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Eiyuu Senki

Discussion in 'Invalid Requests' started by Archduke, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Archduke

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    Jun 13, 2014
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    I'll be brief; Eiyuu Senki is a strategy game released a while back which basically centers around taking over the earth whilst gathering an army of famous historical figures along the way. However, this game was made in Japan; so, naturally, wrinkly old dudes are replaced with "moe moe girls"(Actual Fucking Words From The Developers' Mouths). Me, being a man in love with the topic with the subject of history, decided to add the game to my collection.

    Moving on to my request, I'm just wanting anyone from this game, more specifically the following 2 characters(Reference Shots Will Be Provided Accordingly below). Be warned, all ye who take up this request, I've been having finding reference shots, but that just may be because I'm too stupid to look in the right places. Moving on...

    http://plamoya.com/bmz_cache/3/3847ab8b55af7c2c54ed765e4bc6532a.image.350x469.jpg - (Napoleon is on the right, sporting a different hat)

    Billy The Kid:
    http://plamoya.com/bmz_cache/3/3847ab8b55af7c2c54ed765e4bc6532a.image.350x469.jpg - (Billy is on the left)

    -And besides these two, there's plenty of other characters; just don't expect reference shot hunting to be too easy.