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Deadly Island!

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Psycho333, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Psycho333

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    Opening in a lush jungle island two announcers, once with blue skin, short, with long black hair and a small bust and the other green with fire red hair and a large bust were holding microphones.

    "WELCOME TO THE OPENING OF DEADLY ISLAND! and MOST of the contestants are people that'll put up exciting fights! I'm Aldria and my fellow announcer is Samantha" the young one said.

    "What do you mean most?" Samantha replied

    "Well to be frank, I dont even get why this "Baldy" person is even with the contestants, all he is is a random murderer while the others are skilled fighters." Aldria said

    "Well he must of done someth..." Samantha said before getting a frusterated glare from Aldria

    "No, all he was was a "Creators Pet" from some guy named Kevin Kinne with no personality and a boring predictable style..." Aldria said.

    "Well we should explain the rules for the audience... there is a total of 30 contestants, 15 men and 15 women that are scattered throughout the island. weapons are scattered throughout the area and the last man or woman standing will receive anywhere from three to 15 wishes, depending on score" Samantha said

    "Raping your foe, torturing them in various ways, and being sadistic are ways to gain points, points = wishes simple as that, but only if you win... it is everyone for themselves, none of this "Male team vs female team" bullshit, however truces are allowed to gain an advantage..." Aldria said

    "The only killing method allowed is asphyxia, that could be strangulation, garrotting, drowning, hanging, smothering, or any other death that's caused by lack of air. Any kills that are not caused by lack of air will cause a contestants nanomachines to collapse their lungs in a disqualification" Samantha said.

    "In other words no teleporting to a sealed water tank, it's a bit more hardcore how we DQ someone. Speaking of Nanomachines they also cancel out the powers of the contestants, ensuring an even playing field, this should be obvious but all fights are in the nude, that way clothing garrottes cannot be used, plus were perverts" Aldria stated, smirking when she said "Perverts"

    "Now to cut to the action already in progress" Samantha said

    The camera then shifted, showing a blonde woman with a front braid and a pink haired woman with horns checking some weapons, The blonde woman took a pair of metal kicking grieves and both the pink haired woman and the blonde got garrottes...

    "Looks like our teamup will be a fruitful one Lucy" Medusa said.

    Lucy simply eyed Medusa but their attention shifted when they heared someone walking casually through the forest... apon closer inspection it was a tall muscular bald man with sunglasses and a gotee...

    "THERE'S THAT TALENTLESS HACK!" Aldria shouted over her mic as she watched the action with Samantha on monitors.

    Without warning Medusa landed a SHARP kick to his groin with the metal kick grieves, causing a spurt of blood to spurt from his penis as his testicles were both popped from the kick, Lucy then wrapped the garrotting wire around his neck and squeezed as Medusa landed another sharp kick, shattering his ribs.

    as Baldy tried to remove the garroting wire Medusa landed a series of powerful kicks to his stomach, causing him to bleed internally as blood spurted from his anus.

    Lucy pulled back more violently on the garrote as his face turned bright red, Medusa simply smirked her devilish smile as she landed another kick to his testicles, her bare big toe lodging temporarely in his anus causing extreme discomfort as pain shot through the muscular brute's body... humiliated that he wasnt going to do nearly as well here as in the other competition his face turned purple as Lucy whispered in his ear "Your going to die here, pitiful primate" before closing her teeth around his right ear and with tremendious force, she bit it clear from his body.

    Soon his body was limp and lifeless... and after holding the garrote a while longer Lucy and Medusa's nanomachines told them that he was indeed dead.

    "First target down" Medusa said with a smile. "Our partnership will prove useful" Lucy stated.

    "HA TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKER! CRY BACK TO KEVIN KINNE!!! OH WAIT YOU CANT BECAUSE YOUR DEAD! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!" Aldria said, laughing a twisted laugh at the bald austrailian convicts expense.

    "You REALLY hated that guy huh?" Samantha said.

    "I hate creators pets that get overly pampered by their creators despite being bland pieces of shit, remember what I did to one Sasuke Uchiha?" Aldria said.

