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Dolls Ryona 1: Katy Perry Ryona

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by RyonaSensei, Jan 13, 2013.


Dolls 2, who's the victim?

Poll closed Jan 16, 2013.
  1. Michelle Rodriguez

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  2. Scarlett Johansson

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  3. Kari Byron

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  4. Selena Gomez

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  5. Rihanna (Part 2)

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  1. RyonaSensei

    RyonaSensei Potential Patron

    Jan 13, 2013
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    I understand people like willful Ryona stories but as a warning you won't find many from me unless requested. As a sadist I find no pleasure in masochistic Ryona where the victim enjoys it, for all like me enjoy this I hope you like it.

    (Attachment has photo of what they are wearing)

    The car rides and Katy is driving, she drives quickly out of nervousness. Rihanna is sitting behind her and wraps her arms around suddenly grabbing her boobs almost making Katy swerve. "R-Robin stop, I don't want to get into an accident." Katy says as the car pulls into the parking lot of the hotel as Rihanna wraps back around and chokes Katy.

    Katy tries to gasp out of surprise; Rihanna grips her neck for speaking out of line to her. Katy without being able to focus crashes the car into the side of the hotel. Katy's face falls into the steering wheel then the air bags throw her back painfully knocking her into the seat. Rihanna gets out and looks at the damage, opens the door to Katy who is still dazed from the crash and puts her into a head lock. "What the fuck is this Katy?"

    Katy tries to speak, "It..." She can barely see as she tries to catch her breath, the wind got knocked out of her from the crash.
    "It looks like you wrecked my damn car!" Rihanna grabs Katy by neck and throws her back first into the headlights breaking the glasses and Katy groans out in pain. Rihanna gets back in the car and turns the heavy beams on, only expected to make her back very hot from the light she hadn't noticed the inner light was also broken causing Katy to scream from being electrocute as she falls over. She shivers from the jolt still running through her body; Rihanna picks her up and pushes her forcefully on the head of the car.

    Katy's head hits the windshield making it crack, Katy's eyes roll into back of her head as she begins to go unconscious but Rihanna stops her by picking her up. "It hurts..." Katy says trying to make her stop her abusive onslaught.

    Rihanna doesn't listen as she pushes Katy forward to walk toward the hotel and she forcefully pushes her into the stair well. Katy looks up the first flight of stairs as Rihanna steps on Katy's back with her heels as she walks up the stairs.

    "Ah!" Katy yells out of the piercing pain of the heel in her back that was nearly broken after being thrown into the car twice. "Please don't make me go up the stairs..."

    Rihanna smiles then goes down and picks up a belt she had waiting at the bottom of the stairs as if it was planned before they even went out that night. Rihanna thrusts her arm back and slaps Katy's ass with it, she screams with each strike forcing her to start moving. She crawls as quickly as she can and Rihanna continues to hit her in her ass repeatedly. Katy crawls up the stairs, as get gets from flight to flight Rihanna hits her harder until eventually Katy falls down the stairs and gasping in pain as she gets the bottom of the current flight.

    "You failed," Rihanna takes the belt and begins whipping all over her body striking her mercilessly as Katy cries for her to stop but Rihanna just laughs loving every moment of it. Rihanna goes around and puts the belt around Katy's neck and chokes her with it and forces Katy to stand and walk, she walks faster Rihanna continues the pressure. Katy falls forward coughing and Rihanna sees another opportunity to begin striking her in the back again until eventually Katy reached the top.

    She was still almost completely unable to stand on her own, they made their way to the hotel rooms door Rihanna presses Katy face first into the door. She slowly began kissing her neck and fondling her with one hand and rubbing her skirt where her pussy is with her other.
    Katy kept trying to unlock the door but couldn't control her body; she then drops the key due to not being able to control her body's quivers. Rihanna out of anger that she dropped the key instead of having the door unlocked gave her a punch in the belly also with her big ring on. Katy gasps as she bends down and reaches toward key. At the same moment as she goes down Rihanna wraps her arms around Katy and with all her might against the faint and limp body of Katy gave her a bear hug. From the already injured back Katy could swear she feels her back breaking as tears come down from Katy's eyes as she reaches for the key. Rihanna holds in closely and hard making Katy gasp and scream from it, she could feel her back was fractured.

    Katy reached the key as Rihanna lifts Katy by her legs and slams her back first into the door, "Oh God!" Katy says from the pain of it and Rihanna sticks the key in and opens the door letting Katy fall in.

