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Erel vs Racheal

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Raden, Jun 17, 2016.

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    This is a crossover fight between games franchises. Evil Zone brings us the pink-clad mercenary Erel Plowse, while Martial Champion brings us the American ninja girl, Racheal Way (I think is her last name).


    Darkness- the preferred time of night for any kunoichi to operate... or at least it should have been.

    Erel Plowse, Mercenary Extraordinaire had been tracking her target down for some time before finally getting a chance to confront her- alone. And despite being described as a ninja- whom Erel had known to be rather shadowy and secretive assassins... this girl wasn't nearly as covert in her dealings.

    She was quite easy to track down in fact, mostly due to the outfit she wore. She really stood out in a crowd!

    Something Erel herself did as well. The teenage girl was rather fit and well-endowed for her age, and was not afraid to show it off. A thin, revealing pink leotard covered her important bits while she wore pieces of armor under her breasts, on her shins, forearms and shoulders. Tight buckled straps wrapped around portions of her body to hold everything in place.

    Top that with long, blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail.. and an absolutely irresistably cute face (in her own words.) She was a charmer for sure, but today she wouldn't be offering her opponent much of that.

    "Ha! Finally, I've cornered you!" she exclaimed loudly, pointing at Racheal. She had pursued her foe to the top of a building, knowing the only escape was to hop off or head to the exit (which she was blocking).

    Hopefully, she wouldn't be dumb enough to jump off the ledge... her client needed this -other- blonde girl alive... phah, whatever.

    Erel stood heroically as she pointed, moving her hip out a bit. "Now... come quietly and I'll spare you a night filled with pain and regret!"


    Racheal was training to be a ninja, and was developing quite the skill-set, even if she didn't seem to be the "typical" ninja type. She was an American girl, and so still had many ties to her own culture. Her gear bag was a duffel bag you'd find inhabiting most gyms, and she trained listening to music, mostly of the pop and dance variety.

    She'd gone up to the roof of a tall building, having taken a little known doorway in a small alcove behind a vending machine that led to the roof.

    It was a beautiful, clear, starry evening as she dropped her bag and unloaded her bag and unloaded her training gear.

    Only a couple minutes in to her session, she heard a voice over her music. Strange, she was sure no one had seen her slink through the half-hidden door.

    She turned to address the voice, and found it was a girl that didn't look like she was too far off Racheal's age.

    "What?" she asked. "Cornered? Yeah, whatever. Go away, I'm busy." She turned her attention away from the strangely-dressed mercenary.

    Not that Racheal wasn't strangely dressed herself. Fingerless gloves, a dark blue leotard with a brighter blue gi over top that housed a pair of rather ample breasts, and dark blue thigh-high socks with tabis that covered her clearly-defined legs, coupled with long, free-flowing blonde hair tended to cause most opponents and targets to stare at her... which gave her quite the advantage.

    She was clearly not taking the intruder seriously.


    Not taking her seriously, hm? That was fine, Erel encountered people like this all the time. Underestimating her ability to fight.

    That image often broke down early into her encounters, and all it took was the sweet sound of... *szzzeeewwww*

    Erel had drawn what appeared to be a hilt from her belt... except that at her touch, the hilt sprouted a bright energy blade. She pointed it at Racheal and giggled. "Busy, yes. Busy thinking what a fool you are to have ignored my original request!"

    Erel started walking forward, holding her sword out in front of her. "It's alright though, I can practice some of my new moves on you! En garde!"


    Racheal turned her attention back toward the strange sound. "Yow!" she exclaimed. "What's wrong with you? Alright, well, if you really want some of this..."

    Racheal draws a kunai blade and engages the weirdo-looking would-be Jedi with a razor-sarp double-edged blade.

    "Nice flashlight. This is a real blade... it can slide between your ribs without you even knowing..."


    Erel gazed at the kunai and smirked. What a pathetic little knife it was, in comparison to her AMAZING futuristic energy blade!

    "Heh, what are you going to do with that, poke me in the butt?" she said jokingly, now standing just five feet from her foe.