    "You mean slicing his Chidori arm off, shoving it up his ass, shoving his sword down his throat, twisting it around to shread his throat, then laughed as he drowned in his blood?" Samantha asked

    "FUCK YEAH!" Aldria replied. "And if I said what I did to one Wesley Crusher then most people viewing will have nightmares" she added.

    ((OOC>> The killing of Baldy was actually ment to be a "Take that" to Kevin Kinne's "Death Games 3" where the bald guy's doing extremely well despite being bland, boring, and predictable))
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  2. blitzrunner

    blitzrunner Guest

    fun read! although to be honest, by the title I thought I was going to be reading about the zombie game Dead Island =P
    I like the plot, very reminiscent of Battle Royale/Hunger Games... ... except with that obvious twist !
  3. Psycho333

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    "It looks like our resident spellcaster is being stalked" Aldria said with a mischivious smile...

    and indeed Lina was being followed, by a small boy with short black hair, a demon slayer by trade.

    however Lina seemed to see through his attempted ambush and, utilizing a rock she found on the ground, threw it, nailing Kohaku in the forehead.

    "You'll have to get up pretty early to get one over on me" Lina said as she saw Kohaku fall from the bushes,

    she then approched his downed form, only to have let legs swept out from under her. "Damn, if only my spells worked" Lina thought as she threw dirt on Kohaku's eyes and landed a kick to his groin...

    This stunned Kohaku as pain shot through his body from the low blow, however he recovered and landed a sharp kick to Lina's left kneecap, snapping it out of location and causing Lina to collapse in pain, letting out a moan of pain as she collapsed.

    "YOu forgot something didnt you, non physical abilities dont work,so why would a spellcaster participate?" Kohaku said as he grabbed her right foot and smelled it, then wiggled his tongue on the arch of her right foot.

    "T..To be honest, I thought my magic couldnt be stopped" Lina said out loud as she kicked Kohaku in the face with her right foot, the force dislocating his nose and momentarely stunning Kohaku.

    Lina took this chance to try to crawl away but Kohaku grabbed her right foot once again, this time grabbing the toes and heel seperately and giving it a sharp twist, ripping apart the cartaledge and bone of her ankle and forcing her foot to face backward, making Lina scream out in pain as he tauntingly licked her toes.

    "Not sure if this is because of the time I spent being controled by Naraku but this is fun" Kohaku mused to himself as he then twisted her right leg savagely, ripping the shin from her kneecap causing new waves of agony to shoot through Lina's body.

    Kohaku, his full erection visible to Lina, tried to mount her, only to get a thumb to his eye and a punch to the face which baught Lina some time... she desperately tried to crawl away, thinking of anything that could stop the relentless attack.

    however soon, through the pain, Kohaku was appon her again. he savagely grabbed her arms and pulled them backward, ripping and tearing at the cartaledge of her shoulders... his demon slayer training payed off as he was able to savagely dislocate them but stopped before ripping them from her body "Dont want you to bleed out" He said menacingly... showing that his personality was more sadistic...

    "I guess being under Naraku's control did change this boy, it's for the best as far as this competition goes" Samantha said.

    Kohaku then put his hands around Lina's neck and violently forced his penis into her, shattering her hymen as he squeezed, pushing his thumbs up under her jawline, forcing her tongue out as she was being strangled...

    as Kohaku thumped her with his penis, pumping her and using her, he squeezed her more and more, all Lina could do is make helpless choking noises "GAAAK,,, Grrrrgllleee CHOKE"which turned Kohaku on more...

    flopping around was all she could do to resist as her limbs were destroyed... her arms flopped uselessly as the thumbs of Kohaku burried themselves under Lina's jawline and his grip was unrelenting...

    Lina felt her whole world fade away slowly... more and more... her face turned beet red as the flopping became more frantic... however futile.

    the struggle did turn Kohaku on more as he climaxed inside of Lina and was still rock hard. fucking her and filling her with his seed as she was dying all around him.

