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eager + rough dialog

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by sby, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. sby

    sby Content Creator

    Sep 11, 2012
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    name of the dialog pretty self explanatory. it has been through some different renditions over time, this version has a lot of held true/false differences.

    eager + rough dialog5:

    cum_in_nose:"[COUGH][SWALLOW][WINCE] [DROOL]That was a giant mass of cum!"
    cum_in_nose:"[SHOCK] You blew your load right through me!"
    cum_in_nose:"[SWALLOW][WINCE] [DROOL]My head is loaded with your cum. ."
    cum_in_nose:"[WINCE][LOOK_UP][COUGH] [DROOL]I couldn't contain your load."
    intro:"Are you ready to punish me?"{"held":"true"}
    intro:"Do you want me to beg?"{"held":"true"}
    intro:"Do you want to abuse my pussy?"
    intro:"Do you want to feel the inside of my throat?"
    intro:"Do you want to fuck me . . ?"
    intro:"How do you want me?"{"held":"false"}
    intro:"I want to take you all the way down. ."
    intro:"I'm going to devour your cock. ."{"held":"false"}
    intro:"I've been a naughty girl. . ."
    intro:"My throat is aching for your cock. ."{"held":"true"}
    intro:"Should i spread open my thighs to take this further . .?"{"held":"true"}
    intro:"Want me to take it deeper?"{"next":"none","held":"false"}
    intro:"Youl'll need to go deeper in me if you want to enjoy my throat. . "{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:" [DROOL]Why not shove that in my other holes?"
    pull_off:"I ache for your cock in me."
    pull_off:"I'm so wet, [WINCE] please fuck me!"
    pull_off:"J-[SWALLOW] just bend me over and give it to me!"
    pull_off:"Just pin me down and screw me!"
    pull_off:"That's really deep!"
    pull_off:"You make me take it so deep!"{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"You push it in so deep!"{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"You really know how to punish a girl. ."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"[COUGH] Your torture makes me wet. ."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"[COUGH][DROOL]You like it when i punish myself?"{"held":"false"}
    pull_off:"[LOOK_DOWN] Your cock's so stiff, it won't stay down!"{"held":"false"}
    pull_off:"[TAP_HANDS] I'm ready to bend over and take it HARD. . "{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"[WINCE] I can't take anymore, ravish me!"{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"[WINCE] Penetrate me!"{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"[WNCE] Violate me!"{"held":"true"}
    resistance:"Give it to me harder* YOU*!"{"held":"true"}
    resistance:"I'm so tight, my throat is bulging. ."
    resistance:"Oh yes. . [COUGH] . push it all the way in!"{"held":"true"}
    resistance:"Ram it down my throat. ."{"held":"true"}
    resistance:"Should i take it deeper?"{"held":"false"}
    resistance:"Shove your cock in deeper. ."{"held":"true"}
    resistance:"You like it when i gag myself with your cock?"{"held":"false"}
    resistance:"[COUGH][DROOL] [SWALLOW] . I think i'm going to gag. ."
    resistance:"[SWALLOW] Want me to take it deeper?"
    resistance:"[SWALLOW] You can shove it in MUCH deeper than that . ."{"held":"true"}
    resistance:"[WINCE] I'm too tight, you'll have to force it down.[HOLD]"
    wake:" [DROOL]That [DROOL]is some cock. ."
    wake:"*YOU, *... you made me pass out!"{"held":"true"}
    wake:"Wh- where..."
    wake:"[COUGH][DROOL]Give it to me, i can take it!"
    wake:"[WINCE][DROOL]My throat feels so sore"
    head_grabbed:" [DROOL]Oh yes, i'm ready for more . ."{"held":"true"}
    head_grabbed:"Grip me firmly, it is hard to shove that down my tight throat. ."{"held":"true"}
    head_grabbed:"I'm in your hands, and you should be in my throat . ."{"held":"true"}
    head_grabbed:"I'm ready, thrust it in there DEEP. ."{"held":"true"}
    head_grabbed:"Ready to abuse my throat some more?"{"held":"true"}
    head_grabbed:"Your abuse is invigorating. ."
    head_grabbed:"[TAP_HANDS] Ohh . .bracing me firmly for some rough pounding . .?"{"held":"true"}
    first_dt:" [DROOL]I swallowed your entire cock. ."