    Humor aside, she thought it was time to show this girl that this blade wasn't for pretend. She raised her blade overhead and took one fast step forward, slicing across towards Racheal's chest- intending to cut part of her top open!

    Of course, if she moved... there was a chance she could get hurt too. Erel was pretty good when it came to striking precisely where she wanted to... at targets that stood still at least.


    Racheal sees the blade go up, and by the time it's brought horizontal she's already performed a back handstand flip to dodge it. At the same time, she throws a kunai at her attacker.

    Her reflexes are good, but her aim could use some work before she can pull that off flawlessly. Still, it looks good and lets people know she isn't all just looks.

    Regaining her footing, she looks at the pink princess. "I don't know who you are or what you want, but you're going down..."


    Her attacked missed- though it wasn't her fault- Rachael was able to leap back and even toss a kunai at her in one swift movement- yikes, she was quick!

    Erel quickly arched backwards as the kunai whizzed past, striking and sticking into a wall behind them. Damn, that was a close one.

    Not like she'd let her opponent know it. "Ha!" she said, standing back up and putting her free hand on her hip. Was that supposed to impress me?"

    Erel then began to adance once more, but instead of entering melee range, she instead began slashing her sword towards Racheal at range...

    ...emitting short blasts of energy from her blade, all coming quickly for the kunoichi! "Haaaaaaiya-ya-YAAA!" she screamed with each slash, twirling a bit to add some flair.


    "Well if you had any sense, that blade would open your eyes and you'd leave..."

    Racheal looked at the mercenary... what was she doing? Unless they were throwing blades, swords were melee weapons. Why was she going spastic and swinging at range?

    WHACK. A blast of energy hit Racheal in the jaw like a punch, snapping her head back and sending blonde hair whizzing back to match.

    By the time she'd thought to dodge, she didn't know which way to do so, and was rocked by a quick succession of energy strikes, each one feeling like a physical blow. By the time they were over, she was a little sore, and getting angry.

    "Okay, that was new..." she muttered to herself.

    "Guess you wanna do this..." Racheal suddenly made a dash for the mercenary, intending to sweep-kick her legs out from under her!


    "Haaaa~" Erel breathed out, ending on a dancer-like pose as she watched Racheal reel back from the strikes. All three had hit her... maybe she wasn't as quick as she had first thought?

    "Had enough yet, newbie?" she asked as her foe stood up slowly. Because they were at a distance, she was able to see her coming towards her at a quick pace. "Hmph.. guess not!"

    Erel gracefully leaped over Racheal's attack, landing behind the kunoichi and twirling around, breasts jiggling as she did so. "Too slow!" she said cheerfully.


    Erel may have landed with Racheal's back to her, but that didn't mean she was safe.

    "HE-YAH!" she cried as she launched a superkick at Erel's chin!


    The words had barely escaped Erel's mouth when suddenly..

    A loud SMACK could be heard as Racheal's foot met with Erel's chin- causing the spunky merc to gasp in pain... and be knocked down on her butt!

    "Ah.." she whimpered, bringing her hand to her chin and rubbing it, slightly dazed from the impact. "Ow... you.. you HIT me!" she exclaimed, looking up at Racheal in disbelief...

    A bruise... no way, she couldn't let her pretty face be marred like this! Vengeance would be wrought...


    Racheal grinned. "Yeah, you think that was something? Watch this one..."

    Pivoting, she launched a high-speed roundhouse kick aimed at Erel's temple, intending to put her out quickly...


    "?!" Erel watched as Racheal began another technique- a spinning kick. Luckily, the pink-garbed swordswoman thought fast and dropped to her side to avoid being kicked.

    Using her own long legs now, she swiped out at Racheal's lone standing leg in an attempt to knock her to the ground!


    The tactic worked, and Racheal was thrown off-balance, the kick whizzing by Erel's head within inches...

    "Gyah!" Racheal yelped as her leg was knocked out from under her, falling clumsily on her side.


