Edge [PC-98]


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Jul 11, 2013
Edge [TGL]

Platform: PC-9801.
Published: 1993?
Genre: Beat'em up.
Ryona Rating: 2.5/5.

Another rare game from TGL, in fact, this game maybe was made by the same team as GIGA/TGL's Briganty (and the outfit of the heroine, Rim, is similar to Sephina's). And altough it's pretty standard Beat'em up, it's maybe the only one Beat'em up on the PC-98 (seriously, I searched every game catalog for Beat'em ups!). Although this is not a Hentai game, there's some nudity here.

This Beat'em up takes place in a Cyberpunk setting, and you play as one of two players as you fight trying to uncover the mystery of a conspiration in a corrupt society. The players have a repertory of melee attacks, blocking maneuvers and a Desperation Move. You may switch from Kikumaru (a martial artist, armed with a cane), or Rim (who fights with two swords). The game has a variety of collectable items (in example: some items increase your health meter).


  • One female character can be chosen (Rim), by pressing ESC ingame and changing the first option with the arrow keys.
  • Most of the attacks are punches, kicks, and shooting attacks.
  • An unique female enemy on Stage 4 can grab player and throw the player to the floor (surprisingly, this attack won't do damage if the player is on the same height that the enemy).
  • Also on Stage 4, an android can grab the player and shoot repeteadly the machine gun, then toss the player to the floor.
  • Stage 5 Boss (a ninja) can counter a grab by launching the player with a somersault throw.
  • Stage 7 Boss (a grotesque criature), can counter a player attack by doing a piledriver.

Female Character:

  • Rim (Full Name: Rim F. Harkman), a beautiful but deadly fighter, she's dressed in a outfit that it's very similar to the heroine Sephina from the later game Briganty:


Seriously, Rim's outfit is too similar to Sephina! (And she's VERY HOT!). I uploaded an image for comparison.


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Jul 11, 2013
To play this game, you need a PC-98 emulator such as Neko Project II (NP2), or Anex86. NP2 is better, since it offers better compatibility.
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