    "Go put this on," Rihanna tosses the gold lame dress she was wearing in her I kissed a Girl video on her head, "Now!" Rihanna yells as she begins hitting her with the belt again and Katy crawls quickly into the bathroom to put it on. Katy comes out minutes later to also find Rihanna in a skin tight black S&M outfit with even a strap on attached. Rihanna takes her whip and throws it toward Katy and it wraps around her neck with a single throw, and then Rihanna pulls Katy in by her throat choking her with the thin and painful whip. She throws Katy onto the bed, with her broken back even falling on the soft bed hurt like getting a hammer to it.
    Katy winces and she lifts her back up from touching the bed with her teeth grinding and her eyes shut as she tries to get rid of the pain. Rihanna jumps on top of Katy knee first forcing her knees into Katy's stomach also forcing her back into bed and bending it.

    "AHH!!" Katy screams as if someone were taking a knife to her, Rihanna kisses Katy as she tries to scream again. Rihanna begins pulling down on Katy's panties as Katy pleads, "No, please don't, please stop!"

    "Shut up bitch!" Rihanna backhands Katy with her ring hand as Katy cries and Rihanna smiles and shoves the oversized dildo forcefully into Katy's pussy. Each thrust was more painful than the first, not only was Katy getting no pleasure from it but it was far too big to fit well so all it did was cause pain. Rihanna would go on and on until Katy had passed out from the pain and Rihanna stayed on top of her for the night.

    Morning came around and Katy was still sleeping, Rihanna softly gets off to Katy and walks off and begins to do some things in the kitchen. When she finishes she comes back quietly, she sees Katy had subconsciously rolled over on her front to relieve her back of pain while sleeping. Rihanna grins, she takes a music award she had won from an award show and lifts it up. "Good morning," well Katy is sleeping Rihanna slams the metal award down on Katy's back repeated as hard as she can and laughs.

    Katy wakes up screaming bloody murder, Rihanna throws the award on Katy's back to finish and Katy falls off the bed with a painful gasp for air. Rihanna picks Katy up in another bear hug mercilessly; Katy has no strength and is blacking out. Her body can no longer take much more abuse, it was shutting down. Rihanna while bear hugging walks to the kitchen and sits Katy on the burner that Rihanna had left on.

    Katy has a hard gasp from the unbearable pain on her butt from the burner but Rihanna held her down refusing to let her get up. She then grabs the pot of boiling water she had at bubbling in every part of the pot. Rihanna throws the boiling what all over Katy as she screams from the intense heat.
    Katy falls on the ground gasping, her vision going dark and her body no longer responding to her commands. Rihanna lies on Katy on the ground and once again lifts the skirt of her dress, the back of it burnt off. Rihanna laughs as she sticks the strap on in her pussy again and begins to go at her mercilessly as she grabs another pot she had boiling and slowly pores it on her as she continues and with each thrust pounding her back into the hard floor.

    Rihanna had no signs of stopping, Katy body was behind its limit and it had reached the end. As Rihanna continued ramming Katy's broken back into the ground, poring boiling water on her and laughing as she raped her senselessly. Katy's body gave out and she died in the middle of the onslaught.
    Moments later there was a knock on the door, and suddenly Rihanna was completely clear minded, without a single memory of what just happened. She found her best friend's body on the floor before her, battered and bruised along with Police pistols in her face as they tackled her down and arrest her.
    Rihanna with no memory of what had happened that night was sentenced to 25 years in prison, where many angry women who had been through abusive and being taken advantage of by men or other women found out of Rihanna's crime. Rihanna was trapped in a world full of women seeking a brutal revenge for Rihanna's own fallen friend.

    I'm thinking to continue this series by making another with another girl in Ryona, this one had a bit of a Twilight Zone ending so that it could have a part 2 if people wanted to read one for Rihanna. Of course it's touching because she is an assault victim but apparently Rihanna's crazy ass got over it... apparently so I don't even care anymore. (Still think Chris Brown is a piece of shit, just my own opinion.) I'm leaving a poll at the top and you can tell me who you might want to see next and if they're not in the poll then ask me directly in a reply.

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  2. KiLlEr CrOc

    KiLlEr CrOc Potential Patron

    Dec 4, 2011
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    Very interesting idea for a story and pretty well written to (though the stove part throws me off) and I would definantly like to see more of these in the future from you.
    Also I think Victoria Justice would be a great edition to the poll.
  3. Seth

    Seth Potential Patron

    Jun 17, 2012
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    Good work.