    Erel giggled at her successful maneuver and quickly crawled on top of Racheal, straddling her and looking down at her mischieviously.

    Raising her energy sword into the air she loudly exclaimed, "I claim victory- in the name of the Gods themselves!"

    ..and with her other hand, she grabbed at Racheal's mouth, scrunching her lips up like a pouting baby and saying in a mocking tone. "Oh, beautiful, stunning and awesome Erel.. I'm soooo sowwy for ever doubting you!"

    "Now don't move.. or you'll have my sword sticking out of your chest, girlfriend!" she said, smiling confidently.


    Erel grabbing Racheal's lips did not sit well with her. "Alright, if she wants to get that close to me..."

    Grabbing Erel's arm, she suddenly kicked up her stunning and quite strong legs, locking them around Erel's body as she pulled Erel's arm upward, sinking in a triangle choke.

    "Who's the awesome one now, bitch?" she yelled as she rode the choke.


    Before Erel knew what was going on, she had Racheal's legs wrapped around her arm and neck. "Egads!" she exclaimed, not yet realizing the brevity of her situation. "What foul maneu-...hngh..?!"

    Her eyes widened and she groaned, wriggling in the grip of Racheal's powerful legs. "Ghhk...wh..what the... heck?!" she exclaimed, amazed at how powerful this ditzy kunoichi was.

    "L-let go of me you... or you'll.." she muttered, legs scraping against the ground helplessly..


    "Or I'll what?" she asked. "Choke your stupid ass out? Yeah, that's an option too...."

    Racheal straightened her body, leaning into the hold and streamlining the choke while tightening her thighs around the mercenary's body, squeezing her ribs.

    "Not such a badass when someone's got a hold of you, are you?"


    "Urrraaahhh!" she groaned out, her eyelids clutching together tightly as the pain was squeezed on.. literally!

    A bit of spittle made its way onto Racheal's chest, and she could see that beads of sweat were forming on Erel's forehead.

    It was then that it occurred to the pink-clad blonde that... her sword hand was still free. Oh yeah.

    "Ghk.. or I'll.. POKE you!" she exclaimed, moving the tip of her energy blade towards Racheal's backside.. and prodding it!


    "Ouch!" she yelled out as the energy blade's tip met her rear end. The shock made her tighten the choke to maximum, but only for a moment before she let go in a bid to get away from the blade.

    With Erel having to recover from the hold, Racheal stood up and kicked the handle of the energy blade, sending it tumbling out of the mercenary's grip and skittering across the rooftop.

    Then Racheal kicked Erel in the ribs, lkike she were punting a football.

    "Got to resort to weapons, do you? Doesn't help much when you can't back it up...!"


    "....ack.." Erel squeaked as Racheal tightened up in response, cutting off all air supply for just those few seconds. When she finally let go, Erel slumped to the ground, gasping for breath, her butt sticking up as a result of her odd position.

    "Uwah?!" she gasped as her sword was kicked away, her eyes followed it as the energy blade dissipated.. "H-hey!"

    "That cost a lot of money to- Wrruulf!!" she huffed as Racheal's foot sunk deep into her soft belly. Her eyes widened and her precious air was evacuated from her lungs.

    Coughing, the mercenary rolled onto her side, curling up and holding her belly tightly. "F-fiend..." she said in-between breaths. "..y-you were using weapons too...!"

    She had to get back in this... but she was in so much pain right now!


    "Yeah, once, and I didn't actually hit you with that blade. Trust me, if I had, your body would be cooling in the night air by now. You've used that... thing.. twice now."

    With Erel curled into a ball, Racheal took the opportunity to kick her in the lower back.


    Erel hadn't had enough time to recover from her belly assault when another strike met her spine.

    This time. Erel cried out, and in an effort to get some distance between her and her opponent, rolled away from Racheal until she was flat on her belly.

    "Gh..." she groaned, up to one knee. "A true fighter uses everything to her advantage...I'm trained in the art of using a sword!"

    "And if you don't like it... well, that's just too bad!" she exclaimed, sticking her tongue out at Racheal.


