Defiant bitch dialogue


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Mar 27, 2019
Since I couldn't find anything quite like this... presenting Defiant bitch 1.0.

She doesn't want to give a blowjob. She's fond of the f-word and she complains a lot, but she's not abusive. She'll tell you to keep your hands off, but she won't call you names or threaten violence.

She doesn't want to be blindfolded or have her wrists restrained, so if you do that she'll complain about that too.

To keep things simple, there is no backstory, specific character, or storyline progression. For me it's a consensual BDSM roleplay scenario; your mileage may vary.

  • Requires DialogueActions.
  • At startup, the dialogue automatically sets her mood as Angry, and her arms behind her back.
  • The dialogue assumes her arms are in a position where placing cuffs on her makes her wrists look bound together. It seems it's currently not possible to read the position of her arms even with DialogueActions.
  • The check for restraints looks for specific display names, specifically the two blindfolds and the Leather cuffs built-in to the game. If anyone has a less brittle approach, I'm happy to update the script.
  • Licensed under the WTFPL. (Feel free to create and post derivative works if you want to.)
  • Thanks to Slingerbult Slingerbult and Pim_gd Pim_gd for the dialogue tutorials, and to Pim_gd Pim_gd for various posts on DA hacks and tricks.

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