E-mail server (dns) issue


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Mar 3, 2016

I am recieving e-mail but my mail server is bouncing it because there is a dns configuration error.

The e-mail from undertow comes from a mail server that introduces itself in the EHLO with sys.gamemodzone.com.
The A record for sys.gamemodzone.com points to, but the reverse record of is www.superonlineshop.com.br.
And www.superonlineshop.com.br does not have an A record. So this leads to rejections due to RFC compliances.
I see that the A and MX record for mail.undertow.club is so maybe you made a typo somewhere?

I could whitelist the sys.gamemodzone.com, this isnt an issue for me, but i can imagine, this brings alot of problems to ppl that do not have control over their e-mail server like i do. Not all mail servers reject mail when the A record does not resolve to the domain that is announced in the EHLO command of the smtp server. So it is a hit and miss.

Its up to you what you do with this, im just letting you know..



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Apr 16, 2012
Thanks for the notification. I'll alert the site administrator ( detritus detritus ).
Very respectfully,
fleet (global moderator)
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