's holy blood burned against the demon's throat going down... but the taste was absolutely exquisite, unlike any she had ever tasted.
    <Raden> Taresh drank deeply, and quickly lost herself in a blood lust she couldn't stop.
    <Raden> She wrapped the angel up tight with her arms and her legs, hugging her close as she sucked the life out of her, quite literally.
    <Raden> (yt)
    * Elina was sat up, groaning meekly as her head swayed from side to side. Colour fading from her skin with each deep, life sucking gulp gave a pitiful squeek from her body, her mind only on one thought, how she had failed so badly.. (yt)
    <Raden> Eventually, Elina passed out from the blood loss, and her body had shut down before Taresh was done.
    <Raden> Taresh did not usually kill victims, but when she entered into a blood lust, it was a different story... she was lost in the throes of ecstasy as the ambrosia of Elina's life blood filled Taresh.
    <Raden> Eventually, she had drained her dry, and Taresh came out of it.
    <Raden> She looked at the limp body in her grasp, now a pale corpse, and realized what had happened.
    <Raden> "Oh... dear. I'm afraid I didn't mean to do that, sweetie," she said, stroking the angel's cheek.
    <Raden> "But may as well make the best of it... I'm sure the netherfiends have never had a meal like this before.
    <Raden> With one more quick kiss, she stood up, pulling the angel's limp form up with her, then opened a portal back to her realm and stepped through.
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