    Two climaxes... three...four...five... Kohaku never felt such pleasure, he didnt care if before Naraku's influence he was just a sweet boy, now he was murdering a helpless victim that he made helpless.

    Lina's mind raced, cursing her own helplessness as she also kicked herself for joining this competition... regreting the fact that the prize blinded her to the nature of it all...

    soon her mind grew slow... each...word...and...image.....came... further......apart.

    Her face turned purple and the flopping all but stopped, her tongue and eyes buldged out from the asphyxia Kohaku shook her head a few times, flopping her hair around... soon his nanomachines informed him of Lina's passing...

    he then pulled out, still rock hard... so he decided to give the late Lina Inverse a quick Bukkake session... spurting cum in her asphyxiated mouth and on her buldged eyes before moving on.

    "I guess that goes to show you... Spellcasters shouldnt Melee" Aldria said.
  4. Psycho333

    Psycho333 Potential Patron

    Oct 15, 2011
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    The camera then shifted, showing a tall blue fox walking side by side with a two tailed orange fox.

    "It looks like even the furries have taken to teaming up" Aldria said...

    they managed to catch a glimpse of a small human boy with spiky blonde hair... he looked around nerviously.

    "Why did I agree to joining this! Damn it Gene why'd I let you talk me into this!" jim Hawking said, his toes curling on the grass, when out of the corner of his eye he saw Krystal... "Are you here to team up?" He said.

    Krystal read up on this kid's bio, he wouldnt be helpful since his computer was confescated, but she thought she'd play along while her partner "Tails" scouted the area, spinning his tails like a helicopter he saw that everyone else was in different parts of the island...

    "Sure little man" Krystal said, eyeing his small wang which seemed to stiffen up some "did you have sex yet?" She asked

    "No mam" Jim replied shyly "Well maybe during this competition you can find an oppertunity" Krystal said, eyeing the area and seeing the all clear from Tails.

    then with a simple nod Tails dropped on Jim's shoulders, startling the young man as he wrapped his powerful twin tails over his face, only his eyes showing as his nose and mouth were covered...

    he gave Krystal a look, pleading for help but she smiled a sadistic smile as she picked up a long tree branch from the ground and approched him menacingly. This filled young Jim Hawkings with fear and soon the tree branch was violently forced up through his anus, making him let out a muffled scream of pain as his small penis wiggled, Krystal smiled "Well like I said, an oppertunity would come up" She said as she licked the small member,making it stiffen up, humiliating the young Jim Hawkings as he struggled, kicking to try to free himself, trying to wrap his legs around Krystal's head, but not having the strength to asphyxiate her. Tails patted his head "Shhhh just let her work... it'll all beover soon" He taunted as Jim tried to remove the tails from his face, unable to breathe he was in a panic.

    "I carry a lot of weight with these, sometimes two or three additional people... so dont think you can remove them" Tails said menacingly as Jim's struggling was futile. his tongue swelled as his toes curled, all the while his penis seemed to act with a mind of it's own, sending waves of unwilling pleasure through Jim's body as Krystal's rough tongue went over it over and over...

    humiliated and feeling the agony of asphyxia Jim's lungs burned as he tried to draw in breath... but none got pass Tails Tails. the swelling tongue of Jim touched his tails as tyails felt his Tails becoming wet with drool...

    soon Jim's penis shot cum into Krystal's mouth with several spurts... this made Krystal smile and lick his young stomach and chest,spreading his seed on his body before moving the stick around in his ass, causing new pain to shoot throughout Jim's body...

    "Shhhh It's almost over young one... then you can sleep... forever" Krystal said, patting Jim on the head as his face turned purple... soon his struggling stopped entirely...

    moments later the nanomachines of Tails and Krystal informed them that Jim Hawkings was dead...

    "Killing him softly huh?" Aldria said with a grin

    "That's definately going to be a well received kill" Samantha replied

    "I just wonder who will be next" Aldria said eagerly "I am glad about who was the first to die by the way" She added