    Erel thought that was a retreat... maybe had Racheal not been already standing and relatively fresh in the fight, it would have been enough.

    As it was, Racheal just followed the one who started this whole thing. As Erel stuck her tongue out at Racheal, she was greeted with a knee to the side of her head.

    "I'm better than just a blade user, you fairy looking doofus. I bet you're sorry you started this!"


    Erel luckily, was counting on this. She quickly threw her left hand up, catching hold of Racheal's knee in-between the claw on her metal gauntlet. "Ha!"

    "...and I bet YOU'RE sorry for underestimating me!" she exclaimed, using her other arm to give Racheal a good punch in-between the legs. She made sure to push her own fist up as much as possible too.


    "Wha..?" she exclaimed as her leg was caught at the knee.

    She didn't have much time to try to twist free before she was met with a punch directly to the crotch.

    "HNNGGG..." she groaned as she doubled over, blonde hair hanging down like a curtain around her head before she tottered over onto her side.

    "Cheap... dirty tricks..." she groaned.


    Erel chuckled, standing up and shaking the cobwebs out of her head. "Hahaha! A ninja, calling someone ELSE, underhanded? Please..!"

    She then raised both fists and came down with an axe-smash to the back of Racheal's head- intending to send her to the ground!


    "Ghnh!" Racheal grunted out as she was struck in the back of the head, falling to the ground face down.

    She moaned in pain as she rubbed the back of her head, trying to regain her bearings.


    Excellent. Now that she was grounded, Erel would be able to show her that she was just as deadly without a weapon as she was with one!

    ...Okay, maybe not really. But she wasn't completely useless in a hand-to-hand fight like some other wimpy mercenaries were. Jumping into the air, she came down with both of her metal shinguards right down on Racheal's spine!


    As Racheal rubbed the back of her head trying to shake out the dizziness, it was done for her. Not in a kindly, pleasant way though, as Erel simply jumped on Racheal's back with her knees...

    "AGH- UHUGH!" she shrieked in pain, then coughed hard as Erel targeted Racheal's spine, vertebrae making popping sounds as one's knuckles would when cracked.

    She arched back painfully, her chest thrust out for a moment before settling back to the concrete rooftop, breathing heavily.


    "Ha! Yeah I bet you're really regretting it now, arent'cha?" She mused, grabbing some of Racheal's hair and yanking back.

    Kneeling on top of Racheal as she was, she then reached down with her other arm and grabbed one of the kunoichi's legs.. and began to fold it inwards as well, making a crescent-shape out of her.

    "Now let's see how you like this.." she said, using the leverage of her knees to attempt to rock the girl back and forth.


    "Guh..." Racheal slurred as her head was pulled back, by the hair.

    The mercenary took up one of her legs too, and then began to stretch her backwards.

    Luckily she was flexible, but being forced into that position still carried a certain amount of pain... it didn't help that there was the weight of a person behind the stretch either.

    "Aaaaagghhhh....!!" she yelled out as she was pulled into the hold.


    Erel giggled as she held Racheal- assumingly helpless in this hold, stretching her out as she pleased.

    "Heehee! How's it feel being on the other end, darling?" she said, continuing to push and prod down with her shinguards into the ninja's back.

    "I can do this all day.... of course, if you just give up, I'll... think about giving it a rest, and end your torment." She said, smirking.


    Racheal groaned in pain as Erel's bodyweight pressed into her back, which furthered the pain of the bend... she wasn't about to submit to the mercenary though!

    With her free arm, she made a fist and then swung her arm up and behind her, intending to backfist Erel in the face!


    "Ooooor, you can just continue to lay there and-"

    WHACK! Before Erel could get out another word, she was smacked in the face- again.. and immediately released Racheal at both ends.

    Racheal must've been really lucky to hit Erel where she did.. right in the forehead. The impact was enough to daze the mercenary, causing her eyes to glaze over a little.. and make her body wobble. "Wuuauaaa..." she mumbled dizzily.

