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DOA5: "Training" Session (Kasumi and Ayane)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Relampagos, May 13, 2013.

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    Kasumi paced around the top floor of the temple, outfitted in her blue kimono top, and her short white skirt, completed with tabi socks and sandals. She sighed and took a seat on the wooden floors. She'd been called here along with Ayane for a training session at 4:30 with Hayabusa and Hayate, her half brother, but it was already well past five. None of them had arrived thus far.

    Kasumi began to feel a twitch of annoyance. She couldn't imagine Hayabusa pulling a prank, but she could picture Ayane doing something like this all too well. What could she be up to? Just after she began to entertain the thought, Ayane appeared in a purple flash, perched on the window frame like a cat.

    "Hello, Kasumi," greeted Ayane stiffly, red with embarrassment. "Very sorry I am late..."

    Kasumi's anger melted. She was on better terms with her half-sister now that they'd had a few hear to heart talks.

    "It's fine, Ayane," reassured Kasumi warmly. "Do you know where brother and Hayabusa are?"

    "No... strange of them to be so late..." worried Ayane.

    Suddenly, Kasumi heard a swishing sound behind her and whirled around.

    "Brother! Hayabusa-sama!" greeted Kasumi, surprised. Then she noticed the bruises along Hayate's face and the dirt smudged on Hayabusa's shirt. "What happened?"

    "We had to deal with some... duties..." answered Hayate.

    "Short notice. Our apologies," bowed Hayabusa.

    "Do you wish to rest?" asked Ayane considerately.

    "No, the few injuries we sustained are limited to a few scratches," said Hayabusa. "Let us begin today's training."

    "Today, we will be working on teamwork," explained Hayate. "Kasumi, Ayane, you two must work as a team to beat us working together in a fight." He caught the expressions on their face and chuckled.

    "But we'd be beaten to a pulp..." protested Kasumi, shuddering at the thought.

    "We will go at half strength," compromised Hayabusa. Kasumi and Ayane glanced at each other and nodded, agreeing to the terms. "Now, let us begin!"

    Ayane shrank back into a deep stance, her weight on her back leg, mimicking a feline predator. Kasumi entered a traditional kunoichi stance, arms protecting her body. Both Hayabusa and Hayate merely remained still. All four remained in their positions in an intense stand off, each daring the other side to make the first move. The floor-boards creaked.

    Like a bullet, Ayane somersaulted into the air over her opponents, landing at their back.

    "You're not taking us seriously enough!" yelled Ayane, whipping her foot in out in an airborne spinning kick at Hayabusa's head. Hayate whirled and intercepted her foot with his forearm and shot his leg out, intending to sweep her onto the ground. Ayane fell hard onto the wooden floor but sprang back up in time to avoid the stomp kick that followed.

    "Yahh!" Kasumi leapt into the fray with a flying side-kick aimed at Hayate, who was preoccupied with Ayane. Hayabusa stepped in and brunted the full impact with just his palm, snatching her out of the air. Kasumi's eyes widened in shock. Hayabusa smirked.

    The skilled ninja pivoted hard on his left foot and hurled Kasumi through the air with a yell. Unable to stop her flight, Kasumi slammed through the wall and tumbled down the rafters, barely managing to catch the edge of the curved ledges arching out from each floor of the temple. However, her efforts were rendered useless as Hayabusa thrusted his foot into the side of her face, kicking her into the air, doomed to fall several stories onto the courtyard. Just as she was about to crater on the hard concrete, Hayabusa caught her in his arms.

    Kasumi breathed a sigh of relief. It was just training, after all. She smiled her gratitude at her sensei. Instead of smile, Hayabusa shoved a knee into her back from below and an elbow from above, painfully cracking her ribs. He shoved her away, stumbling backwards, and somersaulted over her head. In one continuous motion, Hayabusa brutally shoved a kick perpendicular to the ground into her back, arching her spine in an extreme angle. The terrible kick propelled her high into the air. She landed with Hayabusa's elbow deep in her gut, gagging loud.

    "Kasumi!" screamed Ayane, anxiously as Kasumi slumped to the ground clutching her stomach in pain. She frantically glanced over at the hole in the wall, turning just as Hayate's vicious punch sank into her own stomach, forcing all the air out of her lungs with a thud.

    "Aaaghhhh," gasped Ayane, spit dripping from a corner of her mouth. Hayate punched her twice more. She collapsed onto her knees holding her gut after Hayate withdrew his fist from her gut, obviously in a lot of pain. Hayate gently tugged her back onto her feet.

    "Thank... you..." wheezed Ayane. Hayate's gentle expression abruptly turned ugly again, slapping her hard across the face with the back of his hand, grinning with delight as Ayane careened to the side. Regaining her footing, Ayane ducked downward, narrowly missing Hayate's strike and retaliated with a complex aerial combo. Her defiance melted into hopelessness as Hayate easily parried all of them.

    She could see the strikes coming but she just wasn't fast enough. Before she could twitch a finger, she had been kicked three times in the face, once on her thigh, punched in the chest and kneed in the gut.

    "Guh! Huhk! Ooh!" Ayane tumbled backwards on the wooden floor, badly beaten, but she managed to rise up onto one knee, her hand shaking as she wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth.

