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Those who are active in the Discord server may have noticed something weird this morning with it - its name has changed and the server's icon has been updated to something completely different. At this time, we are uncertain as to the specifics of what exactly has happened. It's possible that the owner's account may have been hacked, but we have yet to see anything proving that one way or another. What we do know is that whatever happened also involved stripping every moderator and admin within the Discord of their prior roles.

Quick backstory: when AN69 and the rest of the current administrative team were given ownership of the forums, ownership of the Discord server was apparently not properly transferred as we had thought it was at the time. As such, the old Discord's current owner is someone currently unavailable/unreachable, possibly even hacked entirely. Based on

Update: We now have an actual answer as to what happened. I won't get into it because I feel it's something that should be discussed as it could result in drama™ or something similar, but all you guys need to know is that the old server isn't compromised, though it is specifically now severing all ties to UTC as a whole. As such, the remainder of this post still applies (as in the new discord was a necessity, and has been created and can be joined).

We've got the new server properly up and running, and you can now access it from the Widget on the main page of the forums, just like the old one. If you'd rather have a clean link to click on, feel free to use this one: Click me to join the new UTC Discord!

Bonus: Since this one has now shunted the update to the email issues off of being the most recent post, I'll leave a note about that here too. The email situation should be fixed now, confirmation emails should be going out again. If you haven't gotten one, feel free to post to the Guest Room as before or simply attempt to request another to see if it comes.
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