    "Tha was...bwuhh.." she squeaked out as she fell over onto her side, knocked silly by the backhanded fist.


    Racheal drew up her legs and got to her knees, rolling over to Erel and pushing her so she was face down.

    She took up a seated position on the small of zErel's back as she pulled Erel's hair to force her back.

    Taking her arms, she hooked them over her thighs and then locked the mercenary into a camel clutch sleeper choke.

    "Ha!" she exclaimed. "Got you now!"


    "Mmf.." Erel muttered as she was pushed face-down to the ground. She was still out of it, unable to tell heads from tails..

    It wasn't until she started feeling immense pain in her spine that she suddenly coughed out and gasped. "Auugh...aaaaahh!!"

    Coming back to her senses immediately, she wriggled desperately, white-hot pain emerging from her spine. "Wh-what are you?!! AACK!! ckk.."

    She felt her air being cut off once more too as she was put into a sleeper. This wasn't good..

    "R-release me at once...!" she demanded, clearly in no position to do so...


    Racheal kept the choke tight, her breasts pushed into Erel's back as Erel's own were thrust out with the backward bend of her body.

    Before Erel could start mounting a comeback out of this, Racheal released her right arm, keeping the left looped around her neck.

    Then WHACK. Erel felt a sharp blow on her forehead as Racheal landed a punch.

    Then another, and another, until she started to bleed a little from the forehead.
    "I could fight a better comatose person than you!" she laughed. "Some mercenary! Whoever hired you isn't really getting their money's worth. You should stick to being hired for other things, if you get my drift."


    "Ergh...GUAH!!" Erel cried out in pain as Racheal started to pummel her head mercilessly.

    It wasn't until she could feel warm blood dripping down the side of her head that Erel really began to feel fear well up inside of her. Soon, her cries of pain became nothing but mere whimpers..

    "Uugh.." she groaned, trying to find any sort of freedom from this hold, but to no avail. She had played around too much with her opponent, and hadn't tried to seal the deal when she had a chance. She was now completely at Racheal's mercy.

    Her breasts rubbed against the inside of her tight leotard and stuck out pointedly. She blushed as she looked down on them, realizing she was no longer in control.

    "S-stop.." she muttered, a hint of helplessness in her voice now.


    "Wow, I've seen children more skilled than you. Just terrible."

    At long last, she let Erel go, allowing her to settle to the concrete.

    "Now!" she said. "Let's go check out what new weapon I can add to my ninja's arsenal...."

    Racheal stood up and retrieved the energy blade, spending more time than she thought examining it and messing around with it...


    Erel moaned as she her face hit the ground, gasping aloud as air entered back into her lungs. Her body was drenched in sweat, as she was afraid that Racheal would've ended their encounter with her last hold.

    But no, here she was... still breathing and conscious. She was probably lucky for that.

    She then looked over to Racheal, who had picked up her empty sword hilt. It was usually how she chose to use her beamsword, to add more style to her appearance.

    ...however, the secret of the source of her sword's power was not in that hilt.. but in her armor itself. A crafty idea came to her as she watched the ninja thumb it over in her hand.

    "...wait! No! D-don't touch that!" she said fearfully, sitting up on her knees. "I...I'm powerless without it!"


    Racheal looked back over to Erel. "Oh, you're still awake? I thought I put you out! Well, whatever, I'll just use this to finish you..."

    She flipped the actuator to turn it on, but nothing seemed to happen.

    "What the- damn it!" she said, shaking the thing as if that was going to help.


    Erel quietly got to her feet... grinning. She had her now.

    "You don't know how to work it?" While Racheal was distracted with the useless hilt... Erel quickly formed an energy spear in her hand.. and then hurled it towards the kunoichi's back. "Let me show you!"


    "It's easy, the switch is obviously heAUGH-"

    Racheal 's body went rigid in pain as the phantom blade was rammed through her back. No physical damage was caused, but the pain was excruciating.

    Her eyes went wide, her body stiffened and arched back, her mouth opened, and she made choked, gurgling sounds.

    She began to twitch as her vision blurred from the pure pain.