    "Hayate... please stop..." Ayane begged. "I am not strong enough to train like this yet, my greatest apologies!"

    A look of concern crossed over Hayate's face.

    "Let us stop... no need to be sorry, in fact, I am the one who should be sorry..." said Hayate, turning away. Seconds later he whirled back around with a malevolent glint in his eyes. "JUST KIDDING."

    Two long strides brought Hayate to Ayane's side. Ayane tried to protect her face but Hayate's kick still propelled her through the wall and clear into the courtyard, barely escaping serious injury with a well-timed roll.

    "HAYATE, WHAT ARE YOU--?!" Kasumi's scream stopped short as Hayabusa's knee doubled her over. He took advantage of the disoriented Kasumi, using her as his punching bag. His brutal strikes rained in fast and heavy, slamming into Kasumi like meteors. She couldn't withstand the brutal assault any longer and was finally knocked onto the ground, flopping onto her back, her legs rubber-banding above her head before thudding back onto the ground. Hayabusa reared back and charged a crackling ball of energy and shot it at the struggling Kasumi.

    "NOOOOOO!" Ayane dived in front of her half-sister and took the brunt of the attack with a terrible scream, blasted flat into the wall of the courtyard. Hayabusa teleported over and jabbed her breasts with a knife-hand strike.

    "Hayabusa-sama! Please stop!" begged Kasumi. It was clear this was no longer just a training session. From the corner of her eye, she caught her brother moving in with a whirling attack.

    Kasumi backpedaled, barely evading the spin kick. She blocked a few more of Hayate's strikes but a low kick slipped past her defense, swung straight between her legs.

    "NNNNNNNNNGH!" groaned Kasumi through clenched teeth, collapsing to her knees, thighs squeezed together. Her hands clutched her crotch in agony. She never would have expected a kick like that from her brother. He kicked her onto her back and planted a foot on his chest, a strange red glint in his eyes, a wild joy from torturing her written all over his face.

    That glint... Kasumi's thought was interrupted by pain as Hayate grinded his foot deeper into her ribs. The red in his eyes... is a sign of the secret body cloning technique of the Senjo Clan! These ninja are not who we think they are!

    Ayane's yells of agony pierced through the air.

    "Ayane!" choked out Kasumi. Ayane staggered backwards, supporting herself with her hands. Her feeble, desperate punches bounced off Hayabusa's muscular torso. Hayabusa reached forward with his arm and caught the kunoichi by the throat, lifting her into the air, toes dangling. Ayane gagged and choked, desperately prying at his hand with her fingers and kicking her feet violently. Hayabusa's eyes glinted a blinding crimson color with a brutal punch to her crotch. Ayane's eyes widened twice their size as she tried to scream through Hayabusa's choke hold but all that came out was a strangled gurgle. Instinctively, her knees came up and together but Hayabusa shoved them aside and repeated the sadistic action with the same result.

    Her vision of Ayane vanished as Hayate fist hurtled towards her face. She barely caught the blow in her palm but Hayate took advantage of the distraction to mount her. The ninja showed his teeth in a malicious smile and began a terrible onslaught of punches aimed at Kasumi's head. Crying out in pain, Kasumi violently thrashed in between punches, desperately struggling to get up off the hard ground. She was completely at his mercy.

    The blows rained in hard and fast. Kasumi tried to lessen the blows but he merely blasted through her feeble defense and began pummeling her beautiful face with alternating fists, left and right. The pain was to great to bear and in between gasps she cried out, blood and spittle flying out of her mouth. The beaten kunoichi thrashed violently, trying to throw Hayate off of her and finally succeeded, using what little of her strength remained to kick him in the gut, pushing him off of her, so Kasumi could try to crawl away.

    However, the weak kick was not nearly enough to deter the ninja, his hand darting out like a viper. He caught Kasumi by the ankle and dragged her by the foot up and towards himself, burying his elbow deep in her gut.

    "Auugh!" groaned Kasumi.

    Hayate kicked her onto her stomach and shoved Kasumi to her unsteady feet.

    "Say goodnight, Kasumi..." taunted Hayate.

    She didn't even have time to make a sound as Hayate shoved a knee into her back, cracking her spine with a sharp crack. Kasumi slowly fell to her knees, faintly aware as Ayane flew through the air and cratered in the wall beside her, bruised and bloodied. Hayabusa shoved a knee into her stomach harshly. Ayane jerked once, bent at the abdomen, and fell forward flat on her face.

    "Ayane..." whispered Kasumi.

    Kasumi's vision faded away and she collapsed to the ground, rolling onto her side. The two sisters had been thoroughly trounced and beaten, every inch on their body, outclassed in every way. Their broken bodies were left lying there for the other ninja of their clan to find, bloodied and brutalized, their clothes ripped and their bodies covered with wounds. It was obvious whoever had tortured them so had really enjoyed pounding on the two beautiful unconscious kunoichi.
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    Always nice to see the two ninja sisters getting the crap beaten out of them
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    It cant bee bad if it has ayane and kasumi, this one was great! i would love to see kasumo beating ayane,you know a little change hahah (this has nothing to do with the story tough >.>)
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    "Thrust" not "Thrusted"