    first_dt:" [DROOL]I took it all [SWALLOW] , now how will you punish me?"{"held":"true"}
    first_dt:" [SHOCK] It hurts to take it so deep. . .i want more."
    first_dt:" [SHOCK] You forced it all the way in..."{"held":"true"}
    first_dt:"[COUGH] . I don't think i can take another one of those. . "
    first_dt:"[COUGH]My throat is loose, now hammer me!"{"held":"true"}
    first_dt:"[WINCE] I can't believe you forced it all in. ."{"held":"true"}
    first_dt:"[WINCE] Ugh . [COUGH] .that's a lot of cock."
    first_dt:"[WINCE]I can't believe i swallowed the whole thing . ."{"held":"false"}
    vigorous:"Keep going. . .i want more!"{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[ADD_TEARS]My throat is going to swell up after that pounding. ."{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[ADD_TEARS]Shove it down harder!"{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[ADD_TEARS]Tear up my throat!"{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[ADD_TEARS]Yes, Yes! YES!!"{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[COUGH] Yo- [COUGH] your thrusts are so brutal!"{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[COUGH] [DROOL]Oh yes . [COUGH] . punish me!"{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[COUGH]Do you like it rough?"{"held":"false"}
    vigorous:"[COUGH]You like it when i gag myself?"{"held":"false"}
    vigorous:"[DROOL]I like to punish myself with your cock. ."{"held":"false"}
    vigorous:"[DROOL]Rough me up and pound my ass!"
    vigorous:"[SHOCK] I'm really loose after that pounding. ."{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[WINCE] My throat aches. . .harder!"{"held":"true"}
    vigorous:"[WINCE][DROOL]Pound my throat like you've always wanted!"{"held":"true"}
    pulled_up:" [LOOK_UP] My face is better when it's coated in cum . ."{"held":"true"}
    pulled_up:" [LOOK_UP] [DROOL] I'm going to make you wish i was bent over . ."{"held":"false"}
    pulled_up:" [LOOK_UP]Are you ready to hammer my pussy?"
    lick_penis:" [DROOL] [LOOK_UP] Now all i need is some yogurt to go with this. ."
    lick_penis:" [DROOL] [LOOK_UP]Your cock is nice and slimy . ."
    lick_penis:" [DROOL][LOOK_UP] Are you aching for me to put it back in?"{"held":"false"}
    lick_penis:" [LOOK_UP]Can you feel my tongue roll over your bulging veins?"
    lick_penis:" [LOOK_UP]Do you like it when i tease your cock?"{"held":"false"}
    pulled_down:" [LOOK_UP] Do you like it when i smear it all over my face?"{"held":"false"}
    pulled_down:" [LOOK_UP]oh yes, smear it all over my face. ."{"held":"true"}
    pulled_down:" [LOOK_UP]ooo . . your cock is nice and slimy from my throat. ."
    swallow:" [DROOL]I'm choking on so much cum. ."
    swallow:"I can feel it stick to my throat."
    swallow:"I can still taste it."
    swallow:"I can't believe you made me drink it all*, YOU*."{"held":"true"}
    swallow:"I can't believe you made me swallow it all*, YOU*."{"held":"true"}
    swallow:"My stomach is so full. ."
    swallow:"[COUGH] So [COUGH] So much cum..."
    swallow:"[COUGH] [DROOL]It's clogging up my throat. ."
    swallow:"[SHOCK] That was a giant mass of cum . ."
    swallow:"[WINCE] It's going down hard, it needs a [WINCE] DEEP push . ."
    cum_on_face:"Drown me in cum!"
    cum_on_face:"I'm drenched in cum, now feed it to me."{"held":"true"}
    cum_on_face:"It's so hot and sticky."
    cum_on_face:"Oh, did you want to coat my mouth? looks like i am going to have to keep going . . "{"held":"false"}
    cum_on_face:"Smear it all over me. ."{"held":"true"}
    cum_on_face:"Ugh... it's everywhere."
    cum_on_face:"ahh . .it's so hot and sticky."
    cum_on_face:"oo. .it's all over my face."
    pre_cum:" [DROOL]Clog my throat with your cum!"
    pre_cum:" [DROOL]Fill me with your cum!"
    pre_cum:"Are you ready to coat me in cum?"{"held":"false"}
    pre_cum:"Are you ready to flood me with cum?"{"held":"false"}
    pre_cum:"Blow it all over my face!"
    pre_cum:"Blow your load all over me!"
    pre_cum:"I can feel you throbbing, cum down my throat!"{"held":"true"}
    pre_cum:"I'm getting wet, give it to me!"
    pre_cum:"It's coming, how should i take it?"{"held":"false"}
    pre_cum:"Make me choke on your cum. ."
    general:"Am i tight enough for you?"