    Erel immediately jumped into the air and cheered. "HOORAAAY! Another victory for Erel, the Magnificent!"

    As she landed, she then put a hand to her bleeding head and hissed in pain. "Ooh, ow! Oh... not so loud, Erel-chan. Sheesh.."

    Grumbling, she made her way over to the impaled Racheal, gazing at her handywork. The energy blade was still stuck inside of her, most likely causing colossal amounts of pain the longer it sat in there. "So um..." she said, smiling wide. "Give up now?"


    "Haaaaaaggyhhhnnnn...." her pained response almost didn't sound human. Her body was still rigid but beginning to fold, as she dropped to her knees, the blade pulsing waves of agony through her chest.

    Racheal was helpless to do anything as pain dominated her mind, seemingly blocking her brain's ability to command her body to move or do... well, anything.


    "Oooh, that doesn't look so healthy.." Erel said, mocking her foe's situation. "Here! Let Nurse Erel help you out with that..."

    The pink-clad mercenary knelt down to be at-level with Racheal... then then grabbed hold of one end of the energy blade.. and started to twist it, and move it up and down through Racheal's body!

    "Mmph..." she grunted, imitating the action of trying to pull it out. "It's uh.. stuck!"


    Racheal screamed as the blade was twisted and rammed through her body, but it never reached her own ears.

    Racheal slumped forward, now leaning against Erel, the only thing keeping her upright.


    "Ehehehe.." Erel chuckled nervously, cringing at Racheal's screams. She just wanted to make sure she was out for good... and by the looks of things, she was.

    "Aaaaalright!" she said happily, pushing the ninja off of herself and onto the floor. "Looks like you're ready to be hauled off!"

    She grabbed one end of her energy blade and pulled it out- no doubt causing some pain as she did so, but at the very least for Racheal.. the blade was gone now. She then began to pull and stretch the energy blade out into a much thinner form.. until the energy strands began to resemble a rope.

    "Hope you're not too heavy.." she said, winking down at her opponent. "Don't want to put too much pressure on my back~"


    Finally the literally-blinding pain subsided. Racheal slowly recovered, now that her brain wasn't in overload, but it wasn't fast enough to prevent Erel from doing whatever it was she was doing now.

    She moved to try to stop her, but they were slow and weak movements.

    She regained energy and sense quickly with the blade out of her chest, but Erel was in too much of a good position to be stopped...


    Erel wasn't stupid (this time!) and was watching Racheal squirm out of the corner of her eye. With one swift movement, she brought the energy 'rope' down on the kunoichi's spine with a sharp crack- like a whip!

    "Hmph! Intelligent creatures know when to give up! Apparently, you do not fall into this category, do you?!"

    *CRACK!* She whipped again- this time with feeling!


    "AAH!" Racheal screamed out as the energy sword had been turned into a makeshift whip, which came down sharply on her back.

    She arched back, her own bountiful chest thrust out now before settling back to the ground.

    It wasn't over, as another crack sound rang out followed by a scream, and she arched again.

    "Gah... huh... nnnng...." she breathed heavily.


    Erel chuckled, watching her opponent's reaction. "Isn't it great? I can twist and shape it into just about anything I want!"

    She then aimed another whip strike at Racheal's butt- just to add to the humility!


    "AACK!" Rachael shouted out as the whip met her butt. She turned a little red from it.

    She made a desperate lunge from her knees, trying to tackle Erel in a spear and bring her down.


    Erel saw this coming.. and gracefully twirled to the side, letting out a cheerful squeak as Racheal barreled past.

    Once she was behind the ninja, Erel stepped towards her and attempted to bash her metal gauntlet into the back of the other blonde's head!


    Racheal whiffed the spear, ending up on her hands and knees.

    "Wha-" she said, as she turned to see if she could cover up the mistake...

    WHACK. Nope. A metal-clad fist found its home on her face, as she was punched in the forehead. Her head whipped back sharply and then forward.

    By the time she'd finished reacting to that, her eyes were already half-closed from the blow. Whiplash would set in tomorrow, but right now she'd been treated to a mild concussion.

    A small spot on her white headband began to turn red, then grew in size and saturation before she flopped forward, landing face down on the hard concrete.


    Erel pushed Racheal over onto her back with a nudge of her foot, and then straddled her opponent afterwards. Mischievous fingers began to get to work as she started to wrap her energy rope around Racheal's neck.

    She was hoping to do this while the kunoichi was still dazed, and soon Racheal could feel something warm pressing against her neck..

    Finishing up after a few more moments, Erel sat up and smiled wide. "Aaaall done! Now let's give it a test.."

    She gave a tug of the rope, instantly choking Racheal...


    Racheal could feel something being affixed around her neck, but damned if she could do anything about it. She tried, but her weak pawing at the rope was no use.

    Soon it quickly tightened, and now Erel was choking Racheal.

    She gagged and made strangled sounds as the rope tightened fiercely around her neck, cutting off her air.

    She tried working her fingers between the rope and her neck...


    Erel watched Racheal struggle with glee and shook her head. "Try all you like... you'll just make it worse for yourself."

    She pulled back and held the rope at a distance, tightening it even more and attempting to deter Racheal from trying to pull it off.

    "Still waiting to hear those three magical words!" she said, moving the rope up and down like a yo-yo.


    Blood began to seep out from under her headband, the one spot too saturated to hold any more as it trickled down her face.

    Bleeding, concussed, and now being choked out... she'd almost had the fight won, but one mistake in calculating whether her opponent was finished or not had cost her.

    She gagged as she tried to fight off the choke hold, but her body started to get heavy as air continued to be denied to her.

    Soon, her arms dangled to her sides as the rope held her body aloft, eyes fluttering...


    Erel watched her opponent's expressions carefully- not wanting to suffocate Racheal to the point that she'd die... after all, she'd have a hard time convincing her employer that the non-responsive corpse was 'still alive, just asleep!' Gods know how many times she had to pull that one off..

    Loosening her grip on the rope, she began to give quick, soft backhanded slaps to Racheal's face to check for responsiveness. "Hey.. hey... Hey!"


    With the choke being relaxed, Racheal began to cough and gasp for air, panting on all fours.

    Racheal made a weak attempt to grab Erel's arm and trap her in a choke, or arm bar, or Kimura... she used all her strength, and it would be enough or it wouldn't...


    Oops. Well, maybe she didn't quite choke her opponent out for as long as she should have..

    Racheal managed to get a hold of her arm, but Erel quickly responded by slamming her fist into her opponent's face. Hopefully, it would put her out finally! "You little...!"


    The weak lunge only made Erel mad, and Racheal was rewarded for her efforts with another gauntlet powered punch to the face.

    "Phwah!" she grunted as she was struck again, a huge cut opening on her head now. Before she could even collapse, blood had begun to pour down her face and onto the front of her blue leotard and gi, staining them with blood before she collapsed face-down and unconscious.

    Erel's powerful punch had opened a bad cut, and she did not have to lay there long before a small puddle of blood began to collect and seep into her hair, settling around her head and face.

    She'd flopped over onto her face and chest with her knees tucked under her, ending up face down and ass up.

    Rachael had been knocked out and defeated... what was Erel going to do with her now?


    Panting, Erel shook her head and let out a grumbling sigh. "Finally... FINALLY! Sheesh..."

    "Another job well done...." she said, raising a brow. "...maybe not as well as I hoped..."

    She slowly started to unfurl the rope from Racheal's neck and then began to toie it around her wrists and ankles.. binding them together behind her back, and and leaving her in a rather awkward-bound position.

    "Whew.." Erel said, wiping some sweat from her brow. "All ready for transport. Awesome!"

    She hoisted the rope over her shoulder... and began to drag Racheal away from the scene, taking her to Gods knew only where...
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    nicely done!
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    Thanks, glad you liked it. It was also pretty great to have a couple little-known and underappreciated characters get some love in the only way we can provide, lol.