    general:"Drive your cock deep into me!"{"held":"true"}
    general:"Give it to me rough!"
    general:"I bet you dreamt of this for a long time."
    general:"I can bend over, if you 'know' what i mean. . ."
    general:"I want you to gag me with your cock."
    general:"I've been a naughty girl, punish me!"{"held":"true"}
    general:"Make me choke on your cock!"{"held":"true"}
    general:"My other holes are just as tight. . ."
    general:"My panties are wet for your cock. ."
    general:"Shove it back in!"{"held":"true"}
    general:"Spread me wide and fuck me!"
    general:"Tie me down and ravish me!"
    general:"Violate me with your cock!"
    general:"Want me to bend over?"
    general:"Want to try out my other holes?"
    held:" [DROOL]I like it when you hold me down. ."{"held":"true"}
    held:" [LOOK_UP] My turn yet? I want you between my thighs. ."
    held:"That's . [SWALLOW] That's quite a throatload!"
    held:"You really know how to punish me!"{"held":"true"}
    held:"[COUGH] That's a lot to hold in . ."
    held:"[SHOCK] You force it down so hard. ."{"held":"true"}
    restart:"Still hard? I crave another pounding. ."
    restart:"[COUGH]Ready for another ramming?"
    restart:"[SWALLOW] How about another round?"
    restart:"[SWALLOW] I think i can take some more. . "
    restart:"[WINCE] Your smearing the cum all over my throat."
    cum_in_mouth:" [LOOK_UP] [DROOL]You like it when i play with it?"
    cum_in_mouth:" [LOOK_UP]You want me to swallow it?"
    cum_in_mouth:"[CLOSE_EYES][WINCE][ADD_TEARS][OPEN_EYES][LOOK_UP]Drink it?"
    cum_in_mouth:"[COUGH] [DROOL]It's too th [COUGH] thick to swallow!"
    cum_in_mouth:"[COUGH] [DROOL]Swallow?"
    cum_in_mouth:"[WINCE][LOOK_UP]Swallow it?"
    cum_in_throat:" [ADD_TEARS][COUGH][COUGH] [DROOL] [COUGH] [COUGH][DROOL] You [DROOL] came in-[SWALLOW] into my lungs!"{"held":"true"}
    cum_in_throat:"- [WINCE] [SWALLOW] I'm gonna need my stomach pumped after that load. ."
    cum_in_throat:"- [WINCE]You came straight into my stomach."
    cum_in_throat:"[COUGH] [WINCE] [DROOL] You coated my throat in cum . ."{"held":"true"}
    cum_in_throat:"[COUGH] [WINCE] [DROOL]My throat is - [WINCE] clogged with your cum. ."
    cum_in_throat:"[COUGH] Now I'm all loaded with cum, [DROOL]you'll have to fill my other holes . ."
    cum_in_throat:"[SWALLOW] How does it feel to cum straight into my stomach?"{"held":"false"}
    cum_in_throat:"[SWALLOW] [DROOL]My stomach is so full. .[DROOL]"
    cum_in_throat:"[SWALLOW]I can feel it all inside me."
    cum_in_throat:"[SWALLOW]I can feel it oozing down my throat."
    first_throat:" [ADD_TEARS]Can you feel my warm throat?"
    first_throat:" [ADD_TEARS]I can't take any more, shove it all in!"{"held":"true"}
    first_throat:" [ADD_TEARS]Want me to . [WINCE] . take it all the way?"{"held":"false"}
    first_throat:" [ADD_TEARS][SWALLOW] That's quite a mouthful . ."
    first_throat:" [ADD_TEARS][WINCE] Just a little further. ."
    first_throat:" [ADD_TEARS][WINCE]I want to take it all the way. ."{"held":"true"}
    first_throat:"I hope you like your throats wet. ."{"held":"false"}
    cum_in_eye:" [ADD_TEARS]Do you like it coating my face?"{"held":"false"}
    cum_in_eye:" [ADD_TEARS]I like when i'm covered in your cum . ."{"held":"false"}
    cum_in_eye:" [ADD_TEARS]Oh yes, punish as you wish!"{"held":"true"}
    drool:"How about another?"
    drool:"I couldn't swallow it all* YOU*."
    drool:"I'm overflowing with cum."
    drool:"I'm such a dirty girl. ."
    drool:"It's oozing all over the place."
    drool:"You like it when i let it drip all over me?"

    finish3:"three times"
    finish4:"four times"
    finish5:"five times"
    finish6:"six times"
    finish7:"seven times"
    finish8:"eight times"
    finish9:"nine times"
    finish10:"ten times"
    finishOther:"that many times"

    edit - file attachement removed, can get file version in my imports thread, or copy past text here
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    Looks great, good dialogue! ;)
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    Great dialogue man!
    Thanks a lot and keep it up ;)
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    I really liked it. :)
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    I had fun with it, thx